Advancing in Your Career



Last week, the Gleacher Center was a flurry of activity with Executive MBA students. The weekend before, students from around the globe arrived in Chicago to begin one of the most exciting weeks of their lives. There were Electives Week classes and finals, the Global New Venture Challenge, and of course, graduation on Friday. Commencement in Rockefeller Chapel was majestic, spectacular, and bitter sweet. It was an end of the students’ time at Chicago Booth - or is it just the beginning?

When I graduated from Chicago Booth, the professor delivering the commencement speech made it clear in a challenge to us. David told us that we were starting afresh. While we learned a lot and gained even more from our time at Chicago Booth, we were starting again - as beginners in the next phase of our careers and lives. David dared us to go into our workplaces and share what we learned with humility, generosity of spirit, and resilience. He also reminded us that Chicago Booth was always there with us as a foundation of inspiration, creativity, and guidance.

So last week, newly graduated, along with a Master of Business Administration, Chicago Booth Executive MBA students left with many valuable things:

A transformed way of viewing business, challenges, and life;

A global network of individuals in industries, functions, and roles too numerous to list;

Actual job postings developed by Booth with corporate partners from large multi-national firms to entrepreneurial companies;

The Resume Database for Alumni and Part-time Students – a source of both personal career advancement and talent to grow their teams;

Opportunities to give back - panels, mock interviews, Executive-in-Residence, Executive Advisors, and more

Career Services for the rest of their lives as they navigate promotions, starting a business, or even a career reboot; and

When they are ready, these freshly graduated Executive MBA students can also return to Chicago Booth to take three classes for free. Next quarter. Next year. Or, many years in the future.

An Executive MBA at Chicago Booth starts the minute a newly admitted student says, “yes”. While the most time-consuming involvement with the School is during the nearly two years of academic rigor, the opportunities don’t end there. They last for a lifetime if you reach out and grab them and always keep the mindset that what you gain multiplies when you share it with others.

More next time,