No need to be one of the guys:


A women's view on Chicago Booth.

As a student and professional engineer in high tech for the past fifteen years, I'd be hard pressed to remember a time when I wasn't the only woman at the table. So when I started business school hunting, my expectations in the gender diversity department could not have been lower. And soon enough, there I was, lost in a dense crowd of confident male applicants, starting to feel slightly out of place again.

However, that feeling disappeared once and for all when I visited Chicago Booth London’s campus for their campus visit program: EXPerience days. The class was incredibly diverse and the atmosphere was hard working, open minded and friendly. For the first time it felt like a highly valuable community to which I could belong without having to fight my way. We share strong values at Chicago Booth, ethically, quantitatively, intellectually, you name it - but literally being “one of the guys” is plain irrelevant.

That day I met four women that I’ll not forget: the admission manager, the director of academic support, a current student, and a prospective student. They were engaging and radiated with professionalism and energy. They gave me that subtle push that changed my life: I applied immediately and started the Program three months later in June 2011.

From then on I’ve been startled by my classmates and by the University of Chicago, and I have tremendously appreciated the opportunity to share about work and life with other executive women. My favorite time is the ladies lunch we have every week of class. Not only students but also professors, staff and teaching assistants join and discuss their industries, their countries and their lives.

The conclusion is often the same : we would like to have more executive women with us and Booth seems like the perfect place to start! Come join us!

Sandrine Bettinelli EXP-18