New priorities


“I'm afraid I can't go to Justin's Olympics-Themed Birthday Fancy Dress Party on Thursday, I've got a hot date with my Microeconomics textbook”, I explained to a friend who rang me last week.

As an Executive MBA student at Chicago Booth, you'll get used to doing this. The program requires hard work all the way through. You'll need to get the books out most days after you've finished at the office, not just during class weeks. I've got a confession to make though - I like studying, and the subjects are pretty interesting, so all this book learning isn't actually a major problem.

I'm Donnla, by the way - I'm 37, Irish, female and work in energy trading IT. I applied for the program because I have entrepreneurial aspirations that I think the program will really help me with. We've now had 3 weeks of classes, so technically are just under 20% of the way through, which is scary as it still feels like we've just started.

What do I like the most about the program so far? The classes are great and make it worth it in themselves, but top billing actually goes to my classmates. I've had the privilege of meeting and getting to know an amazingly diverse and really interesting and experienced people from multiple industries. Everyone is friendly and helpful - and fun! We do plenty of socialising during class week too, which more than makes up for missing Justin's bash!

Donnla Nic Gearailt, EXP-19