How I Spot a Booth Candidate


Admissions for our June 2013 entering class are well underway.

I have assessed executive MBA candidates for many years and naturally, have developed a list of attributes that correlate with a successful Booth student. Note that these are not quantitative measures, but rather, are personal characteristics that when combined with quantitative measures result in a student we are happy to welcome to our Booth family.

So how do I spot a Booth candidate? He or she:

  • is typically the one in the room that realizes “gut instinct” or intuition has a place in business decision-making, but also relies on empirical evidence before acting on a decision.
  • has a high degree of self-awareness and knows how to use that knowledge for his or her own benefit.
  • demonstrates confidence and humility at the same time. I know this is challenging to do, but those who are successful at it are easy to spot! 
  • enjoys questioning the status quo but never at the expense of another individual’s reputation. The aim in questioning is to get to a better answer or solution - not to humiliate another person.
  • truly enjoys learning and strives to help others share in that learning.
  • has a realistic expectation of the Booth MBA and owns his or her own career development.

- Patty Keegan