Do you ever wish that who could sit in a room with a senior business leader and receive personal career guidance? Even more, wouldn’t be great if these executives had global experience in everything from consulting and entrepreneurship to bio-pharma and private equity?

Guess what? Your dreams could come true - as a student at the next EMBA Executive-in-Residence.

In the meantime, here’s the scoop from a few of the 24 executives in attendance:

-- Joel Stern (MBA, 1964), Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Stern Stewart & Co. and creator and developer of Economic Value Added (EVA) as a measure of performance and the EVA Management System - the business and ethical principles he shared really inspired the EMBAs. His wisdom encouraged many. When students reached out to him after the event, he welcomed their emails with ready responses.

-- Russ Maki (MBA, 1995), President, Graphic Conservation Company. He shared the ups and downs of purchasing a business. Recently, his company restored the “House Resolution for a 13th Amendment to the Constitution of The United States”, signed February 1, 1865 (the abolition of slavery) - recorded the whole thing, posted the best 4 minutes on You-Tube, and gained national coverage.

-- Agnès Rey-Giraud (MBA, 1999), Chairman and CEO of Retectix, a biotech start-up that develops nanotechnology based surgical products. She shared her transition from decades in large multi-nationals to her very own start-up. Her experience circles the globe and her openness to guiding students with warm, deep knowledge and appreciation had one student knock on my door to tell me how great Agnès is.

-- Rick Holman (MBA, 2001), Partner and Officer, Booz & Company, shared how he did what many of his peers thought was impossible: he moved into a top-tier consulting firm with more than 20 years of industry experience. He shared this and more with a sense of focus, determination, and the idea that if one person says, “no” that’s not the end of the game. Find someone who needs what you have and go for it.

And that’s only 4 - 20 more stories to go.

Think of the amazing possibilities for you.

More next time,

Anita Brick