Help for the business case to your boss!


I recently attended a conference of faculty and staff involved with Executive MBA programs sponsored by the Executive MBA council (by the way, this Council’s webpage has some interesting search tools for prospective students). At the conference were 446 attendees representing 157 schools from 26 countries. It is, without a doubt, the largest gathering of Executive MBA professionals that exists today.

At the conference, I attended several interesting interactive sessions and presentations including a few led by corporate human resource executives. They reported several traits they have observed in the executive MBA students and graduates working in their organizations. It was an interesting list and I thought you’d be interested in seeing it too. For those prospective students making a business case to your employer about supporting your executive MBA studies you may find it particularly useful. There was unanimous agreement that the single best starting point for making a business case is to be a high performing individual already.

Some traits found in executive MBA students/graduates

1. An improvement in critical thinking skills.

2. A more expansive toolkit of knowledge and skills from which to draw to solve problems.

3. More developed networks leading to easier access to information and even new hires.

4. Stronger results orientation.

5. Efficient access to leading edge thinking through faculty and their research.

6. More attuned to the global impact of business decisions.

7. Increased engagement with the company.

8. Confidence to take on stretch roles.

9. Better ability to focus on underlying causes of problems.

10. Entrepreneurial skills useful in leadership situations (idea formulation, persuasion/influencing, overcoming implementation obstacles,etc)

Glenn Sykes, Singapore