He is Booth


Adam Banks, an new XP-82 student, is about to finish his Kick-Off Week!

Adam joined his 269 colleagues from 37 different countries in Chicago for a week of intense academic work and an introduction to Chicago Booth.

I talked with Adam many times this past week and as I typically do, asked how he was enjoying his time here. Although exhausted, he has hung in there and experienced what we call "drinking from a fire hose." The information and excitement are fast and intense and students end the week exhilarated from the knowledge and interaction they experience. 

His view that an individual's fit with a b-school's culture is more important than a b-school's rankings is something that every prospective student needs to consider. At Booth, we find that our most satisfied and successful students are those who spent quality time with us getting to know about our people (faculty, students, alumni and staff) and our educational philosophy (the importance of fundamentals and teaching you how to think). This upfront investment in time and interaction helps immensely.

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We are glad you are here, Adam! And congratulations to all of our XP-82, EXP-18 and AXP-12 students for completing Kick-Off Week 2011.

- Patty Keegan