December Application Deadline is Near


Dear Prospective Chicago Booth Executive MBA Applicant:

I know that you lead a very busy life, and understand that the days leading up to an application deadline can be stressful. I’m here to provide you with some encouragement and support, and reassure you that there is still plenty of time remaining to submit a strong application for our 1st December deadline.

Some quick background on me: In addition to my role as Director of Admissions for our London campus, I am also a current Chicago Booth MBA student. I recall the time and energy spent on my GMAT prep and application, so below are a few tips I hope will help to minimize any stress you might be feeling as you put the finishing touches on your application:


This is not the time to be shy. Essays help the admissions committee get to know the real you. Tell us the story about where you’ve been, where you’re heading and how you intend to leverage your Chicago Booth MBA to accomplish your goals. We are in search of students (and future alums) that are genuine, passionate and self-aware, so take the time to let your true personality emerge in whatever you write.

Letters of Recommendation

I might as well call this section “Bosses,” as the angst surrounding Letters of Recommendation (LOR) typically involves bosses who have a lot on their plates, and occasionally forget to submit their LOR on your behalf. If that happens, don’t panic! Go ahead and submit the rest of your application as planned, and then gently remind your boss that Chicago Booth’s admissions committee is eagerly anticipating receipt of their comments.


If you haven’t already taken your GMAT, give some thought to the time and day you take the test. If Mondays are always very busy at work, take your exam later in the week to avoid distraction. If you are naturally most alert in the morning or later in the afternoon, schedule your session accordingly.


These do not have to be completed by the deadline. Rather, an application is considered complete when all of the online materials have been submitted. We will schedule an interview for you with one of our alumni or a member of our admissions staff shortly after we receive all of your written documents. Side note: Although many of our applicants interview extensively, they are typically the ones conducting the session. Have someone you trust interview you, to refresh your memory of what it’s like to be the one fielding most of the questions.

Company Support Letter

This letter is not required until after you have received an offer of admission, and it only requires your company to recognize and agree to time off for your classroom studies. Financial support from your organization, while a great benefit if you can secure it, is not required.

If you haven’t started your application yet but intend to do so, please visit us at:

Warm regards,

Bernie Zanck