Booth in the News


Every couple weeks I receive an email from Allan Friedman, the Chicago Booth Executive Director of Communications. The subject line of this email is “Booth in the News” and the body of the email is divided into three sections:

Section 1: News coverage of Chicago Booth.

Section 2: News coverage quoting Chicago Booth faculty.

Section 3: Chicago Booth students and alumni in the news.

I remember the first time I received this email I was impressed at the sheer length of the email. There were at least a handful of stories in Section 1, more than 30 pieces to Section 2 and another 10 or more pieces in Section 3. I also recognized that it would be impossible to assume that this was an exhaustive list for each of these three sections. Then I realized that an email of this length came out every two to three weeks, again I was impressed.

Now every time I receive this email I am reminded of the reach that Chicago Booth has. We talk regularly about the history of Chicago Booth using names like Milton Friedman, Myron Scholes and Gary Becker to show the impact we have had historically on the fundamentals of business. Today I need only to glance at this email and know that the tradition continues. The faculty, alumni and students at Chicago Booth are literally shaping the future of business as we know it and this news coverage proves it.

So what does this mean for you? Why should a prospective applicant to Chicago care about all of these people who USED to be students or USED to be faculty?

For one thing as a student here you have access to these people that are making the news. You have access to emails and phone numbers of more than 5000 CEOs around the world, you have access to emails and phone numbers and office hours of the most brilliant business school faculty on the planet. This access doesn’t come without responsibility. By claiming affiliation with Chicago Booth you are held to a higher standard, more is expected of you.

We put the reputation of Friedman, Scholes and Becker on the line with every offer to attend the program… and it is up to you to decide what you will do with it. It’s quite an honor in my opinion - to be counted among the 50,000 students and alumni that have been part of the most rigorous and prestigious business school in the world. But again it comes with a charge and that is to be worthy of the affiliation, to make an effort to be recognized in the emails that come from Allan Friedman every couple of weeks.

So as we continue to evaluate applications and extend invitation to join us at Chicago Booth over the next few months think about what you are going to do to keep Booth in the News.

-Toby Cortelyou