A New Chicago Booth Chapter Begins


Sunil Kumar officially became Dean of Chicago Booth on January 1, 2011.

What does this mean for us and for our programs? Dean Kumar sent the following message to our community of students, alumni and staff:

It is a singular honor to be named Dean at Chicago Booth and I am excited to be part of the Booth community with all of you. I have always felt that Chicago Booth is a special place for several reasons. It is a place that values the rigorous pursuit of ideas beyond all else, with outstanding academic programs to disseminate these ideas to excellent students via a rigorous, disciplinary approach. It has had, and continues to have, a deep and lasting impact on the theory and practice of business and public policy, through the achievements of our faculty as well as our many successful alumni.

We are certainly on the right track to maintain our preeminence in business education. I would like to thank my predecessor, Dean Ted Snyder, for his outstanding performance as dean over the past decade. I also want to thank Interim Dean Harry Davis and Deputy Deans Stacey Kole, Mark Zmijewski and Richard Leftwich for helping to keep the school’s momentum going through this transition. Thanks in particular to Professor Davis - he was the ideal interim dean.

We look forward to Chicago Booth’s next chapter.