Kilts Center: Julie Roehm, ’95, on the Power of Storytelling


One in five part-time students chooses to pursue a concentration in marketing management while earning their MBA at Chicago Booth, and there are many resources available for students interested in making marketing a focus of their degree.

The James M. Kilts Center for Marketing advances marketing at Chicago Booth by facilitating faculty research, supporting innovations in the marketing curriculum, funding scholarships for MBA and PhD students, and creating engaging programs aimed at enhancing the careers of students and alumni. Each year, hundreds of students take part in events, marketing labs, and the Part-Time Booth Marketing Club. The Kilts Center has gathered some recent features on program faculty and alumni whose work is helping to revolutionize the industry.

Julie Roehm received her MBA from Chicago Booth in 1995 and is currently the senior vice president and chief storyteller at SAP. In a video interview with the Kilts Center, Roehm offers insight into why she chose Chicago Booth, the ways that her MBA has supported her in her work, and how the Kilts Center enriches the marketing curriculum at Booth.

Watch Julie Roehm's interview here

Screenshot of Julie Roehm videoExcerpts from the interview:

Here at Booth, I felt like this was going to hone in on the quantitative element and separate me from the pack because I would be able to fit in in a conversation with a CFO or a COO or a head of manufacturing. I would be able to have a peer-to-peer conversation much more naturally because I wouldn’t be afraid of that quantitative, analytical conversation, and I’d be able to relate the importance of marketing to it – and that has served me so well.

The Kilts Center…is a resource that I don’t think you can begin to overestimate the importance of. It’s a great opportunity for community, for network, for exploring resources and skills. I think we’ve got something very exciting happening.

If you would like to learn more about Chicago Booth’s marketing concentration, please contact the Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Admissions staff. For more information about the Kilts Center and resources for students, please visit their website.

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