5 Pieces of Advice for Women Entrepreneurs


Group photo from Insight to Innovation conference Women entrepreneurs: want to level the playing field when launching your start-up? Booth’s clinical professor of entrepreneurship, Waverly Deutsch, made it clear: thinking big is your only option.

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At a recent conference centered on women in STEM leadership, Professor Deutsch got honest about the often uneven playing field between men and women who embark on start-ups. Not only did Professor Deutsch set the record straight, she gave the audience five “big” things to remember when embarking on their own entrepreneurial careers…

• Aim big

• Do your research

• Believe in Unicorns

• “Girl power” is real power

• Think beyond yourself

The Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation not only hosted this event, but captured Professor Deutsch’s powerful message in a great post to their blog site. Continue to the Polsky Center’s blog to read more about the conference and Professor Deutsch’s advice for women in entrepreneurship.