Marketing At Booth Event


Like many aspects of business, marketing is about seeing into the future. With so much information readily available, it's critical for leaders across industries to understand how to use data to best guide their organizations forward. At Chicago Booth, we take a distinctive approach towards arming you to do just that - by emphasizing a set of analytical tools that produce powerful, actionable strategies.

Please join us for a special event on marketing at Chicago Booth to understand how our unique resources prepare our students to see what's ahead. At the event, you will:

Discover insights gained through Booth's data-driven approach to marketing and its practical application
  in the workplace and beyond.
Hear from Jean-Pierre Dubé, Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing and director of the
  James M. Kilts Center for Marketing at Booth.
Find out more about alumni and current students whose networks and careers have been impacted by
  the mentoring and resources provided through the Kilts Center and Chicago Booth community.
Engage with staff from the Kilts Center, as well as Full-Time, Evening, and Weekend MBA Admissions.

Hope to see you there!