Booth Marketing Club Visits Edelman Leo Burnett And RocketFuel


Last Friday the Booth Marketing Club led a trek to three Chicago companies: Edelman, Leo Burnett, and RocketFuel. After an early 7:30 start at Gleacher, our merry band of thirty was on our way to the first stop, Edelman, a public relations firm. 

There, we had a lovely breakfast and a warm welcome from the Chicago COO, followed by a talk about the history of Edelman and their trust barometer and then a Q&A session with a panel of employees from various sections of the company including: news, consumer focus, global wellness, and research. It was a great start to the trek!

Our next stop was Leo Burnett, the advertising agency.

Leo Burnett is responsible for iconic ads like Tony the Tiger and the Keebler Elves. We had a lovely lunch there and a great talk with the panelists, including account managers, strategists, and creatives. Interesting fact, Leo Burnett owns the building and everyone stays on site, which makes it easier for people to collaborate across groups.

Our final stop for the day was Rocket Fuel: Artificial Intelligence, Real Results.

I wish I had some pictures of us trekking through the streets of Chicago, a meandering group of students braving the elements!

Rocket Fuel was great as well; we were given a presentation by the director of business strategy on what programming analytics is and how Rocket Fuel is leading the charge. We closed out the day with a happy hour and pizza in the Rocket Fuel kitchen.

With their tech company roots, Rocket Fuel is bringing in a bit of the tech culture to their workplace, including a relaxation room, complete with a hammock. Maybe Booth should invest in that for Gleacher or NBC Towers!

I had a great time on the Marketing Trek and I can't wait for the next one! Thanks to the Booth Marketing Club for organizing this event, especially co-chair, Amanda Davis, for organizing it!

Patricia Li | Evening MBA Student, Booth Marketing Club