Finding Your Best Fit


While it's important to look at how an MBA program fits your style, also consider how you will fit within the program itself. What value will you bring to fellow classmates; what will your interaction be like with professors, organizations and what will you do post-graduation with your degree? When choosing an MBA it's imperative that you consider how you intend to use your education post-graduation and find a program that best works with your goals, or, can provide you the tools needed to accomplish them.

When making a decision you'll often hear people say to "go with your gut", but that leaves you open to all of your biases. When you listen to your gut you answer an easier question than the one actually asked: what school feels better. This is what Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman calls system 1 thinking: Fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic, and subconscious. It's only when you consciously reflect that you'll be capable of answering the question, "which is the best business school for me?" as that question has so many parts, and requires system 2 thinking which is slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating, conscious.

In this 5 part series I'll break down 5 questions that one should reflect upon when choosing an MBA program. Here's the first question for you to consider.

What school has the best faculty?

Work experience, research, accessibility - these are all factors to consider when researching faculty at business schools & reflecting upon what matters most to you.

At some business schools you will hear about star faculty, but what will be left out of the conversation is the relationships built between faculty and students as well as professor accessibility. At Chicago Booth faculty not only are at the top of their game in their industries, they also have an open door policy with students. Many of our faculty help our students start companies by sitting on their Boards of Directors, or serving as formal mentors.

Chicago Booth has a rich history of bringing in the best of the best to teach students. As a student you’ll have the opportunity to take courses from our distinguished faculty, including 8 Nobel Prize winners; most recently Gene Fama & Lars Hansen.

The classroom experience and world-class faculty at Booth is unlike any other. When you're a student, you will meet classmates from all backgrounds, from a variety of locations around the world and be engaged in thought-provoking debate. You'll learn from faculty with both industry and research experience who will prepare you for your career and life beyond Booth by challenging you in the classroom to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry.

Check back next week when I'll discuss the 2nd question you should consider when choosing an MBA program that's best for you.

In the meantime I encourage you to get to know our faculty and learn more about the experiences you can expect in our Evening & Weekend MBA. Email us and also schedule a visit to see for yourself.