Yes You Can Study Abroad


Yes, you can study abroad as part of your Evening MBA and Weekend MBA at Chicago Booth.

Studying abroad as an Evening MBA and Weekend MBA student may not seem like a viable option. At Booth, we understand you are balancing work, class and your personal life. Therefore, we developed 6 short term International Business Exchange Programs (IBEP) allowing you to fit a trip abroad into your Evening MBA or Weekend MBA experience. You can study abroad for 2-3 weeks in Brazil, Austria, China, Germany, France or Israel. You complete one elective course during your time abroad. Read on to hear about the experience from the current student perspective.

Tom Anderton , Weekend MBA student
Financial Advisor, Oppenheimer & Co.

The two parts of Short-Term IBEP

How often do you get to sit in a classroom with 40 other students and listen to great professors? Well, as a Weekend MBA student at Booth, all of the time. In my time abroad from both the Weekend MBA program and my job (only 12 work days), I had times that exceed even my high Booth standards. I went to Beijing expecting a cultural experience punctuated with long periods sitting in a class room. To my surprise, we had professors that picked up where my investments, marketing and economic classes left off and applied the entire course full of information to the Chinese situation. Because of the foundations we had already learned at Booth, it made us look like professors standing around after class explaining the details of the lecture to other students.

As for the cultural experience, how does hanging out with 40 of your new friends, having drinks and singing the night away sound? Honestly, it was difficult to meet local people, as the language barrier was very high and few spoke English. However, what was lost in local interaction, I more than made up for it with solid international connections. I would now feel welcomed in Shanghi, Hong Kong, Brussels, Vancouver, Lima, and St. Petersburg. This is what building your network means at Chicago Booth!

Audre Lee, Evening MBA student
Associate, Goldman Sachs & Co.

This past summer I participated in the three-week short term IBEP to Vienna, Austria. I would say that this, by far, was one of my best experiences at Booth! When I enrolled at Booth in Fall 2010, the short term IBEP was definitely on my radar. So I did my research and planned my schedule so I would have a good idea of when I would be eligible to participate. When the time came to apply to the program and get excited for the experience, I was ready! Furthermore, since I am still working full time, I had prepared my managers at work for my plans, and they were able to accommodate my leave. I ended up using vacation time that I had stored up over the past couple years working at my company, and the fact that I was going to Europe for a class made it that much easier for me to not "feel guilty" about taking so much time off work!

The program itself in Vienna was a great way to meet students from around the world. I made a bunch of new friends from Buenos Aires, China, London, and Canada. The classes are interesting and interactive, yet leave time for you to explore the host-city in the afternoons and evenings. Plus, the weekends are free for you to travel. The cultural experience is amazing, and you get credit for one class, so I highly recommend this experience if you can fit it into your time at Booth!

In addition to the three-week program, I took two more weeks to travel around Europe - one week before the program, and one week after the program. I had a friend who also did the Vienna program with me and was able to take two extra weeks off, so we planned our "Eurotrip 2012" together, and really made the most of the experience! We saw so much: Prague, Krakow, Warsaw, Vienna, Milan, Dubrovnik, Bratislava, Berlin, Potsdam, Munich, and Berchtesgaden. A lot of it was planned, but a few of the cities were "pop-up" day trips that we were able to do once we were on the ground in Europe.This short term IBEP experience was truly one of the highlights of my Booth experience and life in general, and I will always cherish the memories!

Kara Northcutt
Associate Director of Admissions