Tools For Success: A Booth Alum Story


Franklin and Marshall College - A Bachelor of Arts. Johns Hopkins University - A Masters in Biomedical Engineering. What do these two schools and degrees have to do with a Booth MBA? Ruchika Singhal earned both of these degrees and then went on to pursue her MBA from Chicago Booth. She graduated in 2010 from the Weekend MBA Program with concentrations in entrepreneurship, international business, finance and strategy. Ruchika is a great example of not needing to come from a business, finance or economics background. In fact, Ruchika's diverse academic background helped her standout in the admission process as she was bringing a unique set of skills and tools to the classroom. Ruchika knew that a Chicago Booth MBA would be incredibly valuable for her professional career path because the Booth MBA degree is designed to help our students become familiar with and knowledgeable about all areas of the business and not just stay in one function area.

Ruchika started with Medtronic, one of the leading health care companies in the world, after her Master's Program concluded and has had an incredibly successful career with them for 10+ years. When she enrolled at Booth she was the Senior Product Planning Specialist, a marketing role, in Minneapolis. She is now Senior Market Development Manager - Emerging Markets, leading one of the six divisions, surgical technology, in the expansion of Medtronic overseas from her office in Denver, Colorado. In her newest role with a company who is focused on international growth, she has been spending a great deal of time in China and India working with the local teams in those geographies and the U.S. sales teams to identify the opportunities abroad along with the issues that need to be resolved to make way for a successful global business division. I would say her Booth concentrations are certainly coming in handy.

As her time at Booth allowed her to become part of the world-class community and to make friends who now live around the world, her work travels keep her active with our alumni network. In fact, next time she travels to China and India, she is going to meet up with the Chicago Booth Alumni Groups.

Gretchen Cooper
Director of Admissions