Thanks To Chicago Booth


Tom Yang, current Evening MBA student, shares how his studies at Booth impacted his career sooner than he anticipated. Read his story below.

No car company has ever successfully marketed a 100% electric vehicle to the mass market. One of my career goals is to get a shot at cracking that case, which is the main reason why I joined Nissan seven months ago and applied to Chicago Booth. Since I did not have a formal marketing and strategy background, I anticipated that I would not have the opportunity to work on the Nissan LEAF until I graduated from Chicago Booth.

Well, to my surprise that day has come sooner than I had anticipated. Just one month into the Evening MBA program, I was chosen to lead a six-member Nissan LEAF cross-functional team to devise a marketing strategy for the Midwest Region. This project has strong upper-management exposure and if my team is successful, it could lead to greater opportunities. So when I went home that night after getting the news, the first thing I did was retrieve the notes from the Marketing Strategy course (Professor Jeuland) I took through the Graduate Student at Large program to refresh my understanding of the various marketing concepts such as the Diffusion of Innovation and the Bass Model. In addition, because the course focused a lot on group work I learned how to bring different ideas together and confidently lead the teamdown the optimal path.

I have no doubt that a big reason why I was chosen to lead the team was because I am a Chicago Booth MBA.The name signals a leader who can make sense of all the data and come up with a sound and effective solution. For that, I am proud to be a Chicago Booth MBA and I look forward to applying what I learn each week in class to the LEAF project.