Application Tips


These Top 10 tips from the Chicago Booth Admissions Directors will help you in the application process.

1. If you are applying to multiple schools, submit all applications within the same week. You want to have
    options of what schools to attend. It does not make sense to apply to one school and then weeks later
    apply to another school.
2. You can submit your application before your recommenders do so! This way, you can have your interview
    scheduled. Once the letters are received, the application review process by the Admissions Committee
    will begin.
3. You can interview after the deadline. This is very common and will in no way hurt your chances of
4. Talk to your recommenders early in the process and in person as much as possible. Let them know your
    goals and reasons for applying to Chicago Booth so they can write a detailed letter of support.
5. Your transcripts can be unofficial. You can either upload a scanned copy of the official transcript into the
    application and/or submit a template of your classes and grades. Do not wait for the school/s to send the
    official version to you.
6. Your GMAT can be unofficial. Do not wait for GMAC to send the official to you.
7. Take the GMAT test early in your application process.  If you receive the score you expected, great! If you
    choose to take the test again, you will have plenty of time. FYI: many of our applicants
    take the GMAT test more than one time as the highest score is always considered.
8. If you have not met a Chicago Booth current student or an alum at your company and/or from your
    industry, email our admissions hotline at to ask to be
    connected. To truly learn about a school, it is necessary to speak with those who have firsthand
9. Ask the admissions team about Chicago Booth’s Career Services and the Employer Development Team!
    Our colleagues focus on a variety of industries, including consulting, healthcare, financial services,
    energy, not for profit/public sector, investment management, tech/innovation, manufacturing and

Apply! You will never know if you can get into Booth if you do not apply.

Gretchen Cooper, Director of Admissions
Kara Northcutt, Assistant Director of Admissions