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Since our last newsletter, Chicago Booth Review released a new issue featuring the latest faculty research on the pandemic. We also have several virtual events coming up, including Booth's virtual Economic Outlook at all three of our global campuses in January. Find more details below.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

The downfall (and possible salvation) of expertise
CBR's new cover feature examines public perceptions of COVID-19, featuring insights from professors Jean-Pierre Dubé, Luigi Zingales, Lars Peter Hansen, Kevin M. Murphy, and others.

Line of Inquiry: Chad Syverson on the impact of stay-at-home policies
People's concern about the coronavirus led to sharp economic contractions even in the absence of government shutdowns, suggests Professor Syverson.

How temporary have temporary layoffs been?
Research from professor Matthew J. Notowidigdo finds that laid-off workers have been returning to work at a very high rate.

How to contain COVID-19 flare-ups without crushing the economy
Research from PhD candidate Benedict Guttman-Kenney finds local lockdowns inflict less economic damage than national shutdowns, but still help slow the spread of cases.

Inventors are eyeing your home office
The lockdowns triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic set off a significant shift in new patent applications toward technologies that support working remotely, suggests Steven J. Davis.

At work, your voice is underrated. So call me, maybe.
Nicholas Epley says there's a better way to stay connected that simply requires reacquainting ourselves with a tried-and-true technology—the telephone.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

The pandemic could give way to an era of rapid productivity growth
Dec. 8 | The Economist
As businesses adopt new processes and technologies to adapt to the pandemic, research from Chad Syverson suggests this could lead to a productivity surge later on.

Former RBI governor Rajan on stimulus, global economy, India
Dec. 7 | Bloomberg Markets
Raghuram G. Rajan discusses the need for more monetary stimulus as economies grapple with the pandemic and his outlook for the global economy.

Remote work to continue long after coronavirus, study shows
Dec. 7 | The Epoch Times
According to a report coauthored by Steven J. Davis, 22 percent of all full work days will be supplied from home after the pandemic ends, compared with just 5 percent before.

Wall Street Week
Dec. 4 | Bloomberg
Austan D. Goolsbee joins Wall Street Week for a conversation on surging COVID-19 cases, vaccine optimism, and the next steps in further fiscal stimulus. (Interview begins at 26:09.)

William Watson: Carrots, sticks and sledge-hammers
Dec. 1 | Financial Post
Eric Budish's policy rule for the COVID-19 pandemic: Maximize social welfare subject to R ≤ 1.

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COVID-19 Content across Campus

How Pfizer's vaccine announcement demonstrates the political power of firms
By timing the disclosure of the results of its vaccine trial, Pfizer could have influenced the 2020 presidential election, suggests Luigi Zingales in this ProMarket blog post.

Pre-existing confusion: the US health insurance system
In a new podcast from BFI, Matt Notowidigdo discusses healthcare's most urgent flaws and potential remedies, including as they relate to the pandemic.

BFI working paper: Why working from home will stick
Steven J. Davis surveyed 15,000 Americans over several waves to investigate whether, how, and why working from home will stick after COVID-19.

Employment, income, and consumption in India during and after the lockdown: a V-shape recovery?
The Rustandy Center shared research from Marianne Bertrand and Rebecca Dizon-Ross that finds Indian households remain under duress, with employment, income, and consumption levels yet to return to pre-COVID levels.

Update: Labor market recovery stalls as COVID-19 cases surge
Amid the current surge in COVID-19 cases, Rustandy shared the latest findings from Marianne Bertrand's ongoing study on the impact on small businesses and their employees.

Polsky Small Business Growth Program
The Polsky Center is currently trying to reach small business owners affected by COVID-19, particularly on the South and West Side. If you know a business that could use support, message the center for more information.


The US election, COVID-19, and the future of the global economy
Jan. 13, Noon CT
Join Randall S. Kroszner, Austan D. Goolsbee, and Raghuram G. Rajan for virtual Economic Outlook in Chicago to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, economic stimulus, the 2020 US presidential election, and more.

Trade wars, the US election, and the economies of Asia
Jan. 20, 8 p.m. HKT
Join Randall S. Kroszner, Chang-Tai Hsieh, and Richard Wong, AB '74, AM '74, PhD '81 (Economics), for virtual Economic Outlook in Hong Kong to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic, trade wars, the recent US election, and other issues impacting Asian economies.