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The Siebel Scholars program, now in its 22nd year, selected 83 students hailing from 17 of the top graduate schools in the United States and China. They include five students from Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program: Catalina Bilbao, Hunter Holland, Wynne Tang, Todd Vogel, and Yinga Xia.

The scholars were selected by the deans of their respective schools on the basis of their academic performance and their potential to transform the future through thought leadership in technology, economic and social policy, and more. In addition to receiving a $35,000 award, the scholars from each school will meet at an annual conference to discuss global issues.

“Every year, the Siebel Scholars continue to impress me with their commitment to academics and influencing future society,” says Thomas Siebel, the chairman of the Siebel Scholars Foundation. “It is my distinct pleasure to welcome these students into this ever-growing, lifelong community, and I personally look forward to seeing their impact and contributions unfold.”

Meet Booth’s 2023 Siebel Scholars

Catalina Bilbao

Catalina Bilbao

Bilbao was raised in Santiago, Chile. She graduated first in her class with a degree in business administration from Pontifical Universidad Catolica de Chile, where she also earned a masters degree in finance. Bilbao pursued a career in investment banking, rising from analyst at ASSET Chile to vice president at Banchile Citi Global Markets, before enrolling at Booth.

Now a second-year student pursuing concentrations in finance, economics, and accounting, Bilbao plans to focus on the means of advancing women in the workplace and promoting gender equity.

I chose Booth not only to strengthen my finance skills, but also to meet more women in similar career paths and to learn from them,” Bilbao says. She sees the Siebel scholarship as an opportunity to expand her network and meet scholars with diverse backgrounds and expertise across multiple industries. I aspire to set an example for women of our capacity to conquer traditionally male-dominated industries.”

Hunter Holland

Hunter Holland

Born and raised in New York, Holland graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in economics and mathematics. He worked in economic consulting at Analysis Group in Los Angeles, where he collaborated with leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies to analyze economic issues in high-profile litigations and regulatory investigations, focusing on securities fraud and antitrust matters.

At Booth, Holland says hes learning how to use rigorous analysis to solve tough social problems, as well as to broaden my skill set in analytics and economics.” He credits the Siebel scholarship with affording him more freedom to pursue his interests in his final year of business school. When he graduates, he plans to return to Analysis Group, where he hopes to continue expanding the firm’s pro bono and social impact work.

Wynne Tang

Wynne Tang

I wanted the flexibility to choose my own adventure by curating my own courses,” says Tang, explaining the journey that landed her in Booths joint MBA/Masters Program in Computer Science. Tech has so many great possibilities. Id love to grow my career at the intersection of innovation, strategy, and execution, building and delivering products that delight and improve the lives of customers.”

Prior to Booth, Tang was living and working in Singapore and Southeast Asia. She started her career as an auditor and CPA at Deloitte, then pivoted into management consulting, where she worked with technology companies on their key strategic and operational initiatives.

This past summer, Tang completed a product management internship at Adobe, where she was part of the creative cloud team working on Adobe’s mission to change the world through digital experiences.

Its important to me to explore as much of the world as I can, and try to make the world a better place—and the Siebel Scholars program is a wonderful opportunity to do just that with some of the top minds in their fields,” she says.

Todd Vogel

Todd Vogel

A California native, Vogel spent his childhood in Los Angeles, then attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he majored in statistics and minored in history—areas of study that highlight his passion for balancing data analysis with meaningful storytelling.

He spent the beginning of his career in San Francisco doing consulting and data science work for the financial services company Mastercard. I loved this work, but I found that the purely analytical nature of it lacked nuance,” he says. So I decided to return to school and expand my horizons and my approach to problem-solving.”

Since coming to Booth, Vogel has found himself drawn to the emerging climate-tech industry.

Ive invested heavily in impact and climate-oriented internships and entrepreneurship coursework,” Vogel says. Im invigorated by the opportunity to build something from an early stage and to leave a mark in such an essential industry.”

Now that hes a Siebel Scholar, Vogel says hes excited to gain access to a brilliant community of innovators, especially as he pursues work in the growing climate-tech space.

Yinga Xia

Yinga Xia

Xia is fascinated by the intersection between economics, finance, and behavioral science. Booth has been the perfect place to explore this via courses including Advanced Microeconomic Analysis with professor Kevin Murphy and Negotiations with professor Shereen Chaudhry,” Xia says.

Shes also inspired by her classmates and the new experiences shes had performing with her a cappella group, Economies of Scale, at Battle of the Bands. As a LEAD facilitator, she planned and facilitated the LEAD curriculum for first-year studentswith her fellow second-year facilitators.

A Chicago native, Xia graduated summa cum laude from Williams College with a bachelor’s degree in economics with highest honors and psychology. Prior to Booth, Xia spent three years at T. Rowe Price, a global investment management firm, as an equity associate analyst. This past summer, she returned to T. Rowe Price as an equity MBA intern. She is a CFA charter holder and excited to meet her fellow Siebel Scholars.

“I’m drawn to how interdisciplinary and global the Siebel Scholar community is,” Xia says. “I’m looking forward to learning from scholars about their work in academic fields spanning computer science, bioengineering, and business.”


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