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March 11, 2010 — 12:00-1:00 PM CST

Moderator: Hello and welcome to our chat! We will begin in 5 minutes. Please submit your questions.

Jenny: Hello all, Jenny here. I'm the Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator at our London. Please submit your questions that you want answered.

Rachel: Hello everyone, thanks for joining us. I'm part of the admissions panel here at Chicago Booth - I look forward to answering your questions!

Moderator: It looks like we have a small chat today, so we will probably end early. Please submit your questions!

Mirela__Guest_: do I need to have job experience to join MBA program?

Rachel: Hi Mirela. Executive MBA programmes are really aimed at people with work experience - students on our programme have an average of 11 years experience, although this is an average and the range starts at 6 years. How much do you have exactly? We welcome applications from a diverse range of people.

Peter__All_: I haven’t got time to do GMAT before 1st April deadline, what should I do?

Rachel: Peter - you are in luck! GMAT is not an admissions requirement for the Chicago Booth Executive MBA programme, other than in exceptional circumstances.

eric2010: Hi, typically and during the program, how difficult is it to balance academic requirement of the program / work and family?

Jenny: Hi Eric, it is a very rigorous program so you certainly need the support of your family and company. We believe that you will spend 10-15 hours outside of the schedule weekly modules to study and prepare for the next session week.

G-488930172__Guest_: Hi there, I understand that the final deadline for the EMBA is 1st April. My company is still reviewing wheather they would be able to grant time off for the program. Is there anyway the application deadline be increased beyond 1st April?

Rachel: Hi G-488930172 (long name!) - good question. As you pointed out, our official application deadline is 1st April. We do have a rolling admissions policy though and I would certainly encourage you to apply, as we are still accepting applications for June 2010. I would recommend you go ahead and apply as we don't need your company support letter until after the interviews anyway. We can actually invite you to interview based on the application form, university transcripts, essays, CV and 1 reference (you can provide the rest of the documents later).

RC__Guest_: I realized that I'm a little late getting the application in; if for whatever reason there is a delay from the referees or transcripts being sent - does that basically close the door on your application?

Jenny: Hi RC, your are NOT too late to submit an application for the program starting in June. Our final deadline is April 1 but your recommendation letters and transcripts can be received after the deadline. You can certainly submit your application anytime before the April deadline and we will consider you for the June start.

eric2010: What are the main differentiation factors of the Chicago Booth EMBA?

Rachel: Thanks Eric - that's a tough question! If you mean what differentiates the Chicago Booth Executive MBA from our competitor programmes, I think you can look at that on two levels. First of all, the actual content/format/delivery of the programme, ie, the fact that EMBA students spend time at our three permanent campuses on three continents, that this is a 21 month programme taught in one week study modules, etc. You can also compare Chicago Booth based on our approach to management education. Our programme is academically rigorous and we focus on providing our students with an academic 'toolbox' of knowledge based on tested management frameworks.

Alireza__Guest_: I have started to work on the appliction form now. I am not able to find the EMBA essay. I hav looked for long, I must confess. Could you advise?

Jenny: Hi Alireza, go to the yellow section on your left where it says "Why Chicago Booth" that's where you will find the essay questions.

G-488942750__Guest_: Hi what 's the average cost it attending the MBA executive programmes ?

Jenny: Hi, the cost for the Executive MBA program in Europe was £69,000 last year. This covers all your course material and books, hotel stay in Singapore and Chicago during the international weeks and some daily meals.The fee for this year will be announced in April

G-488926765__Guest_: Hi all, alex is here. what is your average students age of EMBA?

Rachel: Hi Alex, thanks for joining us - the average age of our EMBA students is 36 years old. This is an average, though, and the range is between 28-54, so don't be put off! We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and experiences.

G-488975159__Guest_: Hello , I am interested in the question of financing the EMBA . It is possible to recieve full scholarships?

Jenny: Hi, we do offer any scholarships to our Executive MBA students. International loan funding can be found at the bottom of this page: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/admissions/financialaid.aspx

Nick_1__Guest_: Hi, can you please let me know if career service is provided for self-sponsered students. If yes, then what kind of service, is there any on-campus recruitment event.

Rachel: Hi Nick. We're different from a lot of other Executive MBA programmes in that we offer careers support to our students during the programme and afterwards - it's a lifelong service. We don't differentiate between self-sponsored and company-supported students. We actually have a full time Careers Director here on the London campus available for personal coaching, and we offer careers events each session week. The careers service provision at Chicao Booth is excellent.

hellofromParis__All_: Is there still time to apply for the June 2010 start date?

Jenny: YES, we take applications until our final deadline April 1. So start that application now at www.ChicagoBooth.edu/apply

alex__Guest_: is this particular program based in london in chicago? i currently live in chicago.

Jenny: Hi Alex, we have 3 permanent campuses: Chicago, London, and Singapore. You will choose which campus you would like to apply to, and that will be your home campus. The program does include trips to the other two campuses as well. This chat is with admissions staff based in London.

Peter__All_: I’m only 29 but I definitely want to apply to the EMBA programme, do I really have to wait until I’m 35?

Jenny: Hi Peter, no you can apply now. The average age of our students are 35 but that would be anything between 28 to 50+. We look a lot at your work history and what you have achived so far. So, note the age RANGE not the age AVERAGE!

G-488942750__Guest_: what's kind of documents it require ?

Jenny: For the Executive MBA application we need the following material: online form filled in, fee $100 paid, CV, essays, university transcript and 3 recommendation letters. Start your application now at www.ChicagoBooth.edu/apply

Ruslan__Guest_: Hello Rachel and Jenny, I have received a negative decision for this year. Does it mean that there is no chance if I apply next?

Rachel: Hi Ruslan, thanks for joining us. Don't be disheartened about receiving a negative response - we work hard to build a diverse class, and it could be that your profile wasn't a good match for the 2010 cohort. Applicants are welcome to reapply the following year - the re-application process is slightly different, and I would recommend you contact us again over the summer so we can explain it to you. london.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu.

Rachel: If you do re-apply, it's important that you focus on what has changed since you last applied, ie, increased management responsibility, a change of job role, etc.

G-488926765__Guest_: Could you please explain why do not you require a GMAT score. Sorry for my honesty but we used to associate no GMAT score requirement with weak MBA schools.

Jenny: Hi G. The GMAT is not a requirement for the Executive MBA program because we feel that it only shows one aspect of your ability to succeed in the program. We take many factors into consideration when evaluating an application, including your professional background, your recommendations, your personal interview, as well as (but not strictly) your academic history (which could include the GMAT).

Ronnie__All_: My wife and I want to move back to Asia in the next couple of years. Does Chicago Booth have a good network of contacts in Asia, or should I apply to the Singapore campus? We live in Paris just now.

Rachel: Hi Ronnie - lots of our students travel in from Paris, it's easy to get here on Eurostar! If you're planning to be in Europe for the next few years, I would recommend you study on the London campus. You'll spend 25% of the programme with the students from the Singapore and Chicago campuses, so you'll be able to meet Asia-based students both in Singapore and here in London. As a Chicago Booth alumni you'll also be able to access our excellent alumni services in Asia after you graduate, plus we'll be able to help you from a careers services point of view, too.

Naveen__Guest_: Hello, I would like to know if full time experience before graduation is considered ?

Jenny: Naveen,we look at full-time postgraduate experience.

Naveen__Guest_: Hi Rachel, I would like to know if full time quality experinence before graduation is considered. The reason I am asking this question is as there might be students who would have vocational experience and would not have a traditional degree and finally pursue it using part time or weekend programs while working. So how do you value this full time exp. ( quality exp but before a formal degree)

Rachel: Hi Naveen. As we mentioned earlier, we do welcome applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds, and several of our students don't have a first degree at all. Obviously significant work experience is important in this case. If you studied/worked part-time, then we would certainly consider this. I would recommend you email us your CV so we can give you some personal feedback - london.inquiries@chicagobooth.edu

Moderator: There are 15 minutes left in the chat. Please continue to submit your questions and we will answer as many as we can!

eric2010: What do students do beyond class hours? is it work hard or a work hard/ play hard atmosphere?

Elisa: Hi Eric. The atmosphere outside of the program is work hard/play hard! Our students enjoy the academic aspect of the program, but we provide plenty of opportunities for socializing throughout the program, not only with your local London cohort, but also with the Chicago and Singapore campuses as well.

Alireza__Guest_: Jenny, is there a final year Project ?

Jenny: No project required as you have mid-term and final exams with each subject/every session week on campus.

Alireza__Guest_: Jenny, could you tell me about you elective courses and concentrations? What are the latest additions for 2010?

Jenny: Alireza, our students can chose 2 electives from a list of 12. As an alumnus you can always come back for electives week each year to continue your education and reconnect with the school. Concentrations are a specialization in either Finance, Marketing or Strategy. There is an additional fee and an extra week required to earn the concentration.

Nick_1__Guest_: Is it advisable to attend an open day before the interview? What kind of job level seniority do you expect from potential candiates? Do you expect students mainly with leadership or director level expereince?

Rachel: Hi Nick. We don't look for specific job titles or levels of seniority when we consider applications, instead, we look at your work experience as a whole and what contribution we feel you could make to the class. As previously mentioned, our students have an average of 11 years experience which may give you some indication of seniority. This is an average figure though.

Rachel: If you live outside London, I would recommend you apply and schedule your interviews to take place on an Experience Day. That way you can combine an open day and your interviews in one. You can also sit in on a real EMBA class during an Experience Day.

alex__Guest_: i do a lot of business in china, does booth have a partnership with any of the mba programs there so I could particiapte in some classes in and pertaining to China?

Elisa: Hi Alex, we do not partner with any other schools. The Executive MBA Program is taught by Chicago Booth faculty who travel to our permanent campuses in London and Singapore to teach. If you spend a lot of time in Asia, you may consider our campus in Singapore!

G-488926765__Guest_: Could you please advise what differentiates your EMBA program from other high ranking business schools and what extra value you bring to the students? What ranking does your program have?

Rachel: Hi there. I answered a question on differentiation earlier on (scroll up), but I can also comment on rankings. Rankings are a useful way to compare and contrast programmes, and many students use them to form a short list of target schools. We figure in the top 5 of all the major rankings, which is a good indication of the quality and reputation of our programme. Please also remember to look at how the rankings are compiled - some are based on alumni feedback, some on alumni salaries, etc.

Matt__All_: What is the waitlist? I applied earlier this year but I’m still on the waitlist, what does that mean?

Rachel: Hi Matt. Waitlists can be confusing, so that's a good question! Most business schools have a waitlist. Basically it means that we need some more time to make a decision on your application, so we can compare your file to other applications in the pool. It's a positive response and means that we are still considering you for a spot on the programme.

Oleg__Guest_: Hi, how many candidates are usually applying for EMBA at Booth?

Jenny: Hi Oleg, firstly I would like to point out that there are 5500 Executive MBA graduates worldwide each year so it is a smaller pool of students if you compare to the full-time MBA program. At Chicago Booth we graduate around 278 Executive MBA students each year.

Moderator: The chat will be ending in 5 minutes. We will try to answer as many more questions as possible!

PK__Guest_: How is it that the Full time Course is 24 months and the Executive is 21 Months (given you are covering the same syllabus)?

Rachel: Hi PK. As you may know, all students graduate from Chicago Booth with the same MBA certificate, whether they study fulltime, part-time or Executive. The full-time programme is 24 months and offers a huge range of elective classes and opportunities for study abroad and internships. The Executive MBA, on the other hand, is a very intensive general management programme which focuses on the essentials of management. We are satisfied that graduates of both programmes have gone through the same rigorous Chicago Booth experience, and have the same framework of knowledge - hence they get the same degree.

Oleg__Guest_: Answering the question about the expected seniority level of your applicants you have explained that you look at the work experience as a whole. May I ask you to be somewhat more specific and idetify the key elements of the CV upon which the judgement is made. Can you quantify those wherever applicable?

Jenny: Oleg, there is no golden rule here. We look at the application as a whole. We want to see what your recommenders think of you, why you have chosen to apply to Chicago Booth (essays) and a chance to meet you face to face for the admissions interview.

Rachel: Thanks for joining us this evening, it was a pleasure speaking to you all. Feel free to get in touch directly if there's anything else you need help with. Goodbye!

Jenny: Bye all, thanks for chatting with us. If you have any questions that you want answered please email us at europe.inquires@chicagobooth.edu and you can start your application at www.ChicagoBooth.edu/apply

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