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Thursday, November 14, 2013: Noon - 1 p.m. CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please submit them now.
Toby -> Everyone Hello everyone and welcome. We look forward to answering your questions today.
Erika -> Everyone Welcome everyone. Look forward to chatting with you today!
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please submit them now.
Patricia -> Everyone Hello - Thank you for joining us. I'm Patricia Coffey Associate Director of Admissions and I hope to answer many of your questions today.
Melissa -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. My name is Melissa Patterson and I am the Admission Counselor and I am looking forward to assisting you with any questions you have.
Pri -> Patricia Hi, I am priyanka and I have 5 years of experience in Information Technology. I am currently working at Lincolnshire, IL. I am on H1 B visa, my question is can I study in the Part time MBA course from the college on my H1B visa. I have been in IL state from last 8 months.
Patricia -> Pri Hi Pri - Thank you for joining us! Here is the contact for the part time MBA program for information about your visa status at eveningweekend-admissions@chicagobooth.edu.
Guang -> Toby i had completed my MBA course in my country, and i have acquired the WEC verify my master certificate. I want to focus on my finance aspect on your course. I don't know if it is ok? or i need to apply for other program?
Toby -> Guang Hi Guang - thank you for your questions. The Executive MBA Program has a pre-set curriculum with some finance courses and an option to take a Finance Track - meaning a focus on a couple extra finance courses. So yes, the Executive MBA Program can provide a focus in Finance.
StaicyO -> Patricia My name is Staicy and I am interested in the Full time MBA program as I am not qualified to attend the Executive MBA. I would like to know when the intakes are.
Patricia -> StaicyO Hi Staicy: The full time program has one intake a year (Autumn quarter). For additional information, please contact the admissions team at admissions@ChicagoBooth.edu
Preston -> Toby Can a student be accepted into the Executive MBA program, then later transfer into the Evening MBA program if that particular program suits his/her situation better due to a change in employment status or life circumstances?
Toby -> Preston Hi Preston. It's rare but it has happened in special cases. In general though both programs are designed for full-time working professionals.
DiAna -> Erika What qualifies a person to bypass the GMAT?
Erika -> DiAna Hello DiAna: I see I have a few questions from you! In regards to the GMAT waiver each person is evaluated individually. Typically very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training indicate a high level of quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical MBA Program. The criteria listed are not meant to be exhaustive and candidates who believe they are able to provide evidence of similar quality not listed are encouraged to speak to an admissions representative. You can always reach out to us individually at xp@chicagobooth.edu
Ram -> Toby What is the criteria for selecting candidates for the Executive MBA Program -- GMAT, Expereince etc.,
Toby -> Ram Hi Ram - we evaluate candidates on a number of criteria but to me we are mostly trying to answer three main questions. 1: Can you manage the academic rigor of the program? 2: Are your goals in earning an MBA consistent with the experience we provide? 3: How do you hope to add value to the experience of your classmates.

If you have strong answers to these questions then we want you in the program.
Pri -> Melissa What does a new class start for next calendar year? And what will be the requirements for the admission to the college for part time course MBA. I have 5 years of experience in Information Technology. Please let me know what companies recruit the MBA students. What all courses do you have in MBA program? What is the duration of the course? I am in IL state from past 8 months on H1 B (work visa).
Melissa -> Pri Hi Pri. Our next start, for the XP-85 cohort, will be in June 2014. The program for them will go 21 months, ending in March 2015. In order to apply to the program, you will need to complete the application, answer the essay questions, submit a GMAT score, and provide a copy of your resume and transcripts. In addition, you will need three letters of recommendations. Our Executive MBA students are all working but they have access to many of the career service resources provided by Booth. Examples of the courses required are: Microeconomics, Financial Accounting, Statistics, Managerial Decision Making, etc.
DiAna -> Patricia Please explain the difference between the Weekend program and the Executive program.
Patricia -> DiAna DiAna: The difference is the student profile. Weekend program; average age 29 and work experience 6 years. The Executive program: average age 37, 13+ work experience. It's important to know that it's the same curriculum, same faculty teaching, and you'll receive the same degree an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Preston -> Erika I'm currently working in Afghanistan and I'm not sure when my company's contract will be terminated. If I apply and I am accepted for the EMBA program beginning in June 2014, can I defer enrollment until the following year if my contract goes past June 2014? If yes, is that a difficult process/frowned upon by the Booth staff?
Erika -> Preston Hello Preston: Hope all is well in Afghanistan. My good friend is working in Kabul right now. If you are accepted into the program and circumstances change, you are able to defer enrollment for a year. It is not a difficult process if it occurs and our Admissions staff will walk you through the steps!
Pradeep -> Toby If you applied for the eMBA program in 2011 for a 2012 start, do you need to have new recommendation letters written? At what point do you have to re-write the entire application for reconsideration?
Toby -> Pradeep Hi Pradeep. Admission to the program is good for one year. After that you need to re-apply. In your example a new application would be required.
DiAna -> Melissa What is the average class size for the Executive MBA track?
Melissa -> DiAna Hi DiAna. In June, a cohort of Executive MBA students will start in Chicago, Hong Kong and London. Each location will enroll about 90 students for a total of 270 students from around the globe. All 90 students will move through the program together and all the required courses together.
Alejandro -> Toby Hello, thanks for the session. I had two questions: a) How difficult is to manage the logistic to persue an executive MBA living out of the US (of course travelling)... and the second one is b) To get the GMAT waiver, I see the program asks certain requirements (for example, a CFO position). It's very different to be CFO of a small 1 Billion sales company than to have a management position of a 100 Billion sales company. I was looking to apply to the waiver program of the GMAT before entering the full admission process. Is that posssible?
Toby -> Alejandro Hi Alejandro - we have had students commute to the Chicago Program from as far away Peru, Chile and Alaska - send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu and we are happy to connect you with someone who has done it.

With regards to the GMAT Waiver you are exactly right - we take all circumstances into consideration. My best advice is to apply for the waiver and see what happens. We review them weekly so you will receive a decision relatively quickly.
DiAna -> Erika Please describe the overseas experience.
Erika -> DiAna Hello DiAna: I myself used to work in the London office and found the overseas weeks the highlight of my year. When you are accepted into Booth you are assigned an International group (Becker, Fogel or Miller). Each group is comprised of a 1/3 of the students from each campus (Chicago, London and Hong Kong). You will spend one week in London and one week in Hong Kong taking classes and working alongside the students. In addition you will be with them for another 3 weeks in Chicago (Kick Off week and Electives weeks). The value of meeting and working alongside such a diverse group is immeasurable in my mind and the friendships are long lasting.
Adam -> Toby I'm currently trying to decide between applying for a Weekend/Evening MBA or the Executive MBA as I would like to continue working while I earn it. Do you have any advice or suggestions on things I should think about in making my decision?
Toby -> Adam Hi Adam - To be clear there are many similarities between the programs. the faculty are the same, the degree is the same, the courses offered in Executive MBA are also offered in the Evening/Weekend program.

A couple big differences are the profile of the students (Executive students tend to have more work experience). The format of the curriculum (the Evening/Weekend program is 99% flexible while the Executive curriculum is pre-set). The international pieces (required study with Booth students from all over Asia and Europe in the Exec program vs. optional study at sister programs in the E/W program. and lastly the cohort experience (almost all classes with the same group in Executive vs many classes with many people in the E/W program. Hope this helps!
Ram -> Melissa Also, I am interested in Executive MBA / Evening MBA (not sure of these are different!) I am in Cincinnati, the question is on whether you have any satellite offices here or would you expect your students to come in to Chicago for the classes...how often would the classes be? what would the fees be?
Melissa -> Ram Hi Ram: We do not have a satellite office in the Cincinnati area. Executive MBA students will take all of their classes here in Chicago with the exception of the week they will spend in London and the week spent in Hong Kong. During the first summer of classes, XP students spend one week in Chicago taking classes as well as one week in London and one week in Hong Kong. After that first summer, starting in October, students attend classes in Chicago all day Friday and all day Saturday everyone other weekend.
Member -> Patricia Do you need to have any financial assistance from the company (you are working for) to enrol in EMBA? Is the support limited to recommendations?
Patricia -> Member Member: Financial assistance is not a requirement, however the time commitment is. All applicants must submit a letter of company support for the time commitment, after admission is offered.
Adam -> Toby What kind of scholarships are available? How much does the average student pay vs. have covered by scholarship money?
Toby -> Adam Hi Adam - we do not offer any scholarships in the Executive MBA Program.
Member -> Erika May I better understand requirements for GMAT?- range of acceptable scores, circumstances in which waiver is allowed etc.
Erika -> Member Hello Member: I answered a similar question posed by DiAna. Typically very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training indicate a high level of quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical MBA Program. Once you apply for the waiver you will hear in about a week if it has been granted.
Dave_Mao -> Toby Tell me something about the EMBA program that surprises and delights the participants.
Toby -> Dave_Mao Surprises AND Delights? That's a tall order Dave.... let's give it a shot...
it was just announced yesterday that we have chosen Bing Thom architects to build our new building in Hong Kong - if you visit their website you will see some pretty amazing buildings they have created.
DiAna -> Melissa Does the length of the program differ between the Weekend and Executive?
Melissa -> DiAna Hi DiAna: The length of the Executive MBA program is 21 months. The length of the Weekend program is generally two and a half to three year.
Pri -> Erika Thank You, Can you please let me know if there are any scholarsips available for the Executive MBA program?
Erika -> Pri Pri: There are no scholarships for the Executive MBA program however some students do seek Financial Aid. For more information on financial aid, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at financial.aid@chicagobooth.edu.
Preston -> Toby Toby you mentioned that you have students who have completed the EMBA program from as far away as peru and chile. Can you explain the class format/how classes are taught. My understanding was that students had to show up for class every other week. Please clarify, because that would be pretty hard to do from abroad.
Toby -> Preston You're right Preston - students so show up every other weekend. More than half of our students are flying in from outside Chicago to participate twice a month. I think the fact that people come from so far away speaks to both the quality of the program and the commitment of those traveling.
Member -> Patricia Can a candidate apply for a waiver before they submit their application to EMBA?
Patricia -> Member Member: Yes, youc an apply for a waiver before you submit the applicaiton. We require the following: resume, transcripts (official or unofficial), personal information, and academic section of the application completed, and a GMAT waiver statement.
Preston -> Toby If the EMBA and the evening MBA are so similar, than why is the executive MBA so much more expensive?
Toby -> Preston There are a number of things included in the EMBA program that aren't in the E/W program. Specifically 5 weeks of hotels, 3 meals a day on most class days, all your books to name a few.
SG -> Patricia Do the traveling students tend to loose out on local events, get together, networking sessions and other stuff which the program has to offer?
Patricia -> SG HI SG: All our students get involved in the local events. We schedule all events when students are here for their class sessions.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
Alejandro -> Erika Do you have a format that I should follow to request an expemtion for the GMAT? The idea is to make it easier for you to analyze and easier for me to submit what you are looking for.
Erika -> Alejandro Hello Alejandro: You apply for the GMAT waiver through the online application process. You need to fill out the personal and academic sections, upload your transcripts and your resume. Once that is done the waiver requests are reviewed each Tuesday and typically you will know within a week if it has been granted.
DiAna -> Erika Does the Executive Program have "clusters"?
Erika -> DiAna Hello DiAna: I am not sure what you refer to when you write "clusters". Sorry!
Pri -> Toby Hi, Please tell me the recruitment stats after a student has completed his/her Executive MBA program?
Toby -> Pri Hi Pri - we don't have on campus recruitment for EMBA students. With the diversity of industries and functions in the class room - as well as diversity of professional goals it's hard to quantify. Anecdotal experience tells me that 100% of our students are satisfied with the opportunities that come from the experience, knowledge and network they gain in the program.
SG -> Melissa How many total full week sessions are there're ? Are there the same as the international weeks?
Melissa -> SG Hi SG: During the first summer of the program, students have three full week sessions - one in Chicago, one in London and one in Hong Kong. During the second summer of the program, students have two consecutive full week sessions in Chicago. These are the elective weeks.
SG -> Toby What percent of students already have an advanced degree?
Toby -> SG Hi SG - approximately 35% of our students have advanced degrees in MANY different areas. The cohort is made up of incredibly bright and incredibly diverse people.
Preston -> Toby Can Booth EMBA students participate in the on campus recruiting events for the full-time students if they choose?
Toby -> Preston No. The positions available through on-campus-recruiting (OCR) are typically junior to anything a student in the Executive MBA program would be interested in. Also we require the company you work for to send us a letter stating they support you in the program - to turn around and put you in front of a recruiter would be a conflict of interests for us.
Pri -> Toby Tanks Toby and what are the recruitment stats for full time MBA?
Toby -> Pri Here you go Pri - quite a bit of detail at the link below.

Preston -> Toby How would the admissions committee view an applicant if he/she applied to both the EMBA and the evening/weekend program?
Toby -> Preston Actually our system doesn't allow you to apply to multiple programs at the same time.
DiAna -> Patricia Should we plan to take the GMAT by a certain date for admission consideration?
Patricia -> DiAna DiAna: You can take the GMAT exam anytime during the application process. However, a decision cannot be rendered without your score, with the exception of receiving a waiver.
SG -> Erika Could you describe a typical week in the program?
Erika -> SG Hello SG: A typical weekend may run as follows: Come to the Gleacher Center and have breakfast with your fellow classmates in the lounge. Go into your morning class which often begins at 9am. During the break- grab a coffee in the lounge or continue a discussion with the professor. Class ends around 12:00 when you will enjoy lunch- or may have a review session. Your second class will begin about 1:30pm and runs until around 4:30pm. Later after class you may go to a study room to work on a case assigned to your study group or have a review sessions. Classes run Friday and Saturday at Gleacher Center on alternate weekends. In addition to the typical class weekends you will have opportunities to attend events like Alumni Breakfasts or Career Service panel discussions planned for you!
SG -> Toby Your website mentioned Tracks.. could you explain what those are and how they relate to the overall curriculum?
Toby -> SG Thanks SG - Tracks are available to students interested in taking a deeper dive into a specific area. We offer tracks in Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Capital Markets and Leadership. The "deeper dive" classes are offered during the 2 weeks of electives during your second summer of the program.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Miriam -> Patricia I don't have a formal business education. Will I be at a disadvantage in the program?
Patricia -> Miriam Hi Miriam: You will not be at a disadvatage without a formal business education.In the Executive program we thrive on diversity; diversity of ideas, thoughs, industry and job functions. We look for individuals with unique personal and professional experiences, those who can add value in the classroom.
Pri -> Melissa Please let me know if there is any difference between the Executive MBA and Evening MBA?
Melissa -> Pri Pri: Chicago Booth delivers the same degree through four different programs - full-time, evening, weekend, and executive. The programs have many similarities. In each program, the faculty are the same, the degree is the same, and the courses offered are essentially the same.

However, there are several differences between the programs. First, the profile of the students is different (Executive students tend to have more work experience). Second, the format of the curriculum is different (the Evening/Weekend program is 99% flexible while the Executive curriculum is pre-set). A third difference is the international aspect (required study with Booth students from all over Asia and Europe in the Exec program vs. optional study at sister programs in the E/W program. Fourth, students take classes all day Friday and Saturday in the Executive MBA program but take classes in the evening for the Evening program. Another difference between the programs is cohorts (almost all classes with the same group in Executive program vs many classes with many people in the E/W program).
dbarr -> Patricia Assuming one is accepted into the executive program in a specified year, may the applicant request a later date if possible?
Patricia -> dbarr dbarr: Yes, students can defer their admission for one year. If you're offered a seat in 2014 and cannot attend, you can defer to the 2015 class.
SG -> Toby I have learned that 1/3 of the classes are spent with students from three different continents - pretty amazing. Can you tell a little bit more about what kind of activities/classes they participate together?
Toby -> SG most of the classes during the international weeks have more of a focus on soft skills - students like to learn how different people from different backgrounds and different places are approaching the same business problems. So classes on Leadership and Negotiations tend to be the most practical.

As for activities the students to a pretty great job of entertaining themselves during the limited free time they have. There are a number of social/networking events sponsored by the program as well. Long story short the networking is a big part of the experience and we want to be sure you have some opportunity to let your hair down.
Pri -> Toby Hi, Can you please let me know all the specializations(like Marketing, Finance) from which we can choose from?
Toby -> Pri Here you go:
Capital Markets
SG -> Melissa What is the typical student profile?
Melissa -> SG SG: Our typical Executive MBA class profile has students, who on average, have 12 to 15 years of work experience and who are in their mid to late 30s. Men make up approximately 80 percent of the class.

Approximately 35 percent of these students come from a general management background, with the second largest group having accounting and finance backgrounds. Sales and marketing, information technology, engineering, health care, operations management, and law make up the majority of the balance.
Ram -> Patricia Not sure if this has been answered earlier...what will a typical week look like for EMBA...will the classes be in the weekend or during weekdays (apart from the full week's classes that have been discussed prior)
Patricia -> Ram Ram: The class format for the Executive program is held every other Friday and Saturday (2 weekends a month). These are full day class begining at 9am-4:30pm on both days. Here is the link to the academic calendar for the 2014 class.
SG -> Melissa Could you put me in touch with students or alumni in my area to learn more about their experience?
Melissa -> SG SG: We would be happy to connect you with students or alumni in your area. Please feel free to email me so we can arrange this. My email is: melissa.patterson@chicagobooth.edu
Member -> Toby I have earned a Masters degree from a well recognized US based university. So I can easily submit those transcripts. Do I also need to order transcripts from my undergraduate program abroad. This is a slow onerous process.
Toby -> Member Yes - we need transcripts from anyplace that has awarded you a degree. We ARE able to use electronic transcripts for admissions purposes while you wait for official physical transcripts to be sent from abroad.
Pri -> Toby Can you please provide me the fee structure for Executive MBA?
Toby -> Pri Certainly. Tuition is billed in equal amount quarterly over the 7 quarters.
DiAna -> Toby What if you are interested in 2 tracks? Are there opportunities to engage in other tracks?
Toby -> DiAna Not during the program. You do have the option of selecting a specific track and taking all your courses in that area during the two electives weeks OR taking a mix of classes from different tracks. You ALSO get to come back after you graduate and take 3 more classes tuition free if you are interested.
dbarr -> Toby I would like to score higher in the quantative section of the GMAT. Should the entire application wait until the higher score is achieved or may a new GMAT score be submitted after another has been given? (Meeting application deadline, but feeling a higher score may help with admission.)
Toby -> dbarr Hi dbarr - we aren't going to review your application until you click the "submit" button. We are also only going to use your 1 highest score for the GMAT. That means you are in complete control of what we review.
SG -> Melissa For business owners, who are the right people for recommendation letters
Melissa -> SG SG: The best people to write letters of recommendation for you are people that can speak intelligently about your ability to add value to Executive MBA program as well as people that can provide insights about your experience and background.
Pri -> Toby Can an individual pick up more subjects each quarter and finish the program much early than 21 months?
Toby -> Pri No - I think you will find 2 courses per quarter is more than enough work for a full-time working professional.
SG -> Melissa Can you talk a bit about the global experience.. do students from the different campus interact?
Melissa -> SG SG: This is a great question.Students from all three campuses begin the program together at Gleacher Center, Booth's downtown Chicago campus. During the first summer of the program, students from the three campuses study together as part of the international sessions in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong, as well as at Kick-off Week in Chicago. During the second summer, all students come together again for two weeks of electives at Harper Center, on the University of Chicago's Hyde Park campus. A total of five weeks - one-third of the program - will be spent working with students from the other two campuses. It's a great way to build a global network.
Preston -> Melissa Do you have to maintain employment throughout your time in the Executive MBA program?
Melissa -> Preston Hi Preston: The program is designed for working professionals. However, unexpected issues can arise and circumstances may change. Therefore, students are not removed from the program should they find themselves unemployed.
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us. You can reach out to us at anytime with additional questions to xp@ChicagoBooth.edu. Have a great day!
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted by November 18th, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx. Please visit our blog to read about what is happening in our Executive MBA program
Toby -> Everyone Great questions everyone - very insightful group today! Please continue the conversation. Come to a live information session, come visit a class, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at Gleacher Center. Feel free to contact me directly with any follow up questions. toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu
Erika -> Everyone It was a pleasure chatting. Have a great day!
Melissa -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. Many great questions were asked and I enjoyed chatting with you all!