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Two directors from the Chicago Booth Career Services team will be on hand to answer your questions about resources available to you as a student in the Executive MBA Program.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 - Noon CST

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Moderator -> Everyone Welcome to the chat! We'll begin promptly at noon. Please feel free to begin submitting questions.
Moderator -> Everyone Welcome! Today's chat is about the Career Services resources available to Executive MBA students at Chicago Booth. Please submit your questions; we will begin in 5 minutes.
teamember -> Anita what kind of companies work with you school?
Anita -> teamember There are a wide range of companies that post and seek Booth talent - from large multi-national corporations to start-ups. They are both geographically and industry diverse.
Moderator -> Everyone The chat has started; it will run for one hour. Please submit your questions about Career Services at Booth!
Blaze -> Everyone Welcome to the chat. I am Blaze Konkol, Career Management Director for Evening, Weekend, and Executive MBA programs as well as alumni at Booth.
Toby -> Everyone Hi Everyone - looking forward to chatting with you today. We're lucky to have Anita and Blaze with us to answer your career questions - put them to work!
Erika -> Everyone Hello Everyone! Look forward to answering your questions.
Anita -> Everyone Welcome to the chat. I am Anita Brick, Director of Career Advancement programs at Booth. We offer many career management and corporate programming for EMBAs.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Toby Are there a specific number of courses you are required to take in a quarter? Can you take 1 course at a time?
Toby -> Melissa_Kaplan Hi Melissa - the Executive MBA Program is a cohorted program meaning all of you take (almost) all of your classes together. All students take 2 classes per quarter - many of the classes build on each other so decided not to take a class is not an option. The whole program is 21 months - or 7 academic quarters.
Anthony_Norman -> Blaze what can i expect from my first interaction w/career services?
Blaze -> Anthony_Norman We plan to have "initial career conversations" with all incoming students in their first quarter. These coaching sessions focus on understanding your career aspirations and beginning to look at what career services might support those pursuits.
Ray -> Erika Is GMAT a must for the application and selection process
Erika -> Ray Hello Ray - We do require the GMAT. However you can request for a GMAT waiver during the online application process.
VINEET -> Anita how is the role of career services different for EMBA candidates compared to full time MBA candidates
Anita -> VINEET The primary difference is the level of the programming. It is geared toward more experienced hires. We do not provide One-Campus Recruiting as it doesn't work at your level. Also, in lieu of On-Campus Recruiting there are EMBA specific opprtunities to network with companies
teamember -> Toby How is the admission decision made for the executive MBA?
Toby -> teamember hi teamember - we take a holistic approach to application evaluation meaning no one piece of the application carries more weight than any other. We use you academic history, GMAT score, essays, recommendation letters and interview to answer a few key questions. 1. Can you manage the academic rigor of the program. 2. do your goals in earning an MBA match up with what we provide and 3. how will you add value to the experience of your classmates. Hope this helps!
Gagan -> Erika For the session starting in June-2013, are the chances of getting accepted are lower now since only the last round of applications is remaining?
Erika -> Gagan Hello Gagan - We just had a deadline this past Monday and are in process of reviewing them. However; you can submit your application when it is ready. You do not need to wait until the next deadline. We read them on a rolling basis - so subit when ready.
Helmut -> Anita How do I use the alumni network to help in my career?
Anita -> Helmut The Alumni network is a great tool to gain knowledge and build relationships that can help you advance your career. This can range from learning more about an industry/function/company/geography to increasing your access to actual positions. To facilitate this, we launched an Executive Advisors Program last autumn specifically for EMBAs.
Matthew_S -> Blaze What is available from the Career Advancement program? Specifically, as a EMBA grad - what is available to me? Do companies actively hire EMBAs? What about companies that aren't actively hiring at Booth? How does the Alumni out-reach work?
Blaze -> Matthew_S Our coaching and programming fall into two broad categories - corporate and career management. Corporate programming focuses on facilitating industry learning, connections, and opportunities. Career management programming focuses on helping students to be at their best for those opportunities, covering your story, how create your LinkedIn profile etc.

Companies do actively hire EMBAs. The primary vehicle is through our job postings. We have about 5000/year and 2/3 are mid-sr. level manager and above. These posting often, but don't always come from alumni.
Gagan -> Toby The online class schedule is a little confusing. It shows seven weeks of classes during summer 2013 for Chicago campus. Is there an easier to understand class schedule?
Toby -> Gagan Hi Gagan - you will be responsible for attending 3 of those weeks. The first week is Kickoff week that all 270 from all over the world attend. Before the program begins you will be placed into an international group which will determine when you travel to London and Sinagpore (the groups are called Becker Fogel and Miller) You can look at the calendar to see when Becker Group is in London and Singapore etc.
Patrick -> Blaze I'm wondering how extensively the career services efforts might apply to somebody who is not looking for a new job? For example, opportunities for coaching or strategizing how to improve.
Blaze -> Patrick Quite extensively. We offer unlimited 1:1 coaching and support to make use of Career Services and school resources for your pursuits.
Mark -> Blaze Does Career Services offer career coaching services on an individualized basis?
Blaze -> Mark Yes. We offer unlimited 1:1 coaching.
Deuce -> Erika Can I take all courses via web and can my employer pay for my MBA
Erika -> Deuce Hello Deuce - We do not offer our courses online. They are all taught on campus (Chicago, London or Singapore). In regards to your employer paying for the MBA - students work the the details with the bursars office. So it is indeed possible.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Anita How often/what type of networking events are held?
Anita -> Melissa_Kaplan There are multiple networking events held at Booth each quarter. Some are EMBA specific and others are part of the broader Booth community on a variety of topics. Two coming up this month are How Corporate Strategy Drives Innovation (networking and formal panel) to a Consulting Industry Networking Event (informal networking).
Melissa_Kaplan -> Toby What level in an organization are typical EMBA students at?
Toby -> Melissa_Kaplan Hi Melissa - it varies but must EMBA students are either in management positions or on the cusp of management positions within their organization. Because we draw students from all types and sizes of organizations it is a difficult questions to answer but rest assured that there is a large wealth of knowledge in the room from very diverse backgrounds.
Anthony_Norman -> Blaze Are career opportunities for a Chicago Booth EMBA available in London ?
Blaze -> Anthony_Norman Yes. We have full-time Career Services staff on the ground at the London campus. The services are the same globally. The learning, connection, and job opportunities are replicated in each region.
Gagan -> Erika If you don't mind sharing the numbers, could you please tell us how many students have been accepted so far to the June-2013 session?
Erika -> Gagan Gagan - Our class is comprised of around 90 students. I do not have the numbers for acceptances so far as we just had a deadline this week. However; I do know the class is not full yet - so you are still good to apply.
Deuce -> Toby I have many essays and an excellent reputation will all of my professors. Do you speak with professors who would recommend me?
Toby -> Deuce Hi Deuce - we won't speak with any of your recommenders unless there is some confusion in what they are writing or wee want them to elaborate further on their comments.

You also ask about study abroad opportunities. All Executive MBA students will spend one week at our campuses in London and Singapore. These are academic weeks and you will take classes with the students that live in Europe and Asia.
Helmut -> Anita Once I have a coffee meeting with a C Level exec of a fortune 500... What do I talk about?
Anita -> Helmut What you talk about after the meeting will depend on the specifics of the meeting, what you learned, and any follow-up actions on your end. If you are asking about the content of the meeting, that will often depend on what you want to know. Typically, EMBAs will ask things about the CEOs career path and advancement, challenges s/he faced and how that person overcame them, and how to enter the c-suite.
kbnaperville -> Toby Do you have an average age for EMBA's ; is there a given profile of your current cohort available?
Toby -> kbnaperville The average EMBA student is 37 years old with about 13 years of professional work experience. The key word is average.

You can visit our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba#simple2 and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see a breakdown of job functions and professional industries students are coming from.
Matthew_S -> Blaze How does Booth/Chicago alumni out-reach and career services differ from other MBA/EMBA programs?
Blaze -> Matthew_S Comparing to all other MBA programs is a bit challenging, but some of the kinds of outreach that I think make us different are:
1) quarterly Industry Networking Event with alumni and corporate friends in each region
2) Facilitated calles with executives 12/year
3) Small group coaching sessions through our Executive in Residence program at least 2 times during your student tenure
4) The Dean's Executive Outreach Program utilizes the relationships of the Dean's office to help facilitate connections.
5) The Executive Advisors program makes over 50 executives globally available to provide guidance on an array of topics
6) Our Employer Relations team has staff in the US, London, and Hong Kong. This teams sole focus is developing relationships with employers - often through alumni.
Sreekanth -> Anita How would you suggest entrepreneurs leverage career services?
Anita -> Sreekanth Entrepreneurs leverage career services in a variety of ways from determining if that is even the right career path for the EMBA and how to assess and assume the risk involve to hiring Booth talent.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Erika What are the advantages to getting an EMBA vs an MBA from one of the part time programs?
Erika -> Melissa_Kaplan Hi Melissa - The faculty at Chicago Booth teach for all our programs. You will graduate from the Executive program with an MBA like the students in the full-time or evening/weekend programs. The EMBA program has a few differences whereas we have a lock-step set curriculum. We also have International weeks where students are joined with classmates in London and Singapore. In addition the faculty may tailor the curriculum for the executive student who is more 'senior' in their career. Hope that helps!
Gagan -> Toby Are applications reviewed on a rolling basis or only in batches for each deadline slot?
Toby -> Gagan Hi gagan - we admit on a rolling basis meaning as application come in they are reviewed and decisions are made.
Raj -> Toby Do companies look at EMBA differently from full time MBA, everything else being the same?
Toby -> Raj Hi Raj - they shouldn't as far as Chicago Booth is concerned. All of the MBA programs as Booth should be viewed equally by employers. The same faculty teach in all of the programs (not the case at all schools) and it is the same degree in the eyes of the University.
Raj -> Erika Can one specialize in a particular field, for example finance?
Erika -> Raj Hi Raj - We offer six tracks of elective study that allow you to deepen your knowledge or expand to new areas of interest. These tracks are in addition to our set curriculum for the EMBA program and take place in Chicago with all 3 campuses here.
Gagan -> Erika What is the acceptance ratio for the EMBA program? And what is the yield?
Erika -> Gagan We don’t report admission rates for a number of reasons but basically they don’t tell you anything you don’t already know which is we are highly selective. Of the students that are admitted to the Executive MBA Program the percentage that decide to attend is very high.
Moderator -> Everyone Great questions so far; please send more! As a reminder, our focus today is Career Services for Executive MBA students at Chicago Booth.
Arun -> Anita Hi..I am keen to know more about 'Executive Advisors Program'? Can you please share more details about this and weblinks where I can find more information on this.
Anita -> Arun It is an amazing program where we have brought together individuals from around the globe to program knowledge, insights, and wisdom on career issues. While the actual site is for students and password protected, I just wrote a blog post all about the Executive Advisors Program at http://blogs.chicagobooth.edu/embaevolution that should give you more details.
Matthew_S -> Toby When does the Fall Admissions normally fill up completely?
Toby -> Matthew_S Hi Matthew - to be clear the Executive MBA Program starts in June each year. That said we receive a large number of applications shortly before the final deadline on April 1st. Students that apply this late in the process may find it difficult to gain entrance into the program this year - especially if they are coming from an industry or job function that is starting to saturate the classroom.
Raj -> Blaze Does Career Services help Alumni too or is it only for when you are a student?
Blaze -> Raj You have access to Career Services coaching, programming, and resources for life. Your access to different databases might change from remote access to access only when physically on our campuses, but other resources should remain the same when you are alumni.
Helmut -> Erika do you have a list of employers who pay for students mba's?
Erika -> Helmut Helmut - Sorry we do not.
kbnaperville -> Erika what weight does the GMAT play in the decision? I have 15 plus year of progressive experience both domestic and international. What role does a gpa from 30 years ago play in the decision?
Erika -> kbnaperville Hi K from Naperville - The GMAT is only one factor in the whole application. Admissions uses the GMAT partly to measure a person’s quantitative skills. With that said they will look at your application as a whole. And the same factors for your GPA from 30 years ago.
kbnaperville -> Toby I am in the interview process with a few large employers in the Chicago area; is there a resource there that may be able to help position the Chicago EMBA program as I go further down the hiring process. Timing is critical
Toby -> kbnaperville Hi KB - this is a longer conversation than can be served well on a chat. send me an email at toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu and we can talk about it.
Mark -> Blaze Can you provide more information on the Dean's Executive Outreach Program?
Blaze -> Mark If a student has been unable to make an alumni connection and requests assistance, then the Dean's Office will reach out to the alumni on the student's behalf to facilitate a connection.
Moderator -> Everyone Hi everyone, we're halfway through the chat. Please continue to send your Career Services questions!
G10 -> Erika Is it too late to apply for the executive MBA program for the fall semester this year?
Erika -> G10 G10 - Our next incoming class starts in June 2013. It is not too late to apply for it.
Sreekanth -> Anita When admitted to EMBA program, what would be a good time to start engaging with career services?
Anita -> Sreekanth You will actually engage with Career Services at kick-off week and during local orientation shortly after you start. We also encourage new EMBAs to set up an initial career conversation with Career Services in your first quarter so that we can learn about you, your needs, and make recommendations that can help you.
Anthony -> Toby Are there opportunities outside of the 1 week immersion for networking with current students, alumni and professors within Europe & Asia?
Toby -> Anthony Hi Anthony - you will spend a total of 5 weeks with the students from the other campuses - in total almost 1/3 of the program. (3 weeks in Chicago 1 in each London and Singapore). Other than that there are not formal opportunities. Also to be clear the faculty in Europe and Asia are from Chicago and go there to teach.
Anthony_Norman -> Blaze My career path has been primarily in capital markets . How would career services help me more sharply define this path?
Blaze -> Anthony_Norman Good question and tough to answer via chat. Our focus would first be with you, assessing your interests, and capabilities, then refining your understanding of what you might pursue. Through this process we'd make use of whatever assessment, alumni and corporate friends, and/or research resources are at our disposal. Ultimately, you own the process, but we're here to support you.
Mark -> Anita Do postings from employers on GTS also include C-Level positions?
Anita -> Mark Yes, they do. Historically, approximately 40% of the postings are at the Director and Executive levels.
Gagan -> Erika Can EMBA students audit courses for the regular MBA program, if they can afford the time? Can they audit any classes after graduation?
Erika -> Gagan Gagan - Yes you can! As an alumni you may take up to 3 courses in any non-cohorted Chicago Booth MBA program. These courses are tuition free but course materials must be purchased on thier own. During the program I have not found many students who have audited courses due to time - it is possible, but not done often.
kbnaperville -> Erika I am currently working in Cloud Computing with Dept of Defense, all of my career has been spent in technology (here and in UK) is this one of your saturated sectors for admission?
Erika -> kbnaperville K - Technology is a common function but your industry is unique. Regardless the most important thing you can do in the application process is explain to us how the rest of your classmates will benefit by having you in the classroom. If you want to get specific you can explain why you over someone else with a similar professional background as you.
Toby -> Everyone Not a lot of new questions coming in. :-) Be sure to take advantage of this time with Blaze and Anita!
fahim -> Anita do opportunities open up across goegraphies. Someone from Asia gettting job offers in US/UK or vice versa
Anita -> fahim Yes, they do. The postings span countries all over the world. Yet, cross regional searches are complex and demanding - it is more than being qualified. Visa and other issue can challenging.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Erika Are you able to change tracks while in the program? If for instance you start down one path and then find another that you feel would be of more interest?
Erika -> Melissa_Kaplan Hi Melissa - The tracks for elective study are new this year. A great opportunity. They occur in 2 concurrent weeks in Chicago, so you will be fairly decided on them when starting. However, if you feel you need to change and it is possible to do so - the Program Office will try to help facilitate it for you.
kbnaperville -> Toby are there any scholarship opportunities available for EMBA programs as employer sponsorship is lean
Toby -> kbnaperville there are not. The only financial aid available is in the form of student loans. For what it's worth 50% of our students are self-funding their education in the Executive Program. 25% are fully funded by their employers and 25% are getting something but not everything.
G10 -> Erika Thank you Erika for the response. I am currently working on the EMBA application. At this point, I am undecided whether to ask for financial assistance from my company or not? Do you need to submit the financial information at the time of submitting the application?
Erika -> G10 G10 - You do not need to inform us during the application process of financial assistance.
kbnaperville -> Blaze Do you find EMBA cohort changing positions while enrolled in the program?
Blaze -> kbnaperville On occasion, yes. It can be challenging to find a new employer supportive of the program demands.
Gagan -> Erika How many of the students are from Chicago metro area for the EMBA program on Chicago campus?
Erika -> Gagan Gagan - In a cohort of 90 students, 50 percent are what we consider commenters – many of them coming as far as San Francisco, Florida, Boston, Canada and even one from Argentina! The other 50 percent are from the greater Chicago area.
Sreekanth -> Anita What are some important changes in EMBA students approach to career management before and after the program experience? Is there a something you want the students to keep in mind when joining the program?
Anita -> Sreekanth Changes in your career can be challenging and while the MBA alone won't do it, building your story and relationships are key for any advancement. Also, you own your career and we are here to support you in many way.
Miriam -> Blaze what does Chicago Booth do to get into companies that haven't hired from Booth before or don't have a strong history of it anyway?
Blaze -> Miriam Our Employer Relations team has a sole focus on developing relationships with employers. About half of that work is around maintaining and deepening/expanding relationships, the other half is developing new relationships. That means a team constantly traveling, knocking on new employer doors and introducing Booth.
kbnaperville -> Toby How large is the healthcare sector represented in the cohort I suspect with the Affordable Care act that more and more of the sector will be enrolling?
Toby -> kbnaperville great observation - you're right. We have seen an increase in interest but still nowhere near the more traditional industries like financial service and consulting. It has been a great addition to the classroom though - some terrific MDs adding some great value to the cohort.
fahim -> Anita Anita; in continuation with my earlier question; in that case how would the career services help some one from Dubai for example
Anita -> fahim There is Career Services staff (both career management and employer relations) that have a pulse on many locations, including Dubai. Also, we have relationships with organizations in Dubai that seek Booth talent.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Erika What is the time expectation of the program?
Erika -> Melissa_Kaplan Hi Melissa - The EMBA program is 21 months. The next cohort begins in June 2013 and will graduate in March 2015. In Chicago classes are held on Friday and Saturdays on alternate weekends. There are 2 international weeks - one week spent in London and one week in Singapore studying with the other cohorts. You can find the new calendar on our website. Under Academics – Program Timeline.
Anthony_Norman -> Anita Do you find many EMBA's changing careers after completion ? What tools do you have in place to accomplish these challenges?
Anita -> Anthony_Norman A good number of EMBAs seek change after completion. For some it's a new job (same field). Others start a venture. Still others make a big change. There are a variety of tools - from self-assessment to resume to interview prep to offer evaluation to help you get ready for something new. That coupled with postings, events, and the Resume Database for Alumni and Part-Time students can help with a change. And LOTS of work.
Moderator -> Everyone Less than 10 minutes left in the chat! Please send us your remaining questions.
Melissa_Kaplan -> Toby I have recently changed industries, I came from the consumer products industry and moved to the financial services industry. I am unsure where my career will take me and hope to one day move back into the consumer products industry. You mentioned above that you have a lot of interest from employees in the financial services industry. Will that hurt my chances of gaining entrance to Booth? Should I wait until I move back into another industry?
Toby -> Melissa_Kaplan Melissa - I was worried I may have opened a can of worms!! :-) No - it won't hurt your chances. The application decisions are not at all formulaic, the best way to think of it is that we are putting a puzzle together and we want all the pieces to compliment each other. It is important that the group is diverse - and actually your breadth of experience is attractive. We don't evaluate you based on a snapshot in time but rather on the whole of your career.
Moderator -> Everyone Hi folks, we're all out of questions. Any last thoughts before we end the chat?
Sri -> Erika How feasible is it for an out of town potential student to join and take adv of the eMBA program? Do you have any metrics or stats on people who did the program this way?
Erika -> Sri Hi Sri - Around half of the class travels from outside of Chicago. We even have one student who flies in from Argentina! So it is completely feasible to do. If you send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu I can put you in touch with a student who commutes who can give you more insight how they make it work.
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you all for joining us today! The chat transcript will be posted within 2 days at: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats/online-chats-archive
Erika -> Everyone Thank you everyone for participating. Have a great week!
Anita -> Everyone Thanks so much for joining the call. We wish you much success - now and in the future.
Blaze -> Everyone Thank you for your questions. Always happy to take more - blaze.konkol@chicagobooth.edu
Toby -> Everyone Thanks for your time today everyone - there were some really insightful questions! Please continue the conversation with us at one of our in person events here at Gleacher Center. Use the link below to see what's coming up. Enjoy the rest of your day!