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Tuesday, October 2, 2012 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CT

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Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us today. Our chat will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Feel free to begin submitting your questions now so we can start providing answers at noon.
Moderator -> Everyone Hello everyone. Welcome to our live chat! Thank you for joining us today. We are eager to answer all your questions, so please begin submitting them now.
Patricia -> Everyone Welcome every! I'm Patricia Coffey, associate director of admissions. I hope to answer many of your questions today.
Toby -> Everyone Hi Everyone - I look forward to answering your questions today! Feel free to ask us anything!
Patty -> Everyone Hello, Everyone! Thanks for joining us. I am Patty Keegan, associate dean of the Executive MBA Program.
Ibrar -> Patty What kind of questions should students expect during an interview?
Patty -> Ibrar During the interview, we are gauging if you, your background and your career aspirations are a good fit for the culutre at Chicago Booth. Therefore, most of the questions are about YOU. Expect to tell us why you want to be a part of Booth and what you will contribute to the learning environment. Also, be prepared to talk about your ability to handle the academic rigor of the program and how you will apply your learnings to your career. There are no "tricky" questions during the interview - just be yourself.
Jeremy -> Patricia Are EMBA classes typically conducted during evenings and weekends?
Patricia -> Jeremy Hi Jeremy: Classes are held every other weekend (Friday and Saturday), full day classes.
RyanSellers -> Toby Obviously students that come to the full-time MBA program come with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Is there one skill set or mindset that you feel all graduates of Chicago Booth leave with?
Toby -> RyanSellers Hi Ryan - great question! I have heard over an over that students leave with a new confidence in almost all areas of their lives. The fact that they have earned such a difficult and prestigious degree combined with they new critical and analytical thinking skills gives them the confidence to walk in to any situation. The other thing is sort of related - we say it here all the time that we teach you "how to think not what to think" meaning we want to provide you with tools and frameworks to work through problems as opposed to specific answers to specific problems.
ebrown -> Patty How much work experience do you have to have to be considered for admission?
Patty -> ebrown Hello, ebrown: We generally look for about 10 years of work experience, but do not eliminate applicants based on a raw minimum number alone. We assess the type of work experience and the industry in addition to the number of years' experience.
shakti -> Toby What's the duration of program?Fees Structure & is it part time or full time?
Toby -> shakti Hi Shakti - the program is 21 months long (7 academic quarters). Tuition for students starting in 2012 was $154,000, you can expect a small increase for 2013. We bill you quarterly. The program is part time. Classes meet every other weekend, all day Friday and all day Saturday. There are also 4 residential weeks in the program, 2 in Chicago, 1 in London and 1 in Singapore.
Balloni -> Toby Supposing I have done in the interview and fitted very well to the minimum CV… so, it follows my question: is there any kind of fellowship for this MBA? If yes, what is included? Tuition? Housing?
Toby -> Balloni Hi Balloni - no, we don't have any fellowships, grants or scholarships available for the Executive MBA Program at Booth.
Sdeilzarbe -> Patty I have a question about the Experience for Argentinian Students, is there some problem now with the Loans as we are having some important issues with our currency and all that? I have received replies from other programs in Europe and they are actually seeing this as a problem for loans
Patty -> Sdeilzarbe Hello, Sdeilzarbe. In the executive MBA program, we do not offer a loan program for non-U.S. citizens or those who are unable to obtain a co-signer. You may be referring to the loan program for our full-time MBA students. I suggest that you contact our financial aid director, Peter Aiello - peter.aiello@chicagobooth.edu
shakti -> Patricia Do you provide Campus Hiring Or Job Assistance? What percentage of Students get a Job after completing the Executive MBA?
Patricia -> shakti Hi Shakti: Thank you for your question. The program does not offer campus hiring, however you're welcome to search through the university employment website. Regarding job assistance, the career services team at Chicago Booth offer oprograming to help in your job search. Some of the programming offered are workshops, one-on-one coaching, access to job posting.
ebrown -> Toby If I'm accepted into the Executive MBA program, can I take classes offered by one of the other Booth MBA programs?
Toby -> ebrown Hi ebrown. Yes - but not until you are finished with the Executive MBA Program. Every Booth alumni is able to take 3 more classes tuition free after they graduate. It's also important to point out here that all faculty teach in all the programs (Executive, Evening, Weekend and Fulltime).
shakti -> Patty What is difference between normal MBA & EMBA?
Patty -> shakti Hello, Shakti. Both programs confer the exact same degree -- a Masters of Business Administration (MBA). The format (part-time or full-time, weekends or evenings) and the experience level / career plans of the students differ across programs. The same Booth faculty teach in all of our MBA programs -- full-time, evening and weekend, executive MBA -- in addition to our PhD program.
Balloni -> Patty Supposing I have done in the interview and fitted very well to the minimum CV… so, it follows my question: is there any kind of fellowship for this MBA? If yes, what is included? Tuition? Housing?
Patty -> Balloni Hi, Balloni. We do not offer fellowships or scholarships for any of our part-time MBA programs. Students are working full-time and earning income while they study part-time. Students who do not receive financial support from their companies apply for federal and private loans.
Jeremy -> Toby How can I find out more about the curriculum? I'd like the opportunity to check out past syllabi, browse the textbooks, etc. Is this information available?
Toby -> Jeremy Hi Jeremy - send us an email at xp@chicagobooth.edu and we can provide some information. Keep in mind that syllabi change from year to year as well as required readings so the best place to go for now is to the curriculum page on our website. click on the three links in the last paragraph of the link below to see class descriptions. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/academics/curriculum/index.aspx
nbalwani -> Patty Would you consider someone with 5 years of consulting experience in both New York and Dubai as well as another 3 years of experience in Consumer Goods industry - or would you recommend waiting another 2 years before I apply to the program?
Patty -> nbalwani Dear nbalwani: You are on the less experienced end of our student profile, but we consider your entire profile and not simply the raw number of years you have been working. We'd like to see what you have been doing and your career progression in addition to the number of years.
ebrown -> Patricia Can I specialize in a specific area (like marketing), or is this a general MBA?
Patricia -> ebrown Hello ebrown: Yes, you have an option of specializing in 4 specific areas iin the Executive MBA Program (Marketing, Strategy, Finance and Entrepreneurial).
Smajil -> Toby is the application process (requirements) similar for the EMBA to Part time MBA?
Toby -> Smajil yes Smajil - there are two small differences. We offer a waiver process for the GMAT to people who can show superior quantitative and/or analytical skills or to very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management. The other difference is that we don't invite every applicant to interview and the part time program does.
KP -> Patty I am just curious what percentage of students in the EMBA program typically comute from out of sate from as far away as Texas
Patty -> KP Hi, KP. In a cohort of 90 students, 50 percent are what we consider commuters -- many from as far away as the SF Bay area, the east coast, Florida, parts of Canada, and yes, from Texas too.
PRE -> Toby How long is the wait after an application is submitted before an answer is provided?
Toby -> PRE Hi PRE - once we have received all of your materials you can expect a decision regarding an interview invitation within a couple of weeks. After the interview has taken place we try to get decisions out within 4-6 weeks.
PRE -> Patricia How many classes are involved in the concentration?
Patricia -> PRE Hi PRE: It various, depending on the concentration -- 3-4 courses.
Julia -> Patty What percent of your students have a graduate degree prior to the MBA program? What degrees do tehy have?
Patty -> Julia Hi, Julie. In a typical class, about 1/3 already hold advanced degrees -- typically, law degrees, doctoral degrees, masters/PhDs in engineering or computer science are common.
KP -> Toby Do you need to have all references in before the deadline before application is accepted.
Toby -> KP Hi KP - yes and no. we will review your application as soon as it is complete regardless of the deadline. We understand that portions of the application are out of your hands and can take longer to get to us than you want them to.
Tony -> Patty Have you had any students from the Public Sector in your program?
Patty -> Tony Hi, Tony. Yes, we regularly have students from the public sector. In a typical cohort, we may have 4-6.
TravisK -> Patty I'm currently studying to obtain my CFA Charter, how closely does the Finance concentration in the MBA program mirror the CFA curriculum?
Patty -> TravisK Hi TravisK. Great news about the CFA! I have heard from students who are studying for the designation that our curriculum can help them prepare for the exam. However, it is challenging to work on both at the same time. For more details, please send us an email, and we can have our director of academic support contact you.
shakti -> Toby what is the difference between your EMBA and Online MBA degree? Is there any benefit of doing EMBA?
Toby -> shakti to be clear Chicago Booth does not offer an Online MBA Degree. I'm not familiar enough with any of the online degree programs to comment about specific differences but I'm confident that the personal interactions with our highly distinguished faculty as well as the relationships that the students make with each other are a very important part of the program that may be difficult to replicate in a virtual environment. I believe that the benefits of the Executive MBA Program at Booth specifically are fairly self-evident but specifically the rigor of the program combined with the access to the amazing professors and the rest of the Booth network is impossible to find anyplace else.
KP -> Patty Wha's your policy regarding deffered admission?
Patty -> KP Hi KP. Admitted students can request deferred admission for one year only. If he/she does not begin the program in that next year, we require that the individual reapply to the program.
nbalwani -> Toby What is the minimum GMAT score required?
Toby -> nbalwani Hi nbalwani - we don't have a minimum. The GMAT is one part of a fairly large application process. We are interested in your ability to manage the rigor of the program, your understanding of what you are going to gain from the program and your ability to add value to the experience of your classmate. If you have strong answers to these three questions we want you in the program.
SJ-AUH -> Patty Are courses in the EMBA as rigorous as those in Full time MBA? I am thinking not just about the number of hours of teaching time but also out of class study.
Patty -> SJ-AUH SJ-AUH -- The same faculty teach in all of our MBA programs and the same degree is granted. Therefore, the academic rigor is identical. As a part-time student, your approach to outside the classroom studying will be very different from a full-time student because you are working full-time. Faculty adjust for that but they certainly do not lower their expectations of students -- regardless of the program.
Julia -> Toby How do you determine if someone has "superior quantitative and/or analytical skills"? Would having a PhD in Physical Chemistry suffice?
Toby -> Julia Hi Julia - we use a persons professional and academic background as well as a personal statement to determine GMAT waivers. I would assume a PhD in Physical Chemistry is highly quantitative and would serve you well in a waiver request.
Jungsuk -> Patty I have a question about round. Are the number of admission at each round decided? I have not yet TOEFL score. Are there any penalty if I apply in 2nd round?
Patty -> Jungsuk Dear Jungsuk -- we follow deadlines but admit on a rolling basis. That means we admit applicants as we receive applications and do not wait to make all decisions at one time. There is no penalty in waiting for a specific deadline, but the program is very competitive, so the earlier you can submit your application, the better.
Moderator -> Everyone We are almost half way through the chat and have had great questions so far. Please continue to submit your questions! We will try to answer all of them today.
ebrown -> Patricia How many hours per week do students typically spend on homework, projects, reading, etc., outside of the classroom?
Patricia -> ebrown Hello ebrown: The amount of time students spend on projects depend on their knowledge of the subject matter.
Julia -> Toby If a candidate has a PhD, does that alter the ~ 10 yr. working experience expectation?
Toby -> Julia Thanks Julia - to be clear there is no hard line of years of working experience. We more interested in the quality of the experience that you have had. We all know people with few years of experience that can add great value to the classroom and we know people with many years of experience that might not. So it would be up to you to explain to us in your application why you believe your PhD will be valuable to your classmates.
ebrown -> Patricia What are the classes like during the weeks spent abroad? Who teaches them?
Patricia -> ebrown Hi ebrown: The classes during the weeks abroad are similar to those in your local campuses. However, you will be interacting with classmates from all over the world, learning different business concepts.
RyanSellers -> Patty With the new GMAT's Integrated Reasoning section being so new and not present for all applicants, can you speak to how the IR section is being incorporated into admission decisions?
Patty -> RyanSellers Hi Ryan -- The integrated reasoning section is new for us as well, and I do not have enough experience with it yet to make an informed comment. However, all GMAT test takers after June1 will have the IR score. We do not use a formula for admission, so those who have the IR score will not have any advantage (or disadvantage) in our admission process.
kyle -> Toby whats the typical amount of post graduate work experience or the typical executive level experience that is admitted to the program?
Toby -> kyle hi kyle - typically about 1/3 of our incoming students have completed some post graduate work. Our average incoming student has 13 years of professional work experience. Be careful with the averages though - if a person doesn't fit in this box it doesn't mean they aren't a fit for the program. I've said a few times now that we are really interested in the value that you can add and the quality of the experience that you have had thus far.
SJ-AUH -> Patty If I were to enroll at the Asia EMBA program, considering that I would be traveling from the Middle East, could I get coursework help from tutors at the London campus because the time difference will be more suitable?
Patty -> SJ-AUH SJ-AUH -- We have a director of academic support who conducts recorded on-line reviews for students at all 3 of our campuses. You can participate in the London time zone offering if that is more suitable for your schedule. We do not have resident TAs at our London and Singapore campuses -- they are only physically in town when classes are being taught. Much of the support is done remotely.
Hugo -> Patricia Hi Chicago Booth MBA team, I would like to know whether there is any difference between the EMBA and MBA Full Time at Chicago Booth, say in terms of the teaching style and Modules. Many thanks.
Patricia -> Hugo Hugo: The faculty at Chicago Booth teach for all the programs. The difference is faculty teaching for the EMBA program may tailor the curriculum for the executive student who is more "senior" in their careers. It is the same faculty teaching and the same curriculum.
PRE -> Toby Do you have any data on graduates who either change company or change job function as a result of obtaining the EMBA?
Toby -> PRE PRE - nothing specific off hand. Anecdotally I can tell you that a large number of students make job changes of some sort (company change, function change, promotion, begin a start-up) during the program. I am highly confident that ALL students make SOME change while they are in the program or shortly thereafter.
srgnts -> Patty Good afternoon. If I work in the entrepreneurial digital start-up world and want to continue developing our product during the b-school experience, do you recommend the EMBA or the MBA or are the same resources, such as the NVC, Polsky Center, etc. available to both? I guess what I am saying is, what does one program offer that the other does not? Many thanks.
Patty -> srgnts Hi srgnts -- resources such as the Polsky Center and competitions such as the NVC are open to all Booth students -- regardless of program. In the EMBA, we offer a full class called Global New Venture Challenge which ends in a competition and also prepares you to enter the larger NVC that is school-wide. In EMBA, you can also concentrate in entrepreneurship (just as you can in the part-time or full-time MBA program at Booth).
kyle -> Toby as far as a GMAT waiver. would a Mensa membership, or a verbal IQ score of 140 receive a waiver?
Toby -> kyle We use the GMAT partly to measure a persons quantitative skills so Mensa and a verbal IQ score don't help us there. I would certainly include them in a waiver application but we would need some assurance of quantitative skills as well.
Toby -> Everyone Great questions everyone! Keep them coming!
Tony -> Patty Do you have any data with respect to whether or not they tend to remain in the Public Sector after completing your program?
Patty -> Tony Hi, Tony -- all of our students tend to make some type of movement either while current students or once they become alumni. I do not have data on how many public sector students remain in that sector. Most of those with whom I have worked during my 17+ years have stayed in the sector.
ebrown -> Toby What would you say is the average amount of time (or maybe a range?) students spend on coursework outside of class?
Toby -> ebrown I have heard everything from 5-20 hours per week spent studying outside of the classroom. A lot of it depends on your area of expertise of course. An accountant will spend less time studying in their accounting class for example. The program ebbs and flows to be sure.
Akintola -> Toby I have 10 years banking experience , can I apply? I have also attended several courses I.e Harvard business school, london business school, INSEAD, Columbia business school, Oxford business school, Wharton business school and others.
Toby -> Akintola Akintola - Absolutely you can apply! That is quite a list of schools you have taken courses from. Be sure to let us know specifics on the application.
PRE -> Patty In the GMAT waiver form, what do you expect to see in the 350-character box that you cannot obtain from resume, work experience, etc.? Anything in particular to watch for?
Patty -> PRE Hi, PRE -- Although your transcripts and resume provide valuable information on your ability to handle our academic rigor, the statement allows you to elaborate and/or tell us about specific experiences or studies that can support those documents. We want to make sure you are fully prepared for the challenge of our program and the GMAT exam is one way to tell us that.
KP -> Patricia About the rounds, what percentage of the class spots are allocated to each round if any? What advantages are there to apply early?
Patricia -> KP Hi KP: There is no percentage of spots that are allocated in each round. We typically get the bulk of our applications during the Feb 1 and April 1 rounds/deadlines. There are good advantages to applying early. The environment is less competitive.
shakti -> Patty I have bachelors degree from India, does it impact admission process by some mean?
Patty -> shakti Dear Shakti -- I am unsure what you mean by "impact?" We have many applicants with bachelors degrees from outside of the U.S. -- including India.
kyle -> Toby would a good quantative score on a Basell II get a GMAT deferrement?
Toby -> kyle it will certainly help. I can't give specifics on what will and won't get a GMAT waiver because everyone is different. Waivers are reviewed every week - my best advice is to apply for the waiver and you will find out within a week.
Julia -> Patricia Where can I find a list of what is needed to submit an application? (I would prefer not to "start" an online application to get this information)
Patricia -> Julia Hi Julia: Here are the documents required: resume, essays (2 questions +1 optional), transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation, GMAT score, application fee. Feel free to contact us offline for additional information -- XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Bill -> Toby If someone is accepted in the Full-Time program can they switch to the Executive MBA Program? Or would that person need to apply separately to both the Full-Time and Executive programs before deciding which program to attend?
Toby -> Bill Hi Bill - no. Applicants are only allowed to apply to one program at a time so you need to decide which program you want to attend before you apply.
ebrown -> Patricia Are textbooks and other materials included in tuition and fees?
Patricia -> ebrown Hi ebrown: Tuition covers:all course materials, hotel accommodations for the residential sessions, and some meals. Travel to London and Singapore and hotel accommodations in Chicago on regular class weekends are not included.
SJ-AUH -> Patty What happens if a candidate becomes unemployed during the course of the MBA? Can they continue with their studies? Also, have any students changed jobs during the program?
Patty -> SJ-AUH SJ-AUH -- The program is most beneficial for individuals who are working full-time so they can apply their learnings in the workplace and contribute experiences to their fellow students.However, we know that situations occur in which students bcome unemployed. We do not have them discontinue their studies, but we will make sure they are working with our career services team to find new opportunities. And yes, many students change jobs during the program -- some within their companies and some outside of them.
ebrown -> Patricia What if I can't take time off for one of the weeks abroad? Is there more than one week to choose from?
Patricia -> ebrown ebrown: We provide the weeks abroad, however you should notify us which of those weeks you may be able to travel.
Moderator -> Everyone Our chat will be ending in 15 minutes. Please submit your final questions so we can answer all of them!
Akintola -> Patricia When is the next available session I can apply to get enrolled for?
Patricia -> Akintola Akintola: You can apply any time between now and April 1, 2013 for the next Executive MBA class that begins in June 2013. Here are the deadlines: October 1, December 1, Feb. 1 and April 1.
SJ-AUH -> Toby Given that most EMBA candidates will be seeking relatively more senior positions, are such positions posted on the internal boards?
Toby -> SJ-AUH They certainly are. The career services job postings are just one way of finding out about open positions. The best resource for you will always be your classmates and the Booth alumni network.
srgnts -> Patty Many thanks for the answer. My next question: If students, say an engineer and product developer, build a prototype and launch, within the Polsky Center or NVC, or even outside of those entities but all the while during B-school, does the school prefer or require some ownership? Is there a standard practice?
Patty -> srgnts srgnts -- we do not have a standard practice for launches such as you describe. Polsky and NVC are here to support students' idea development, but I am not aware of any situations in which the university requires partial ownership.
Miriam -> Toby Who should I ask for letters of recommendation? All professional or some character references as well?
Toby -> Miriam We require at least one letter be from your current supervisor. The other two are up to you. Remember - we are trying to determine how you are going to add value to the experience of your classmates. The vast majority of our applicants provide professional references.
Toby -> Everyone Lots of great questions everyone - things seem to be slowing down a bit. What else can we answer for you in the last few minutes here?
KP -> Patty Can you tell us a bit about the Alumni network and how it is different from other top EMBA programs?
Patty -> KP Hi KP -- we have over 46,000 alumni in 100+ countries around the world. Our school is a graduate school only, so our alumni are generally further along in their careers. They represent a wide variety of industries and job functions. I cannot comment on other EMBA programs' alumni networks, but I encourage you to ask the question of them.
Olu -> Toby Hello, what help do student get in applying for visas to the study destinations over the course programme? And what types of visas would be required?
Toby -> Olu you go to London and Singapore as tourists. Sometimes a student may need a letter of invitation from the host country but we can point you in the right direction on how to obtain that.
PRE -> Patricia what time do classes start saturday morning? (travel purposes)
Patricia -> PRE PRE: Classes begin at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm on both days (Friday - Saturday).
Tony -> Toby If your current supervisor has recently changed (within weeks), would you recommend that an applicant submit a letter from the previous supervisor or the current supervisor?
Toby -> Tony good question Tony - the rule of thumb is 6 months. If your supervisor has been your supervisor for 6 months or less go with the old one.
kyle -> Patty whats the typical amount of post graduate work experience or the typical executive level experience that is admitted to the program?
Patty -> kyle Kyle -- typically, we look for about 10 years of solid work experience, but we look at the applicant's entire profile - not just the raw number of years he/she has been working. For example, we look at what type of work you have been doing, your people management experience, your industry, your career progression and your potential to advance.
ebrown -> Patricia What's the typical male/female ratio for students in a class?
Patricia -> ebrown ebrown: This number varies each year-- the 2011 class was 83% male and 17% female.
Akintola -> Patricia How long is the on campus and off campus sessions respectively?
Patricia -> Akintola Hi Akintola: If you're referring to the on campus session at Gleacher, the sessions are held everyother weekend (Friday and Saturday) from 9am for the morning session and 1:30pm to 4:30pm for the afternoon session. This would apply to the international sessions -- off campus as well. If we can answer additional questions, please send to XP@ChicagoBooth.edu
Akintola -> Toby I am currently a branch Manager in EcoBank Nigeria, considering my job how flexible are the on campus lectures?
Toby -> Akintola Akintola - it is required that you be on campus for the program. We do not record class sessions nor are you able to attend virtually. Also - most classes are discussion based and there is a great deal of debate and back and forth that you would miss out on. Trust me - you want to be in the classroom.
Olu -> Toby Are there any objections to applicants holding an MBA degree from another school?
Toby -> Olu no - it will be important for you on your application to talk to us a little but about what gaps you are hoping fill that you didn't get from your first MBA.
Toby -> Everyone Toby looks really handsome - is he married?
Moderator -> Everyone Thank you for joining us today. The chat session has now ended. The chat transcript will be posted on Friday, October 5, on the following link: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/programs/exec-mba/admissions/events/online-chats-archive.aspx
Patty -> Everyone Yes - you will get to share in Toby's keen sense of humor!
Thank you for spending part of your day with us learning about our Executive MBA Program!
Patricia -> Everyone Thank you for joining us. We look forward to engaging with your further. Feel free to contact us by email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu.
Toby -> Everyone Thanks for all of your great questions everyone! Have a great day.