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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 - 12:00 PM CDT

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Moderator -> Everyone

Thank you for joining us! The chat will begin promptly in 10 minutes and will run for 1 hour. Please go ahead and submit questions now.

Moderator -> Everyone

Thank you for joining us. The chat has begun and will run for 1 hour. Please submit your questions!

Patricia -> Everyone

Welcome to the chat. I'm Patricia Coffey, Associate Director of Admission. I look forward to answering your questions about the application.

Toby -> Everyone

Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Toby Cortelyou, I am the Associate Director of Marketing and Admissions for the Executive MBA Program. I look forward to answering any questions you might have about the application today.

Gordon -> Patricia

Please walk through the process from post application submission to final acceptance. What will occur and rough timing. Thanks.

Patricia -> Gordon

Hi Gordon - thank you for your question. After your application is completed, the admissions committee will review to determine if you'll come in for an interview. This typically take 2-3 weeks, after the application is COMPLETED. After your interview, it takes 6-8 weeks for a decision is rendered. You will be notifed by email a decision.

Erik_Vaughan -> Toby

What are the some of the more common mistakes made by applicants in terms of the essays and letters of recommendation they submit?

Toby -> Erik_Vaughan

Hi Erik - You'd be surprised at the spelling mistakes we see but other than that it's people trying to tell us what they think we want to hear rather that tell their own story in a genuine fashion. I would also encourage you to have a conversation with your recommenders about your reasons for applying to the program in an effort to gain some consistency in the message throughout your application.

Pradeep -> Patricia

Are prior applications to a different Booth MBA program reviewed as part of this process?

Patricia -> Pradeep

Hello Pradeep - if you applied to any other program at Chicago Booth, we will ask for your academic transcripts only. Each program documents are specific to their programs, i.e. we require three letters of recommendation, part time program requires 2 letters.

Pradeep -> Toby

How are expectations different, if at all, for applicants on opposite ends of the experience scale in terms of the unique knowledge and experiences that they can contribute to the program?

Toby -> Pradeep

Hi Pradeep. Expectation are not different. Regardless of your years of experience we expect a consistent contribution across the class. Please keep in mind that we take a holistic approach to application evaluation and fewer years are not a mark against you so to speak as long as you can clearly explain the value that you would be able to add to the experience of your classmates.

Ramesh_Chandr -> Patricia

How much does the GMAT score play a part in the decision vs Experience / Accomplishments /Potential of the candidate ?

Patricia -> Ramesh_Chandr

Ramesh - We take a holistic approach in reviewing application. All documents are weighed the same, GMAT, Experience, Accomplishment, potential, and contribution.

EHL -> Toby

As part of the evaluation process, do you search for and review facebook and twitter accounts?

Toby -> EHL

No. We give you ample opportunity to tell your story in the application without us having to search to fill in any blanks.

Nolan_ONeill -> Patricia

I uploaded a scanned copy of my transcipt and it says "copy" all over it and its hard to read. Is there another way to submit a transcipt?

Patricia -> Nolan_ONeill

Hi Nolan - it's best to send the copy to us by US mail since it may be difficult to read the uploaded version.

Tarun_Kumar -> Toby

Hi. In the section for Organizational Memberships within the application, can you shed some light on what the Admissions Committee is looking for?

Toby -> Tarun_Kumar

Hi Tarun. We are not looking for anything in particular. This is an opportunity for you to talk to us about community involvement that might not have been highlighted on your resume. A chance to shed some light on what may be important to you outside of your professional life.

Joi_Thomas -> Patricia

What is the typical length/page requirement for the required essays?

Patricia -> Joi_Thomas

Joi - good question. There are three required essay questions, with one optional. They should be no more than 2 pages each.

Ramesh_Chandr -> Patricia

How many applicantions do you receive each year and what % do you accept to the EMBA program. What is the average number of years of experience for the candidates that get accepted into the program ?

Patricia -> Ramesh_Chandr

Ramesh - our applicaiton numbers vary year to year. We have 90 seats available, and we can get 2-3 applications per seat. The average years of work experience is 13. Please note, this is only an "average". We can do have students with 10 years of professional work experience.

Christina_D -> Toby

Hello. As an interested EMBA applicant, what areas would you recommend I focus on in my application to help compensate for shorter work history? Does corporate sponsorship help (with or without financial sponsorship)?

Toby -> Christina_D

Hi Christina. Financial sponsorship is a strong indication that your company hold you in high regard so yes, if you can secure that before you apply you will certainly want to let us know. That said many firms have a strict no sponsorship policy so to be clear NOT being sponsored does NOT count against you. As far as addressing a shorter work history I think it's important that you try to explain to us what the other 89 people in your class will gain by having you as a classmate. It's not an easy question to answer but it is an integral part of the evaluation process.

Nolan_ONeill -> Patricia

What is the process for getting a GMAT waiver?

Patricia -> Nolan_ONeill

Nolan -- you will need to complete a waiver in the online application. Simply state in the waiver how you believe your training and work experience indicates a high level of quantitative and analytical skills.

Chris_Shuba -> Toby

Can you tell me about a day in the life of an EMBA student that fly's in for sessions?

Toby -> Chris_Shuba

Hi Chris. more than half of our students are flying in to be a part of the program. Typically you will arrive on Thursday night and meet with either a study group or social group. Class starts at 9am on Friday and lasts until 4:30pm. Friday nights are VERY busy with both academic and social events. The class all day on Saturday and we offer a shuttle to both Chicago airports after class on Saturday.

Sam -> Toby

Can I start the MBA program in Chicago and finish it in Singapore?

Toby -> Sam

Hi Sam. The short answer is yes but it can be a fairly complicated process. I would encourage you to talk to us offline about options and processes.

rupali -> Patricia

Hi. My name is rupali and i have M.sc in computer sc and have 9yrs of It exp which involves the 7yrs of PM experience in India. I also have PMp certification and would like to continue my executive MBA from chicago booth. I am preparing for GMAT please let me knwo wha should be min score which will make me suitable candiadate of institue

Patricia -> rupali

Hi Rupali - You should do the best you can on your GMAT test. We do not partcularly look at a score range. As I previously stated for another audience member, we look at the entire application and weigh it the same, GMAT, prior academic work, contribution, potential, work experience.

Tarun_Kumar -> Patricia

For the early deadline, if an application is considered for the interview, when are the interviews typically scheduled?

Patricia -> Tarun_Kumar

Tarum- Interviews are conducted in person, in Chicago. Most interviews are scheduled on Saturday morning, which are most convenient for candidates. We will, however try and schedule an appointment for you M-F between the hours of 10:30am-3:30pm.

Moderator -> Everyone

We're receiving a lot of great questions! Keep them coming.

Lars_Dorr -> Toby

Going back to Toby's response to Pradeep, what does Admissions consider a valuable attribute that a candidate may offer their classmates?

Toby -> Lars_Dorr

Hi Lars. The classroom is very diverse in terms of professional background, industry, function as well as culture so there is no single or even group of attributes that I can give you. As you associate yourself with a particular industry, function or culture etc. it is important that you show an ability and willingness to share your expertise with your classmates.

Nolan_ONeill -> Toby

Is there a proper format for the essays (single space? double space? etc...)

Toby -> Nolan_ONeill

Yes Nolan. I don't have it nearby but it is outlined clearly in the application.

Chris_Shuba -> Toby

Do your letters of recommendation ever make or break ann application?

Toby -> Chris_Shuba

Hi Chris. No one piece of an application has the ability to guarantee admission or denial to the program. Students who are not offered a spot in the class typically are lacking in multiple pieces of the application.

GB -> Patricia

what % of students travel from the americas, and what % from the US, and how many are out of state of those students,

Patricia -> GB

GB - More than 1/2 of our students fly in to Chicago every other weekend to attend the classes. Over the past few years, we have had a few students coming in from South America, Mexico, Canada, etc. In fact, we have current students flying in from Lima, Sao Paulo and Argentina!

GB -> Patricia

how many students to the Chicago program travel internationally specifically (not from americas)?

Patricia -> GB

GB - we have 6 current students traveling internationally. Two from Brazil, one from Argentina, one from Lima, and two from Canada

Brandon_Fox -> Toby

Is a student of the EMBA program able to receive multiple concentrations (i.e., finance and strategic management)? If so, would a student with a professional certification (CPA, CFA) be able to replace fundamental classes (managerial or financial accounting) with the concentration classes to graduate in the same time period. Thank you for your thoughts.

Toby -> Brandon_Fox

Hi Brandon. No. We offer a concentration in Finance to each cohort and depending on desire and availability may offer concentrations in Strategy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Because of the lock-step format of the curriculum you are not able to "test out" of any of the courses. I would share that even our CPAs comment that they are challenged by the fundamental financial accounting course.

TAMAL -> Toby

Hi Toby this is Tamal here I have 13 yrs of work exp with an full Time MBA already from a reputed univ in India . My MBA scores were Good but not my Undergrad and School level results i got a second grade ...Will it affect my chances

Toby -> TAMAL

Hi Tamal. I'm guessing you can explain to us any reasons for lower scores in your undergrad and you will have an opportunity to do that on the application. Also keep in mind that your previous academic work is one part of a very large and robust application and no one piece with keep you in or out.

Gordon -> Patricia

If you obtain a GMAT waiver, how do you note the waiver within the online application process? Thanks.

Patricia -> Gordon

Gordon, - it's pretty simply. When you go into the online application, you'll see a link "GMAT WAIVER REQUEST FORM? You can type your information there and submit it. The personal, and professional experience, along with your resume must be submitted before the Dean's can evaluate your applicaiton.

Moderator -> Everyone

We’re at the mid point with 30 minutes remaining in the chat. We’ve had many great questions so far! Please continue to submit your questions.

Ramesh_Chandr -> Toby

Is Financial Aid available ? If so, what is the requirements to get the Aid ?

Toby -> Ramesh_Chandr

Financial Aid is available to US citizens/perm residents in the form of student loans. You will fill out and submit a FAFSA form in early spring and work directly with our office of Financial Aid.

Tarun_Kumar -> Patricia

Does a candidate reapplying for the program need to provide a new employment sponsorship letter for the 2012 application?

Patricia -> Tarun_Kumar

Tarun - if you're re applying for the program, you'll ned to provided a new sponsorship letter. We want to make sure your employer is supporting you for the time committment for the 2012 class.

Gordon -> Toby

How about the financial commitments (pre and post acceptance). What are the due dates for payments and the amounts? Thanks.

Toby -> Gordon

Hi Gordon. A tuition deposit of $5000 is required within 3 weeks of receiving your acceptance. This $5000 is put toward your first quarter tuition. Tuition divided evenly into 7 quarters and is billed quarterly.

Marcelo -> Patricia

Can I have access to the questions which my recomenders will answer in order to decide who I should engage? If so, where?

Patricia -> Marcelo

Hi Marcelo - Yes, I can provide those questions to you offline. Feel free to contact us at


rupali -> Toby

I have good academic score but do not know how much it worth here, so which is the standard way of converting my education format into GPA so i have better idea about it and which is accepted by most of the institute

Toby -> rupali

Hi Rupali. We receive scores from all over the world and as long as your scores are in English we will interpret them.

LLV -> Patricia

Can you share the typical percentage of applicants that are asked to interview? Also can you share the typical percentage of interviewees that would get admitted?

Patricia -> LLV

LLV - the program is very competitive, we encourage candidates to apply as early as possible in order to have your file reviewed for an interview.

Marcelo -> Toby

How earlier do I need to submit a GMAT waiver form, before my program application (1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds)?

Toby -> Marcelo

Hi Marcelo. GMAT Waiver requests are processed weekly. You can submit the request at anytime and will be notified fairly quickly. It is always better to apply earlier than later.

Chris_Shuba -> Toby

Do you find candidates who have careers such as a hedge fund analyst typically achieve a GMAT waiver?

Toby -> Chris_Shuba

Hi Chris. So far no industry or function is dominating the people that have received waivers. I will say that waivers are rare. To quote the waiver form we require a "high level of quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical MBA Program." to receive a waiver

Gordon -> Toby

Will my three recommendation authors be contacted directly by Booth and be interviewed? Thanks.

Toby -> Gordon

They will be contacted by us but not interviewed. We lay out some specific criteria that we are looking for from them in a letter so they don't need to come up with something from scratch.

Pavan_K_Gudiyella -> Patricia

Early deadline is December 1st. Will the applications be reviewed before that? Would you take a decision of granting seat before 12/1?

Patricia -> Pavan_K_Gudiyella

Pavan - we operate on rolling admissions. If you submit your application by December 1, and your interview has already taken place, you can likely receive a decision by December 1. It typically takes 6-8 weeks to receive a decision.

TAMAL -> Toby

Toby so If i have 13 years of Exp and in working full time that too in Consulting Role in Technology then i stand less chances of waiver ???

Toby -> TAMAL

I can't make a fair determination based on the limited information that can be shared in the forum. Here are the exact words from the GMAT Waiver form that I believe explain well what we are considering. "Very senior level managers, usually with twelve or more years of management experience may be granted an exemption from the GMAT requirement. Examples might include CEOs, Managing Directors, CFOs, and Division Heads etc. A waiver may also be considered for a candidate whose work experience and training indicate a high level of quantitative and analytical skill and an ability to apply those skills to a rigorous and analytical MBA Program. Examples might include: Treasurer or Chief Accounting Officer, or a CFA or other advance degree or diploma in a quantitative field. The criteria above are not meant to be exhaustive and candidates who believe they are able to provide evidence of similar quality not listed are encouraged to speak to an admissions representative."

rupali -> Toby

I am preparing fro my GMAT so can i submit my application now while I am working on the exam as I am planning to take it in month of November, what is the last date of the application

Toby -> rupali

Hi Rupali. The final deadline is April 1st, 2012.

Marcelo -> Patricia

Hi Patricia/Toby. What's the difference for the deadlines in terms of chance to be accepted. I.e. will someone who applies for 1st round have a better chance than those applying to 2nd & 3rd ones?

Patricia -> Marcelo

Marcelo - the program is very competitive, only 90 seats avaialble. The chances of gaining a seat is more likely, the earlier you submit. Although you submit early, this does not gurantee that an offer of admissions will be extended.

Toby -> Everyone

great questions everyone. keep them coming!

Hanja -> Patricia

How many years of experience, on average, do Full-Time MBA Program applicants have?

Patricia -> Hanja

Hanja: the full-time MBA program's average work experience is 5 years.

Joi_Thomas -> Toby

What is the percentage of lawyers that are accepted into the program? Is there a typical profile for these candidates? Such as a specific practice area?

Toby -> Joi_Thomas

Hi Joi. I don't have any percentage information but anecdotally it seems we have a handful of attorneys in the program each year. The expertise is broad, off the top of my head I can think of in house corporate attorneys, partners at large firms and just about any practice area you can think of.

Chris_Shuba -> Patricia

Do you limit the number of people accepted based on the number of people in the same field of work who have already been accepted?

Patricia -> Chris_Shuba

We work hard to maintain diversity in our classroom. No more than 15% of the class is represented by any particular industry.

Moderator -> Everyone

The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit any final questions. We will answer as many as possible!

Pavan_K_Gudiyella -> Toby

I have Marks list (Memo) and convocation degrees. No transcripts yet. I need to get them from India, so it could take a while. Can Marks list (Memo) and degree certificates be acceptable for application completion until transcripts are submitted?

Toby -> Pavan_K_Gudiyella

Hi Pravan. I think you may need to connect with Patricia offline so we can see your Mark Sheets to determine if we can use them for evaluation.

Chris_Shuba -> Toby

Do current EMBA students make themselves available for us to chat with them?

Toby -> Chris_Shuba

Hi Chris, you can send an email to


requesting to be connected to a current student or alum. If you have a specific industry, function or geographic region you would like us to target we can do our best to accommodate.

Gordon -> Toby

I may have misunderstood the recommendation process, but after today's chat I believe it is now clear. Please confirm the process for recommendations: 1.) I submit recommenders information online. 2.) Booth will contact recommender with requested content of recommendation. 3.) Recommender would draft a letter separately to meet Booth's request. Thanks again.

Toby -> Gordon

Gordon - you are right. That is the process.

Gordon -> Toby

If I am shooting for the 12/1 application due date, do my recommenders need to submit their respective recommendation letters prior to that date? Thanks.

Toby -> Gordon

We won't evaluate your application until we have all the pieces (including your recommendation letters) so I would encourage your recommenders to submit their letters before 12/1.

Chris_Shuba -> Toby

Can we inquire ahead of our application if the maximum number of people in our field have already been admitted.

Toby -> Chris_Shuba

Hi Chris. Just to clarify we don't have any specific quotas with regard to class make up. Late i the application process if we recognize that a particular industry or function is starting to saturate the class it will be more difficult for people from that particular area to be admitted to this cohort. It is NOT uncommon for us to offer those people a spot in the next class starting a year later. The best way for you to not have to worry about any of this is to apply early!!

TAMAL -> Patricia

Patricia- what are the chances if i plan to go for part time MBA programme. Is there any format for essays and how weightage is given to past academics coz i am applying for GMAT waiver as I have Good Scores in my Full Time MBA programme in India but have Second grades in Undergraduate and School exams

Patricia -> TAMAL

Tamal - the essay format for the part time program is similar to the Executive program. Their is academic background, career history, and ultimately fit. For additional information, please reach out to the Evening/Weekend MBA program at


Moderator -> Everyone

The chat has now closed. Thank you for attending. The transcript for this live chat will be available online within 48 hours at



Patricia -> Everyone

Thank you for joining us this afternoon. We hope that many of your questions were answered. For more information, feel free to contact us at



Toby -> Everyone

Thank you for all the great questions everyone! If you liked what you heard come see us face to face at an information session or visit a class. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook too!. Have a great day everyone.