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Live Chat with Executive MBA Admissions

Join us for a live chat with admissions directors from the Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth. The chat will cover the admissions process, tips for application, and other admissions-related questions.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 12:00 PM CDT

Toby: Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. My name is Toby Cortelyou and I am the Associate Director of Marketing and Admissions. I look forward to answering your questions today.

Patricia: Good afternoon, thanks for joining us. We look forward to answering your many questions.

Patty_Keegan: Hello, everyone and thanks for joining us. I am Patty Keegan, associate dean of executive MBA, and look forward to answering your questions.

Bradley: Hello everyone and welcome! This is Brad Krillenberger Senior Associate Director of Student Services for North America.

Marcelo: Hello Toby. What are the steps to set up a visit to Chicago Booth and attend part of a E-MBA class? Would I have contact w/ students in this visit, out side the class?

Toby: Hi Marcelo - thanks for joining us. Please visit out "Visit Campus" page online to see which days are available for class visits. You will be given a student host, introduced to the faculty member and have a chance to interact/network with students before and after class as well as during the break(s).

Tarun: Hi, I wanted to under the timelines for the first round of admissions. How soon do you start scheduling interviews for the first round and when should one expect to be informed about the decision after the interview?

Patricia: Hi Tarun, good questions. We currently have three application deadlines, December 1, Feb. 1 and final deadline of April 1. Once you complete your application, and submit it, it will be reviewed by the committee to determine if you will be called in to interview. Typically a decision is rendered 6-8 weeks after the interview.

Marcelo: When the online application process will be available for XP84 (2012 class)?

Toby: Applications are not available more than a year in advance. Applications for class starting in 2012 are available now at apply.chicagobooth.edu/apply/. Applications for class starting in 2013 will be available in August of 2012.

Jamie: Is there a place for me to stay overnight as a student coming from outside Chicago?

Bradley: We do offer an optional hotel package that students can take part in but the cost of the accommodations for regular class weekends is not cover by Booth. We do offer several different discounted housing options near the Gleacher Center if you do not want to take part in the optional housing program.

Marcelo: Hi Patty, besides class visits, chats & seminars, what other opportunities would you recommend for prospective students to interact w/ current students and alumni in order to become more familiar to Chicago Booth culture and future experience?

Patty: Hi, Marcelo. The activities which you have listed are by far, some of he best ways to learn about us. We host a number of information sessions at Gleacher; students and alumni attend these events. You can see our schedule on our website. We can also connect you personally with a student or alumnus from your area or industry. In terms of faculty culture, check out Capital Ideas (faculty research) or Chicago Booth magazine - both of which can be accessed online.

Jonathan: What are the main criteria you use when evaluating an application?

Patricia: Hi -- There are many criterias when evaluating an application. We look for evidence of strong and logical career progression, career advancement potential, strong academic record and contribution to your class. Your GMAT is also evaluated.

Joe: Do you provide books?

Bradley: We do provide all the books, course packs, trade publications, and software required by the faculty. You can pick them up from the Program office or we can have them shipped to your home or office.

Scott: Hello, Thanks for providing this forum. I am a practicing attorney, and I was curious how popular the program is with attorneys. I note from the data on the website that the percentage of Executive MBA students from the legal industry is not significant. I would appreciate any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.

Toby: Hi Scott. We work hard in the admissions process to put together a diverse group of students. While other industries make up a larger portion of our applicant pool we seem to almost always have a handful of legal professionals in the classroom. The smaller number of attorneys in the classroom doesn't mean that the MBA is not valuable for someone in your profession but more simply shows that industries like financial services and consulting still populate the majority of MBA classrooms. All that being said I can confidently say that the legal professionals we have had as students in the past are quite popular with the rest of their classmates!

Tom: I am in the process of researching MBA programs. What advice do you recommend and how do I go about applying to Chicago Booth?

Patty: Hi, Tom. Plan to spend some time making sure the fit is right between your needs and interests and what the program/school has to offer. Cultural fit is very important at a business school - how the faculty teach and their expectations of students, what type of research is produced by the faculty, what types of careers do alumni pursue post-graduation, how do students organize their thoughts and approach challenging situations. Answers to these questions are all part of the school's culture. I would suggest narrowing down your choices to 3 programs/schools. Spend time at the schools, visit a class, speak to current students and alumni. In addition, talk to industry colleagues who may work with alumni from that school to gauge how the external world views program graduates. As you investigate in this manner, you should find a natural connection for your needs.

G-475654423: What tips would you give for the application process?

Toby: 1st take your time. You are not going to complete the application in one sitting, it is a process. Your recommendation letters and academic transcripts always take longer to get to you than you think so I encourage applicants to start with those. If you haven't already taken a GMAT you should plan time to prepare for that as well. Other than that tell us about YOU not about US. We want to know why you're interested in the program and what you hope to contribute, there is no value in your repeating what is already on our website back to us. I hope this helps!

Guest: Is a specific type of lap top required?

Toby: We don't require a specific computer but will give you guidelines on what will be expected for course work. If you don't want to purchase a computer we do have a computer lab available to all students at the Gleacher Center.

Toby: Just a few minutes left for you to get your questions in!

Tarun: Hi, are you able to share statistics on the total percent of re-applicants versus the total applications. And of the total number of re-applicants what percent are admitted?

Toby: Hi Tarun. The statistics you are looking for are not made public. That said re-applying to the program is fairly common. In terms of the percentage of re-applicants who are admitted again, we don't make that public. I would encourage a re-applicant to have a conversation with someone on the admissions team about their previous application and the reasons behind the decision that was made so that they are clear on what they may want to focus on the next time around.

James: How do the trips to London and Singapore work? Will I be taking classes with people from London and Singapore or only from Chicago? Who teaches the classes there?

Bradley: North American Students are required to spend one week taking classes at our London campus and one week taking classes at our Singapore campus during the Summer of their 2nd year in the program. The classes during the 2nd summer are 1/3rd North American students, 1/3rd European students, and 1/3rd Asian students. Faculty for the summer session will rotate and you faculty will be confirm in the Spring before you travel.

Patty: Thanks for your participation today and our apologies for the delay in getting started. I look forward to meeting you during the application process.

David: I'm looking at a number of different programs. What in your own words makes Chicago Booth a better place to go than the others?

Patty: Our view is that applicants need to determine if a program/school fits their needs and learning style. One differentiating factor about our executive MBA program includes the way we approach our global education. We operate our own campuses with our own faculty with Chicago Booth students in Europe and Asia. This ensures that students receive a pure Chicago Booth education while building an incredibly diverse global network. We also focus on teaching our students fundamental concepts in business which lead to an enduring education - concepts can be applied to the business setting now and well into the future. Typically, fundamentals do not change! Finally, our reliance on empirical data means that we back our assumptions up with data and continue to question and debate until we get to the best possible answer. Talk to one of our Booth graduates - ask him or her how they approach problem-solving and decision-making and you will see this in action!

Patricia: Thank you for joining us. We hope to see you soon!

Toby: Thank you for joining us today and sorry again for the late start. Please be sure to visit our webpage to learn more about other opportunities to engage with us - you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where are pages are called "Considering Booth". Have a great rest of the day!

Bradley: Thank you for attending and please let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to answer them. My desk number (312) 464-8764 Brad Krillenberger Senior Associate Director of Student Services