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Tuesday, March 22 - noon - 1 p.m. CDT

Moderator: Thanks for joining us! This chat is scheduled to run for 1 hour. We'll begin the chat promptly in 5 minutes. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask them now!

Patricia: Good afternoon! Thanks for joining us. I look forward to answering your questions.

Toby: Hi Everyone and welcome. My name is Toby Cortelyou, I am the Associate Director of Admissions and Marketing. I look forward to answering your questions today.

Patty: Hello - I am Patty Keegan, associate dean of the executive MBA program. Thank you for joining us today. I look forward to answering questions regarding our application.

blg: If one has studied overseas , Does a Diploma hold weightage

Patty: We require the equivalent of a U.S. bachelors degree for admission. If the diploma you earned is equivalent to that, you should be fine.

Alex: What if one of the recommendation letters is delayed beyond Apr 1st? Does that invalidate my application?

Patricia: Hi Alex-- since it's one letter, we can be flexible with submission. Feel free to contact us offline for additional information at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

blg: What is the Admissions criteria, as far as Academics go

Toby: Hi blg. We take a holistic approach to application evaluation so when speaking specifically about academics please know that the other pieces of your application may offset your academic performance. We don't have any sort of formula when it comes to admissions - so there is no specific GPA that I can tell you that would promise you admission. We will spend time looking specifically at your grades in some of your quantitative classes as our program is highly quantitative.

jessica: Good afternoon! If my GPA is a 2.7 do I need more than 2 letters of recommendations, GPA essay or what do I need to get in my GMAT? I did take some mater class at AIU will i need to send those transcript?

Patty: Hi Jessica. All applicants are required to submit 3 letters of recommendation, answers to essay questions and transcripts from the institutions which granted you your degrees. If you have taken classes that did not lead to a degree and they are relevant courses (statistics, accounting, etc.) that can bolster your application, you may send those transcripts as well. GMAT is strongly encouraged but not require for admission.

Alex: Can I submit the letter of support from my company now itself? I understand it is required only if I am accepted.

Toby: Hi Alex - yes you can submit the letter of company support at any time throughout the application process.

Kathy: Hello, I'm Kathy, generally speaking, what will the essay require our applicants to write?

Patricia: Hi Kathy -- There are two required essays with one optional essay. We want to know why you are seeing an MBA from Chicago Booth, your experience and contribution, and your career objectives. The option question is for you to share with us other information related to obtaining an MBA. Essays can be typed in a word file and saved as a PDF and uploaded.

Jay: Considering that the essay questions on the application are fairly standardized, do you have any recommendations/tips in regards to making one's responses stand out?

Toby: Hi Jay - Make your essays personal, tell us about you. I also tell people that the application is not a time to be humble. If you don't tell us how great you are we won't know so don't be shy.

Manoj: Can the application fee paid by credit card or do we need submit a check?

Toby: You can pay your application fee by credit card.

Kathy: Plus, my current supervisor said he has not written a recommendation letter before. So…I'd like to know, is there any basic requirement for essay & recommendation letter? Such as format, words limit? Thanks a lot!

Toby: Hi Kathy - we spell out the specifics for the essay question on the application. I don't have them with me right now but we do have a page limit and font etc. As for the recommendation letters we do provide some guidance to the recommenders as to what specific areas we would like them to focus on, i.e. leadership, decision making skills etc. so they don't have to come up with a letter from scratch.

Marsoi: What abilities or experiences count the most to enhance a candidacy to Chicago Booth E-MBA program?

Patty: Hello, Marsoi. Our program places a great deal of emphasis on work experience and your demonstration of increasing responsibility. Our EMBA program is a cohort program in which students learn as much from each other as they do from our faculty. Therefore, we want to make sure you can contribute to this interchange in addition to benefiting from it. We also want to make sure that you can handle rigorous academic coursework, so we ask for transcripts or other relevant information that demonstrates this.

G-281986383: Hello Patty, Patricia and Toby, greetings. My application is underway and almost complete. Do you consider it complete after I submit or only when the recommenders finish their portion?

Toby: There are two different statuses we use. "Submitted" means you have clicked the submit button and all of the pieces of the application that you can control are submitted. The other status is "Received". This means that ALL pieces of the application are in - including transcripts and recommendation letters. You application does not go for review until it is "Received".

NYer: What kind of GMAT score do I need to get in the program

Patricia: Hi -- Thanks for your question. The average GMAT score for the full time program is around 710, however none of the Chicago Booth programs have a specific cut-off point for GMAT scores. The EMBA Program uses the GMAT more as a means of making sure that the person has the necessary skills to handle the rigorous academic work required in the program.

G-282001244: I just submit my applications yesterday, my friend helped me polished the essay today, I know once you submit, you can't change it. I just want to ask is there any way I can replace the essay I uploaded yesterday?

Toby: Please email me your essay at toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu and I will remove your old one and add your new one.

jessica: Good afternoon. I have my BA with a GPA 2.7 and took 3 master class at AIU in London. Will I need to send both transcripts from BA and the classes from AIU? Will I need to do A GPA essay?

Patricia: Jessica -- thank you for your question. You should send transcripts from every institution that you've attended. I'm not clear on your question about the GPA essay.

Marsoi: I work w/ multiple teams in an indirect report system: I have indirect reports and also I report indirectly. Is that ok to have an indirect person to write the recommendation letter which was originally designed for my direct boss? I feel this person would have a much better chance to clarify my skills once my formal boss has less contact w/ me.

Patty: Hello, Marsoi. This is perfectly acceptable. We want to make sure that your recommenders have knowledge of your work ethic and abilities. If you feel that an indirect person can do that for you, that is fine.

jessica: when does everything have to be trun in to apply for the up coming school year

Toby: Our final application deadline is April 1st. Our next cohort begins on June 19th, 2011.

Alex: How important is the GMAT score in determining candidacy?

Patricia: Alex -- the GMAT is not required for admissions. However we encourage applicants with fewer years of work experience, or those who feel their prior academic work does not adequately demonstrate their abilities.

jessica: You are saying we don't need to have a gmat? but is strongly encouraged?

Patty: GMAT is not required, but it is encouraged if your quantitative abilities are not easily demonstrated through your transcripts or work experience.

jessica: Some school ask for a GPA Essay taking about why your GPA was low and will i need one?

Patricia: Jessica -- if your GPA was low, you can explain that in the optional essay. This is the area where you can add additional information you would like us to know.

Alister: I have over 10 years entreprenurial expererience but did not finish my undergrad - am I still eligible to submit an application??

Patty: Hello, Alister. We will consider an applicant without an undergraduate degree, but we may ask you to submit a GMAT score in the absence of transcripts/experience verifying your ability to handle rigorous graduate course work.

Marsoi: How much involvement Chicago Booth students and staff have w/ community and social projects? How important is it for the application process? How is that considered: any specific criteria to compare different candidates?

Toby: I think it's fair to say that almost all of our students are involved in the types of projects you mention. Some choose to highlight them in different ways on their application. I would say that you should represent these projects on your application in the same way they are represented in your life. I can't give specific criteria b/c there are too many different backgrounds to consider.

jessica: waht is the next cohort after june 19 2011

Patricia: Jessica - we admit one class each year. Next cohort after June 2011 is June 2012.

Alex: will other professional certification transcripts be considered along with degree transcript to fortify a case?

Toby: Yes. Although we only require transcripts from anyplace that has awarded you a degree if you submit others we will evaluate them and use them in your evaluation.

Alex: How soon are decisions announced?

Toby: We hope to have all admission decisions made by May 15th.

Jay: Can you provide other possible examples of people from whom I may obtain a recommendation letter other than a business colleague, a faculty member, or business partner?

Patty: Hi, Jay. We do ask your boss to submit a recommendation letter since our assumption is that he/she knows you work ethic and abilities very well. Some other sources for letters include past bosses, a member of a work team, individuals with whom you have participated in volunteer work, and work peers.

Rob: For a non American Undergraduate degree, would you need a cource by cource evaluation? If not how do evaluate it with the American degree?

Toby: We do not need a course by course evaluation. We are typically well versed in the education systems globally that we are able to discern the level of academic performance without it.

Ana: In addition to my Engineering degree, I have earned 3 diploma's for my work in the area of Insurance, Financial services and customer service. Can I submit the transcripts of diploma in addition to the degree transcripts?

Patty: Hello, Ana. Yes, please do submit those diploma transcripts since they will provide us with more information on your academic accomplishments.

jessica: What is the next Cohort after June 19, 2011

Toby: We begin the program once a year in June, so the next cohort would begin in June 2012.

jessica: The two essay will be personal essay and the second one c(optional essay)an be talking about your gpa

Patricia: Jessica -- the first two essays are personal. This is your time to share with us your personal story. Everyone's story is unique to their personal and professional experiences. It's up to you to articulate where the MBA makes sense in regard to your personal story.

Alex: For non-native speakers do you also need the TOEFL score?

Toby: We don't ask for a TOEFL score on the front end but reserve the right to request it at a later date. If you already have a TOEFL score you are able to submit it with the application.

Ryan: Does admissions have access to the application before it is submitted? Can they see partial applications?

Patty: Hi, Ryan. We do have access to the entire database -- including applications which have not been submitted. However, we do not compare essays of other application pieces before they are submitted - we simply do not have the time! Be sure to double check all of your application pieces before you submit them to make sure they are the versions you want.

jessica: i have I have letter of recommendations from about year old will I need new ones?

Patricia: Jessica,

Patricia: Yes, please provide us with current year letters of recommendation. Your letters need to specific for the Executive MBA program.

ARR: For applicants who have a Bachelor's degree from an University from another country, that does not send transcripts directly to Booth, what other options are available? Will copies of degree certificates suffice ?

Toby: Hi ARR. We should probably talk offline about your specific case. Feel free to email me at toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu. I'm surprised to learn that a school would not mail transcripts to use. We need the transcripts, you can send electronic copies for admission purposes.

NYer: ?o do I understand this correctly that I can apply without taking my GMAT's? And if I apply by 1st of April when do I get a response by if I have been accpeted or not

Patty: Hello, NYer. GMAT is not required for admission unless you feel that your work experience and transcripts do not demonstrate a good handle on quantitative topics. Applications submitted by April 1 will receive a decision by May 15.

blg: can i fax my academic credentials assessed by ECE over to get an idea if it does meet the academic criteria

Patricia: Hi Blg! Yes, please fax over you transcripts for evaluation. Feel free to contact us offline at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu.

Ad_1: I have applied a third round eMBA....does that logicallly mean that i have a significantly less chance to be part of the 90 accepted..

Toby: We work very hard to ensure a diverse class in terms of professional industry and function so if we recognize that a specific industry or function is starting to dominate the applicant pool we would be careful to admit them. That said if a candidate is qualified for the program but we do not have any more room we do NOT deny the applicant we offer them a spot for 2012.

ARR: If an application is submitted on 1st April, what are the likely timelines for interview? Will it happen soon after 1-April or a few weeks later?

Patricia: Hi - If you submit your application on April 1st - your file will be evaluated within a week. If you're offered an interview, you can schedule it a few weeks out (April 16 is a scheduled interview day).

Alister: is the campus spread between 3 univiersities - ie 3 months in one, 3 months in the other ..etc? How will this affect work?

Patty: Hello, Alister. Our executive MBA program is run on 3 University of Chicago campuses -- Chicago, London and Singapore. If you are based in Chicago, you will spend one week taking classes in London and one week taking classes in Singapore. Students from those campuses will spend time in Chicago. For more information, check out our website at www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba

G-282024339: A follow-up question, since I have a course-by-course evaulation already done, will it help to send you a copy?

Toby: Yes - we will gladly accept it and use it for your evaluation.

G-282033144: Is it ok to raise question on course work in todays forum, since it relates to my essay

Patty: Yes - go ahead and ask it!

Alex: for re-applicants, do you need all the pieces to be submitted again?

Toby: no - for re-applicants we ask for a new resume, one new essay and one new letter of recommendation.

jessica: Is there a template for the letter of recommendations?

Patricia: Jessica - Once you start the online application and add your recommenders name, email address, and press "send", your recommender will receive a request for a letter of recommendation with questions.

G-282029443: Hello. I have sent the official transcript of my diploma via U.S. Postal Service. They confirmed the delivery to Chicago Booth. But Application status shows it is not received yet. How could I find out where are my transcripts?

Toby: as you might imagine we are processing large quantities of paper. It can sometimes take more than a week to be reflected on your application status. If it has been more than a week please contact us directly and we can try to figure it out with you.

Marsoi: What should I expect to happen in the interview? Should I be prepared to do a presentation of my skills (not time to be humble, as Toby said previously)? Or I should be prepared to only reply any questions regarding my resume and application?

Patty: Hi, Marsoi. Our interviews have 2 major goals -- the first is to learn about your motivation for wanting to participate in our MBA program; the second is to make sure any questions you have have been answered. We do spend time on your resume and how your work experience contributes to the program and your classmates. The interviews are typically 2-way conversations, so come prepared with questions that you have.

Pramod: Hi Toby, During the weeks at Singapore and London, are there visits to local companies, talks from local alumni?

Toby: Hi Pramod - no, the time spent at the other campuses is primarily academic. The courses you take while with your international cohorts are highly interactive giving you and opportunity to learn not only learn about the academic work but also about the cultural and international differences in business approaches. On occasion a cohort may plan some extra excursions on their own but the program does not facilitate anything like that at this time.

G-281986383: Hello Toby, I got my transcripts from overseas translated and evaluated by a Credential Evaluation Service here in Chicago. Is that enough?

Toby: Yes but we still need to see the originals.

Alister: if I havent finisished my undergrad, should I send my scores for each year whilst I was doing my undergrad??

Toby: Yes.

G-282033144: Does the specialization in Strategic management also focus on new venture and entrepreneur development?

Patty: One of the four courses required for the strategy concentration does focus on entrepreneurial strategy. The other courses focus on competitive strategy, game theory and decision-making.

G-282029443: Does Chicago Booth need original recomendation letters?

Toby: Hi -- your recommenders can upload their letters in the online application. If they are mailing the document, have them sent to our program office by US mail.

G-282024339: The essay clearly sets expectation on size and font. Do you have specific requirement around page layout margins? If the essay exceeds by 3-4 lines, is that going to have a negative impact?

Toby: The guidelines we give are to ensure that we aren't reading 50 page essays from each applicant. Small diversions from the guidelines do not count against you.

jessica: If I apply today and fill out the recommenders name will it say this need to be turned in by April 1?

Patricia: It will not say it need to be turned in by April 1. You must communicate that information to your recommender.

Alister: hi with reargds to the letters od recommendations, If I am an entrepreneur and have had my own enterprises over 10 years, would the letters of recommendations be acceptable from people I have done business with, such as my legal team / accountant ...etc?

Patty: Hi, Alister. Yes - letters from those types of individuals will be perfectly fine.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 15 minutes. Please continue to submit your final questions! Please note, as we often get repeats of questions, we will try to address the general topic (if not your specific question).

Rob: Will it be OK to reach out to the recommender and explain him/her about your goals, plan for perusing an MBA and the personal story?

Patty: Hi, Rob. Absolutely. Your recommender should have a very good idea about your motivations for pursuing the MBA and be able to speak to that in his/her letter.

Ana: How do you classify one's professional industry?Although I manage IT program, I have gained significant knowledge supporting Insurance and supply chain industries.Also have professional certifications in insurance industryWhile considering diverse class, Would my business knowledge help if the IT function dominate the applicant pool?

Toby: Great point - many of our applicants aren't limited to one particular industry or job function. We take it ALL into consideration. The breadth of your experience will be a plus on your application.

Jay: Is it okay to submit a very detailed resume? One that includes high school attended, jobs during high school, summer schools attended, short-lived internships and volunteerships, etc. Basically, the things that are usually left out when submitting a resume for a job.

Toby: Hi Jay. There is a template within the application that we encourage you to follow. The things you mention are not typical to a resume, if you believe we should be considering them with the rest of your application I think the 3rd, optional essay question would be a good place to point them out.

G-282033144: I have a concern that my desire to move into new venture after graduation will be seen as negative for exec MBA program because i may not continue to work with my sponsor after graduation. How do i address that in one of the essays?

Patty: Hello. We work with many different students with many different motivations for pursuing the MBA degree. Some of these motivations do include eventually leaving a current employer. That is very acceptable and does not reflect negatively on your application. We understand that our students may choose to pursue other employment opportunities either during or after the program.

jessica: For the letters can they be people that you work from 4 years ago or do you want them from people that you work with now?

Toby: We want to hear from people that can speak intelligently about you professionally. I would imagine that someone who hasn't worked with you for four years cannot speak to the type of professional you currently are.

G-282026758: Good afternoon Toby and Patty. I hope this message finds the both of you well. My question is around the timing of Booth's communication to prospective candidates. Approximately how long will it take for a candidate to learn of Booth's decision after their interview? William Brown

Toby: It can take 4-6 weeks.

Alex: How much weightage does international experience hold?I have work experience working in 3 major continents--Europe, North America and Asia.

Patty: Hi, Alex. Please plan to highlight your international work experience in your application. We do not weight pieces of the application, so it is difficult to say how valuable it may be out of context.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 5 minutes.

ARR: If you receive a letter from a recommender with one or more questions not answered completely, will you go back to the recommender asking for the missing information, or just consider the letter as it is?

Patty: Hello, ARR. We will not contact a recommender unless we have a follow-up question and/or if there is a technical problem with the upload feature.

G-282029443: TOEFL exam is not required, but recommended. What TOEFL score is considered to be enough?

Toby: The minimum TOEFL score required for admission depends on whether applicants take the computerized, internet-based (iBT), or paper exam. The TOEFL iBT minimum score is 104. The TOEFL computer test minimum score is 250. The TOEFL paper test minimum score is 600. The minimum IELTS score is 7. Applicants who score below the minimums may still apply, but admission would be contingent upon meeting the minimum scores or other language requirements. While the University of Chicago has specific sub-score minimum requirements for each test, Chicago Booth does not strictly enforce sub-score minimums since a personal interview is part of our admissions process.

jessica: If i work with someone form 7 yers about is it ok to ask a letter from them?

Toby: Yes - that is fine.

Alex: are only accepted candidates interviewed?What is the criterion for receiving an interview call?

Toby: Yes - getting an interview is a good thing. We make a cursory evaluation of the application before inviting students to interview mainly to remove any extreme outliers from the process.

Patricia: Thank you for joining us. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us at XP@chicagobooth.edu

Patty: Thanks for joining us today and for your interest in Chicago Booth.

Toby: Hi Everyone - thanks for joining us today. Please send any other questions to XP@chicagobooth.edu and don't foget to join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube to keep up to date an everything else happening at Chicago Booth!

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