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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 - 12:00 PM CDT

Moderator: Thank you for joining our live chat! The chat is now in session. Our admissions team is standing by to answer your questions. Please feel free to submit them anytime by entering them below.

Toby: He everyone! Welcome to the chat. My name is Toby Cortelyou, I'm the Associate Director of Admissions and Marketing. I look forward to spending the next hour with you.

Patricia: Welcome! Thanks for joining us. I'm Patricia Coffey, Associate Director of Admissions for the Executive MBA Program.

Patty: Welcome! Thank you for joining us today. This is Patty Keegan, Associate Dean of our Executive MBA Program.

George:How much does the program cost?

Toby: Tuition for the full 21 month program for students who started in June 2010 was $142,000.

Brad: Hello and welcome I am Brad Krillenberger the Senior Associate Director of Student Services we are happy to have you with us.

George:Are there any online or remote options?

Toby: No there are not. All classes take place in either Chicago, London or Singapore. Depending on the faculty member and TA there may be options for online/remote review sessions for courses but again that depends on who's teaching.

Ana: I would like to know about the possibility of applying to the program with only 4 or 5 years of experience. I know that the average experiences is 13 years.

Patty: Executive MBA programs are designed for students wth considerable work experience so they can contribute as well as benefit from peers at a similar point in their careers. Someone with significantly less experience would have to have a very unique career path in order to compete with other candidates' profiles -- for example, a medical doctor just out of med school.

kammy: If my company wont sponsor, is there full financial aid?

Toby: There is financial aid available in the form of students loans. I can't promise FULL financial aid. Financial Aid questions are typically very specific I encourage you to contact the Financial Aid office directly at 773.702.3964

kammy: Can a student travel back and forth from another state and still be able to successfully attend the program?

Patricia: Hi Kammy -- yes, students travel from all over the US to attend the Executive MBA program here in Chicago every other weekend (Friday & Saturday).

LUIS: hi, i have a couple of questions regarding your EMBA program, the first is that I'm living in Mexico City so can I take your program from here or how many days during a year do I have to go to Chicago to take classes

Brad: Hi Luis, you will need to come to Chicago to attend classes. Regular class weekends are every other Friday and Saturday at our Chicago campus.

sbc: Hi! Am curious to know - for someone like me, with about 9+ years of work experience (full-time), is it advisable to apply for the Executive MBA or the normal full-time MBA at Booth? I have not yet worked in top management, but have worked with C-level execs for over the last two years. So I am in that 'transition' zone with significant experience, but not sure if I may fit the normal MBA class, who would be probably much younger (I'll be 33+ yrs old by the start of the next session)

Toby: Hi SBC - there are many variable that go in to the decision to apply to a full-time or exec MBA program. What I can say is that based on your comment there is no reason to discourage you from applying to the Executive MBA Program. When evaluating applications we look to see what value you are going to add to the experience of your classmates, if you believe you have a strong answer to that question then you could be a fit for the Executive Program.

Pitu: Can an MBA graduate from different university can apply for this course?

Brad: Hi Pitu, Yes you may.

Sabrina: When is the next start session of this program?

Patty: Our next class begins in June 2011.

Jul: Where can I find the program schedule?

Brad: Hi Jul, here's the link for our current class:

Brad: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/docs/XP81-calendar.pdf

Pitu: Do you waive off any credits or gets any preference over other candidates if the applicant is already MBA?

Patty: We do not accept transfer credit of any kind in our executive MBA program. However, if you already hold an MBA degree, it is important for you to let us know your motivation for wanting to earn another MBA degree.

Tom: Good day. What is the share of students at the current EMBA course, who have passed the GMAT? I know that GMAT is not among the admission requirements, yet the application process suggests to identify the GMAT score if available. How important is GMAT as the admission criteria at the Chicago Booth? If it is not importnat, why is it included as an optional question?

Toby: Hi Tom. About 1/3 of our application submit a GMAT score. The GMAT is a great tool for us to evaluate a candidate's quantitative skills. If you have trouble showing us in other places in your application that you have strong quant skills then we would strongly encourage you to submit a GMAT score.

Vikram__Guest_: How many years of experience is required for the Executive MBA

Patricia: Vikram, On average we admit students in the program with 13+ years of experience.

Angela: What percentage of the applicants have a legal background (in other words, have JDs)

Toby: Hi Angela - I don't have specific numbers for you but in general we work very hard to maintain diversity in the classroom in terms of professional industry and job function. In the class that just entered this last fall 5% of them identified themselves as having a job function in "law". I hope that helps!

Pitu: How different is eXecutive MBA from Full time MBA in terms of Branding?

Patty: Chicago Booth has several ways to earn your MBA. All students -- regardless of program -- earn the exact same degree taught by the same faculty. Students in each of our MBA programs are at different points in their careers and have different amounts of work experience. Our BRAND is a Chicago Booth MBA regardless of program.

Aloke: Do you have West Coast students attending?

Patricia: Hi Aloke! Yes, we have students traveling from the west coast to attend our program.

Jul: Is the GMAT required?

Brad: Hi Jul! No, the GMAT is not required.

Kiran: There were some recent media reports that Chicago Booth MBAs don't have the same emotional connection to Booth after they graduate, when compared to MBAs from Kellogg, Duke, Wharton or Columbia... can you please let us know how true such reports are, from your experience?

Patty: Hi, Kiran. I am not aware of any media reports. I encourage you to speak directly to current Booth students and alumni and ask them that question. I am sure that you will hear many stories of gratitude and connections amongst our community members. By nature, executive MBA programs are cohort-based and so our students have very strong connections with their classmates and their experiences here.

karthik: what is the selection criteria to get into these programs

Toby: Hello Karthik - when evaluating application we are looking for a number of things. It is important that an applicant display an abilty to manage the academic rigor of the program, it is important that an applicant display a link between their goals in earning and MBA and the offerings at CHicago Booth and finally it is important that you can explain what value you will add to the experience of your classmates.

KEMI: Hello my name is Shade and I just have a few questions about how to make my application stronger to gain admission into Chicago Booth. I am very glad that you all have taken some time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. I am in my final year at Florida Memorial University studying Accounting. My GPA is currently 3.8 and I have been working with a arbitration firm for about one year. I was an intern at Bank of America for the summer of 2009 and I am very involved with the National Association of Black Accountant. I know that the experience might be considered too little but I am an international student and would only be allowed a year work experience when I graduate in December. This only gives me about two and half years of work experience. Do you have any suggestions about how I can make up for the work experience?

Toby: Hi Shade - this is a complicated and very specific question. Email me offline at toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu and we can discuss further.

G-549593234__Guest_: since the exec MBA seems to require lot less number of contact hours compared to regukar full-time MBA - do both get the same recognition in the industry?

Patty: Hello. Our executive MBA program has fewer elective courses, but its core curriculum is the same in terms of contact hours. We use the same faculty and confer the same MBA degree regardless of the program in which you are enrolled. Industry should recognize the same degree.

Vikram: How does the course help specially in these tough economic conditions . Is it relevant?

Toby: Hi Vikram - The Chicago Approach to business education is based in fundamentals. We believe that the fundamentals of business are relevant regardless of currect economic conditions and that they are applicable to any idustry and job funcion anywhere in the world. That said the events of the past two years are certainly part of classroom discussion. I'm confident that the problem solving skills and overall business acumen developed in the program is relevent at any time.

Joe: I'm interested in learning about the main differences between the XP and part time programs...

Patty: Hi, Joe. Thanks for joining us today. XP and part-time programs (i.e., Evening and Weekend) are designed for professionals at different points in their careers. XP is a general management curriculum targeted towards individuals getting ready to take the next step into a general management role (c-level positions). Evening and Weekend is designed for individuals earlier on in their careers who are looking to hone their functional skills in marketing, accounting, finance, etc. Therefore, the curriculum is more flexible in order to meet the many career paths of our part-time students.

JF: Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. As executive MBA's are typically supported by their companies, are there any students that entered the program without a sponsoring company?

Brad: We do require a letter of company support when you are accepted to the program.

dj: How long does acceptance last, if you need to defer and not enroll during the fall 2011 session?

Toby: Admitted students can defer their admission for one year - meaning if you are admitted to begin in June 2011 and can't, you can begin in 2012. After that you must reapply.

Angela: Academics aside, what qualities do you value highly in your applicants/students?

Patty: Hi, Angela. Great question! We look for motivated candidates who have demonstrated leadership in their professional roles. In addition, we look for people who are willing to share their professional expertise with classmates and in turn, can benefit from the expertise of others. In short, we look for those who value teamwork and collaboration. We also look for individuals who are realistic about their career goals and are willing to work hard to reach those goals.

Hari__Guest_: 1. Finance concentration: What specific courses are offered and which faculty members teach them?

Brad: Currently Entrepreneurial Finance I is taught by Professor Scott Meadow and Financial Strategy I is taught by Professor Kevin Rock, but this is subject to change.

Hari__Guest_: 2. Faculty: Do you have a list of set faculty members who will be teaching the EMBA courses during the coming year? Where can I find that specific list by courses?

Brad: Faculty are subject to change but a course list is available online at:

Brad: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/academics/curriculum/index.aspx

LUIS: Hi Toby, but on average how many days do you calculate that I have to be in Chicago and does this include Saturdays? Probably this is my only restriction to take the program so sorry for insisting in this question. I'm 32 with 8 years of experience and with other courses like the CFA}

Toby: Hi Luis. Copy and paste this url, it is a link to the calendar for classes starting in 2011 and gives the exact dates for classes. In short though classes are every other weekend all day friday and all day Saturday. http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/docs/XP82-calendar.pdf

Pitu: Are there any international travel in this program?

Brad: We do require all North American executive MBA students to attend a week of class in both our London & Singapore campuses in their 2nd summer.

Kiran: Hello Booth team... can you please tell a bit more about the EMBA program compared to the full-time MBA... is the EMBA academically a lightweight (or seen as such) by Booth internally, and by other companies?

Toby: Hi Kiran. The same faculty teach accross all programs at Chicago Booth. The Chicago Booth MBA is viewed as equal internally and should be viewed as equal externally as well.

eMBA_20If you worked full time (professionally) while attending undergraduate, does that disclude you from including those years into your Work Experience tally?

Toby: No it does not but to be clear there is no formula that we use for admission, meaning a certain number of years experience plus a certain GPA and GMAT equals admission. We are going to critique the quality of your experience to determine fit for the program.

KEMI: Hello Patty are u sugesting I graduate and gain a lot more work experience before applying?

Patty: Hi, KEMI. We require an undergraduate degree for admission. If you are interested in pursuing an MBA right out of undergraduate school, it is best to look into our full-time MBA program.

kammy: whats the most important decision maker in the application if the gmat isnt necessary to apply

Patricia: Kammy - We typically take a holistic view on all the different components of the application. We also look at the contribution you can make to the class -- leadership ability, etc.

RN: Could you discuss the recruiting options available for participants? I know most partipants return to their prior firms, but I am looking for new opportunities post exec mba.

Brad: All career services are available to executive MBA students but we do not offer a formalized recruitment process in the executive MBA program.

StanleyHow well do your MBA programs accomodate the full time working profesionals that are not willing to put their careers on hold to obtain an MBA

Patty: Hello, Stanley. All of our part-time MBA programs at Chicago Booth -- Evening, Weekend, and Executive MBA -- accommodate full-time working professionals. All students are employed full-time while earning their degrees in the evenings and/or on the weekends.

G-549565785: Hi, I am from Mexico City and I started two company four years ago. Do we have to be working will we are studing the Executive program??

Brad: We do require a letter of company support when you are accepted to the program.

Julius: What about someone like me who most of their experience has been with a small company? I only worked seven years for very large organizations.

Toby: Hi Julius. We work very hard in the admission process to shape a diverse class in terms of professional industry and job function. This also includes company size. What you are viewing as a negative could potentially be leveraged as a positive.

Vikram: Do we get an opportunity to chance careers after the course?

Patty: Hi, Vikram. During the program, you have the opportunity to work with our terrific career coaches. However, those coaches will not present specific job opportunities for you. We support you in your career development which may or may not involve job (or career) changes. In many cases, our students receive promotions at their current emloyers or may move to a different employer.

David: I'm among the ranks of unemployed journalists. Was a foreign correspondent and bureau chief for 15 years. Looking to make a career change. Is the Booth program only for employed execs?

Patty: Hi, David. Our program is designed for students who are employed full-time so that they can contribute their knowledge directly to the workplace. Students are also expected to contribute to the knowledge of classmates. With that said, we realize that individuals are in transition. We will evaluate applications from those in transition, but it will be challenging when you are in competition with employed applicants.

Moderator: There are 15 minutes left in the chat and lots of questions so far! Please stay tuned and we will answer as many as we can before the session ends.

GeorgeA908: Hi everyone, good afternoon. Just a quick question. Let us say someone starts the eMBA program and is then laid off. Would they be able to switch to the full-time MBA program?

Toby: Hi George. The answer is maybe. The switch is complicated and not promised. These switches are VERY rare and should not be counted on when applying or beginning the program.

Jenille: Hello, I am currently attending an MBA program, does your college accept transfer credit, and are you allowed to apply as a transfer student?

Patricia: Jenille, The executive program does not accept transfer credits from another instituition. The curriculum is pre-set so no courses transferred in our out.

Scott2013: why is there a significant cost difference between fulltime and exec programs?

Patty: Hi, Scott. Our executive MBA program is a packaged program. In other words, it includes all course tuition, books and course materials, many meals, hotel stays for the residential sessions, and many extracurricular activities. Our full-time MBA cost is purely a tuition cost.

azhang8: Does your GPA weight heavily on the admission process, or would you rather seE work experience?

Patricia: Hello - thank you for your question. All the components of an application (letters of recommendation, essays, gpa) all weigh heavily on the admissions process. If someone has a low GPA, we still look at leadership ability, contribution to the class, etc.)

Ana: How many classes per month does the mba have? Can international students attend to the EMBA as well?

Brad: Classes are typically every other weekend so you will normally have four days per month. We do have many international students in our current class.

Sabrina: Is EMBA designed for students to take classes part time?

Patricia: Hi Sabrina --Yes, The EMBA program is a part time program. Students do not have to interrupt their careers to complete the program.

GeorgeA908: Do EMBA students get the same career services support as full-time MBA students?

Toby: Executive MBA students have access to all the same Career Services offerings as students in other programs with the exception of On Campus Recruiting. Generally companies recruiting on campus are searching to fill positions that are junior to what would be interesting to an Executive MBA student.

eMBA_20Approximately how many EMBA students are fully sponsored by their companies?

Toby: Approx 20-25% of our students are fully sponsored.

RN: Could you discuss what the admissions com. would like to see in terms of recommendatiions? Should it be partners/execs we report to, or people we have managed, or outside activites, etc.?

Patty: Hello, RN. One of your 3 recommendations should come from your direct boss who knows your work and career potential very well. The other 2 letters should also come fom people who know you very well professionally. We are more interested in hearing from people close to you than from people who may have an impressive title but do not know you very well! Trust me, we can tell the difference!

sbc: Thanks Toby. Is there a specific page which I can visit to see how the (summarized) profile of the entering class of last 3 batches look like?

Toby: hi sbc - try this http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/world-class/class-stats/chicago.aspx

Raviram: Hi , This is Raviam and i am from India, i was just wondering whether i have to get an slot for the personal interview.Is it an mandatory?

Toby: Hi Raviram - yes the interview is mandatory.

EMT: I didn't realize the GMAT is not required. So it is okay to apply without a GMAT score? What is required to apply?

Patricia: Yes, you area able to apply without submitting a GMAT score. We require a completed online application which consist of 3 letters of recommendation, essay questions answered, transcripts from other institutions where you received a diploma or degree, there is also an application fee. You can find the online appliation at www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba

Marsoi: What would you describe as the Chicago Booth main focus on EMBA, comparing to other institutions such as Kellogg? Financials? General Management? Entrepreneurship?

Patty: Our executive MBA curriculum is general management (just like Kellogg's EMBA program and most others). In our program, you can opt to earn a concentration in marketing,strategy or finance, but this is not required.

Jenille: What if your company will not write you a letter?

Patricia: Hi Jenille -- All admitted students are required to provide a letter of support from their company. If you do not have a support letter it could put you in jeapordy of keeping your seat, if you're admitted to the program.

JSG: When is the best time to have your application submitted?

Toby: Hi JSG, it's always better to apply earlier than later. That said we want you to be sure to put your best foot forward as well, don't rush through an application just to get it submitted.

Rich: What percentage (on average) of EMBA students come from outside the greater Chicago/Illinois area?

Brad: Typically about 30% of the class will come in from outside the greater Chicago area.

azhang8: Do you have a MBA program regarding different fields other than finance? For example sustainable management or sustainable development?

Patricia: Hello -- The EMBA program is a general management focused program. However, you are able to concentrate in three different areas; Marketing, Finance and Strategy.

G-549593234__Guest_: In terms of company sponsorship, would it be held gainst me if I am self-employed / entrepreneur / small business owner (off course with the ability to pay the fees)? How would I compare to another candidate working for and sponsored by a Fortune 100 corp?

Patty: We value diversity of industry and job function within our cohort, so this will NOT be held against you. Our goal is to create a cohort of 90 students with a nice balance of industries and experiences.

Arun: Is it possible to contact any EMBA alumi in my place?

Toby: Yes it is. Please send an email to xp@chicagobooth.edu with your request and we will share your information with an alum to contact you.

Tim: I am interested in building a case for my company to finance my EMBA. Is there any resources that you have for submitting to large companies the benefits an EMBA would be to an employer?

Patty: Hi, Tim. Please contact us off-line. We have a document and some other tips that may help build your case!

Moderator: The chat has now ended. Unfortunately we couldn't get to all of your questions today. Please feel free to contact us via email at xp@chicagobooth.edu for additional consultation. A transcript of this chat will be available online within 48 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/chat/archive.aspx.

Patty: Thank you for joining us today and submitting some great questions!

Patricia: Thanks for joining us today. For additional information about admissions to the Executive MBA Program, please feel free to reach out to us via phone at 312.464.8750 or by email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

Toby: Thanks for your time everyone, please be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube to continue these conversations and learn about other opportunities to learn about Chicago Booth!

Brad: Thank you for taking time to learn more about our executive MBA program today. Have a great day!

Patricia: Thanks for joining us today. For additional information about admissions to the Executive MBA Program, please feel free to reach out to us via phone at 312.464.8750 or by email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu