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March 4, 2010 — 12:00-1:00 PM CST

Patricia: Hello! Good Afternoon. I'm Patricia Coffey, Associate Director of Admissions for the EMBA Program. Looking forward to the chat today!

Moderator: Hello, the chat will begin in 5 minutes. Please feel free to submit your questions now!

Brad: Hello, Good Afternoon. I'm Brad Krillenberger, Senior Associate Director for Student Services Executive MBA Program North America.

Toby: Hi Everyone my name is Toby Cortelyou, I am the Associate Director of Admission and Marketing - I look forward to chatting with you today!

Patricia: Hello! I'm Patricia Coffey, Associate Director of Admissions for the EMBA Program. Thanks for joining us today!

Brad: Hello, Good Afternoon. I'm Brad Krillenberger, Senior Associate Director for Student Services Executive MBA Program North America.

Yetunde: Hello Good afternoon. I'm Yetunde Agada a student in XP79 and I am about to graduate this month. I look forward to chatting with you today.

Ben__Guest_: Hi Patricia! I am curious if it is considered a disadvantage if someone is potentially going to get financial aid to cover the entire tuition expense (or most of it).

Patricia: Hi Ben. There is no disadvantage for those applying for financial aid vs. a company paying a full tuition.

Rosana__Guest_: Please, can you tell me the latest date to apply to EMBA course and when the next program starts in Chicago?

Patricia: Hi Rosana. The final deadline for the 2010 year is April 1, 2010. The program begins June 20, 2010 with Kickoff week/Orientation. For additional information, please visit our website at www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba

Diptes__Guest_: Is it too late in the application process since we are near the last deadline, since you have rolling admissions

Toby: Hi Diptes - It is NOT too late. We are only half way through reviewing all of the applications in total. That said the earlier you submit your application the better.

Noel__Guest_: what are the major differences between the executive program and the regular program

Patricia: Hi Noel. Good questions. One of the differences is the profile of the students. The full-time MBA program students have about 3-4 years of work experience. Executive students are more seasoned professionals with on average 13 years of work experience. There is also a difference in the format of the curriculum, the Executive MBA program provides a lock step, pre-set curriculum. Please visit our website for specific details, www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba

Diptes__Guest_: Hi do you have anyone commuting from the West Coast, if so could you help me get connected

Brad: We have a few people commuting from the West Coast. Please contact xp@chicagobooth.edu for information on getting connected.

Ustaad__Guest_: Do you provide informal interview prior to the application such that the candidate can be appraised of their suitability for the program

Toby: Hi Ustaad - we do not have the resources to provide pre-assessment services. If there is a particular aspect of your application you are curious about we can give some advice but in general a larger assessment is not an option.

Niles__Guest_: I know April 1 is the final deadline. My question is, do you automatically consider the candidate for next year if the candidate doesn't "fit" in this year class?

Patricia: Hello Niles. No we do not automatically consider a a candidate for the next year. If you are not offered a seat for the 2010 class, you will have an option of reapplying again.

BB__Guest_: Do you have an open house between now and 1 April?

Toby: Hi BB - Our next and final open house is tomorrow -here at the Gleacher Center from 4-6PM.

Bhavin__Guest_: I understand classes meet generally every other Fri-Sat but a sample program calendar would be helpful. Is there one on-line (I could not find it)?

Brad: This calendar is for our current class but the lay out will be similar for the next class as well.

Brad: http://programs.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/docs/XP80Calendar.pdf

Jeb__Guest_: do you have any insight for me to provide to my HR department. They have approved reimbursement for the PT program but not the EMBA and they sight the program doesn't meet the standards.

Brad: Each case and company is different. Please contact us directly at XP@chicagobooth.edu with a list of requirements. We will help clarify that ALL Booth programs require VERY similar courses.

Bhavin__Guest_: Good afternoon. What is the thought process around the GMAT?

Patricia: Hi -- We encourage applicants to submit a GMAT score if you have fewer than the average years of work experience or if your prior academic work does not adequately demonstrate your ability.

Ben__Guest_: There is a introductory review from 4-6pm tomorrow in Chicago. How valuable is this to attend, what is discussed?

Toby: Hi Ben - Tomorrows event will include a PowerPoint presentation discussing the overal logistics and demographics of the program. It is also a terrific opportunity to meet, mingle and network with current students and alumni. We certainly believe them to be very valuable.

vince__Guest_: I am currently trying to position myself for entry into the booth program for fall 2010 and I am taking the Gmat in three weeks am I behind schedule at this point?

Toby: Hi Vince. The Executive MBA Program begins once a year, in June. Our Evening/Weekend program has sessions beginning in the Fall.

Ustaad__Guest_: Do you have any class visits scheduled in March, April, May. On the website, the schedule for class visits is only t hrough Feb

Patricia: Hi Ustaad -- yes, there are class visit dates available but by request only. Feel free to send an email to XP@ChicagoBooth.edu to request a class.

Shaikh__Guest_: does the dealine of April 1st, 2010 includes the interview process being done.

Patricia: Hi Shaikh. Your online application needs to be completed by the April 1 deadline. However, your interview does not need to be completed by April 1. In fact, we have an interview date scheduled for April 3, 2010.

G-476793927__Guest_: Hi Patricia...When visiting Chicago Booth to learn about the program, beyond speaking with students and facutly, are there other activities you recommend I make time for?

Patricia: Hi G! Yes, we encourage prospective applicants to sign up for a class visit. You will have the opportunity to sit in on a class and immerse yourself in the culture of the EMBA Program. Please e-mail XP@chicagobooth.edu to request a class visit.

Ben__Guest_: For the essay that is part of the application process, are there any resources you can point me to in format, length, theme, etc.. ?

Toby: Hi Ben, The guidlines should be provided in the online application. I don't have it in front of me but I believe we recommend 12 point font and no more than two pages. The questions themselves should direct your theme.

Ustaad__Guest_: Do all EMBA students stay together in one location when they attend classes at Chicago? If yes, then it could help provide for more networking opportunities and better immersion in the program.

Brad: We do provide accomodations for North American XP students during the four residential weeks. We don't require students to stay downtown during regular class weekends. We do work to provide several opportunities outside of class. We joke that how much networking can you do when you are sleeping. :-)

Diptes__Guest_: Do you have residency requirement for the classes held on Fri/Sat

Brad: We require that you be in class on Friday and Saturday, but we do not require you to stay in a particular hotel, etc.

Hari__Guest_: I graduated from India, how do I go about providing the transcripts i.e. what is the process?

Patricia: Hi Hari. If you have a copy of your mark sheets and certificate/diploma, you can submit a notarized copy of both documents. When you come in for your interview, we ask that you bring in the originals for review.

Campbell__Guest_: What are the primary motivations for a candidate seeking an EMBA and what are the actual benefits that most graduates believe they enjoy holding an EMBA?

Yetunde: Hello Campbell. Some of the motivations among my classmates include: The global perspective they gain by traveling to Asia and Europe. EMBA can be acquired as University of Chicago degree from those respective places also. Some benefits include the ability to interact with leaders that are busy, with a vast range of experience. If you would like to gain different perspectives, you should definitely visit a class. It would be valuable.

G-476841032__Guest_: Hello Everyone, how much time should be set aside to complete Pre-Work for the applicants that get accepted? Should I invest in one of the MBA Statistics or Accounting books?

Yetunde: Hello, There is a pre-mba class on accounting and math that is available prior to starting the program, however I would strongly advise doing a lot of prep work for the accounting class if you don't have a background in accounting/finance. Either way, I believe it is imperative that you do the pre work prior to starting the program.

Hari__Guest_: I am a self employed consultant - who do i approach for the recommendation needed from superviors?

Patricia: Hi Hari! If you're self employed, there is no need to submit a recommendation from a supervisor. You may, however want to submit a recommendation from a client/vendor that you've worked with for a substantial amount of time. Feel free to contact us at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu for more details.

xoChicBooth__Guest_: Is it mandatory that the applicants have to be employed?

Brad: It is not mandatory to be employed while applying. We prefer that students be employed while in the program. This is a part time MBA program and the in class experience relies heavily on the real life examples that student bring to class.

Diptes__Guest_: I understand you look for management experience, is there anything in particular you look for

Toby: Hi Diptes - In terms of Management experience we talk in terms of Project management and People management. Obviously the more you have the better. The curriculum is taught from a managers perspective and the more diverse experience you have the more value you will be able to add to the classroom.

Bhavin__Guest_: Can the GMAT be submitted following the April 1 deadline?

Patricia: Yes, Bhavin. Feel free to submit the GMAT after the deadline of April 1. You don't, however want to wait more than a few weeks after the deadline.

Diptes__Guest_: On the GMAT, do you have data which indicates the average for the people who submit their scores

Patricia: Diptes -- we currently do not have data on average scores for those who submit a GMAT.

Jeb__Guest_: As we are at the end of the application process for June 2010 beginning class, would it be more beneficial hold the application for the following year. Could you provide details regarding how many seats are left in Chicago for the 2010 class? Thank you

Toby: Hi Jeb - The number of available seats is not public information. The botton line is that it is always better to apply sooner than later. Should we fill the class and not have room for you this year but we still believe you would be a valuable member of the program we would offer you a spot for the class incoming 2011.

Moderator: We are halfway through the chat, and we have received great questions so far! Please continue to send your questions and we will answer as many as possible.

Sandy__Guest_: I heard someone say that the interviews go on even after the deadline, in this case when are the final results declared? Also, do u place folks on wait lists?

Brad: Our last Formal interview date is April 3rd. We will sometimes offer applicants deferred admission to the next year.

Niles__Guest_: You mentioned that you have only reviewed half of the applicaitons. But is fair to say that when you review last deadline applications, you would have be done reviewing all the previous applications?

Toby: Hi Niles. yes that's true - we use what is called rolling admissions meaning we review the application as they come in - so if you submit your application today it will be reviewed before an application received tomorrow.

Bhavin__Guest_: One of my references asked me about parameters re: the recommendation letter. Length, what it should entail, etc.? Can you provide some insight?

Toby: Once you provide your recommender information they will receive and email providing them with a login ID and Password to a separate website. This website gives them the direction you are talking about in terms of what topics we want them to address in their letters. However, your recommenders should be prepared to speak to your professional experience as well as your ability to excel in the program.

Ben__Guest_: I have copies of all of my transcripts, however, the application process asks for "official" transctips from previous schools. Question: How official do they need to be, official as in sealed? If so, I've got some calls to make.

Patricia: Hi Ben,

Patricia: If your transcripts are from schools outside of the US, we understand you may have one copy. you will need to submit a copy of that transcript that's been notarized. In addition, you'll need to submit a notarized copy of your certificate or diploma. You should have no problem submitting a sealed official transcript from any school within the US.

Amby__Guest_: What's the minimum GMAT required to get into chicago?

Toby: Hi Amby. We don't have a minimum GMAT score. We take a holistic approach to application review meaning there is no formula of XXX GMAT score plus X.X GPA automatically gets you in or out of the program.

Bhavin__Guest_: Hi. Can you provide a sense as to the estimated number of applicants and seats available for the EMBA program?

Toby: Hi BHavin - Number of total applications, acceptance rates and number of open spaces is not information that we make public. We bring in a total of 90 students a year to the progam.

Ben__Guest_: what percentage of students submit a GMAT during the application process?

Toby: About 30% of our students submit a GMAT score.

Diptes__Guest_: Hi Yetunde, now that you are almost at the end of the program what would you say were the highlights and what made you choose Booth

Brad: I chose Booth for the brand, the reputation, the finance and economics academics and of course Nobel laureates. The highlights for me were the travel overseas by gaining business perspectives from fellow foreign students. Finance courses still wowed the minds of fellow classmates that have the background. I knew that we were learning something special. Finally, the people, Made some amazing friends along the way, potential clients and generally great unique people.

Hari__Guest_: I know that GMAT is not mandatory but if I have a score around 600, wld it help strengten or weaken my prospects (ie. do i stand a better change with or w/o the scrore)?

Toby: Hi Hari - We encourage all applicants to submit a GMAT score - it is a tool we use primarily in measuring your quantitave skills. That said it is one piece of a large application process, no one particular piece of the application is going to ensure admission or denial to the program.

Sandy__Guest_: Patricia, u said one can submit the GMAT score after the deadline - isnt it possible tht one get rejected before that, since u hv rolling admissions

Patricia: Hi Sandy -- you will not get rejected for submitting a score after the deadline. I will be happy to speak more to you about this offline. XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

Amby__Guest_: If I apply early on , will I have better chances to get into the program than someone who applies later?

Toby: Amby - yes, it is always an advantage to apply sooner than later. We work very hard to be sure that no one industry or job function dominates the classroom so students applying earlier have an advantage.

G-476841032__Guest_: How many EMBA's make up the 43,000 Booth Alum number?

Brad: Hi. We have 5,500 Executive MBA alumni globally.

Ben__Guest_: I must have missed the direction on recomendations having to access the system at Booth. I recently asked for LOR's to be sent to me. Looks like I missed that proces and need to review the process. Is that correct, I need to send you my list of recomenders first?

Toby: That's right Ben - on the application there is space for you to provide contact information for your recommenders. However if the letters are being sent to you it is fine to send them on to us and the recommenders then won't need to go through the online process we provide.

Shaikh__Guest_: What percentage of the class has the hi-tech background?

Patricia: Hi Shaikh,The typical percentage for each job industry is about 15%. For profile information for our class, please visit http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/world-class/class-stats/index.aspx

Sandy__Guest_: What (if any) is the diversity criteria?

Patricia: Hi Sandy --I'm not sure I'm clear about your question. However, the student body is very diverse in job function and industry. It runs the gamit, from attorneys, technical, non-profit to entrepreneurs. There is also diversity in terms of men/women, geography, age, etc.

Shaikh__Guest_: How many class hours are in a month, Does friday a full day session starting in the morning?

Brad: A typical class weekend will start with a morning class from 9am to Noon. The afternoon will normally start at 1:30 and go to 4:30. This schedule will repeat on Saturday. With normally two class weekend a month you would be IN class for 24 hours

Shaikh__Guest_: How does the new financial regulation influence the curriculum at Booth?

Toby: Hi Shaikh - Our curriculum is founded in providing fundamentals as opposed to teaching to latest trends. That said a number of your lectures and cases will address current events - including regulation. At the end of the day we want to provide you with the analytical tools you need to address any problem in any industry.

Amby__Guest_: Can I use my 2002 GRE score instead of a GMAT score for admissions?

Patricia: Hi Amby -- we do not accept the score for the program.

G-476793927__Guest_: The first and second essay have some similar themes about "Why a Booth MBA? How will it help?", can you talk about the difference in information you hope to learn about us from each essay?

Toby: In questions one you should talk about what aspects of the program you believe you will gain the most out of AS WELL AS what you hope to contribute to the class. Questions two is asking to focus more on your career goals.

Hari__Guest_: Could u briefly touch upon this concept of rolling admissions, how exactly does it work? You have a constant influx of application until 04/01 and you provide acceptance letters all the way through. Does that mean that the sooner I submit the better the chance?

Toby: Hari - The only thing rolling admission means for sure is that the sooner you submit the sooner you will get a response. The vast majority of our applications actually come in the last few days before the application deadline.

Diptes__Guest_: Can we the official transcripts from schools outside of the US sent directly to the admissions committee along with the employer's letter of support

Patricia: Hi Diptes -- yes, both can be sent directly to our program office. The address can be found on the online application or the website at www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/contact.aspx

David__Guest_: Could you breifly describe or point me to the spot on line the illustrates the process for an entrepreneur applying, i.e. how it changes from the letter of support and recommendation required by non-self employeed.

Patricia: Hi David, We have provided some detail about this in previous responses (and this chat transcript will be available within 24 hours!), or please contact us at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu for detailed information.

vince__Guest_: I recently have been laid off from my last job and decided to pursue my MBA at chicago. Does my layoff disqualify me from admission.

Toby: Hi Vince - no, being laid off does not disqualify you from admission. We prefer students be employed or at least actively seeking employment while in the program so that you can add more of your current experiences to classroom discussions.

Diptes__Guest_: I believe one needs to submit 3 recommendations, who should be the 2nd & 3rd (1st being the immediate supervisor)

Patricia: Diptes -- the other two letters should come from someone who you've worked with that can speak about your potential. They should be able to speak on what projects they've worked on with you and the success. They should be able to talk about your future potential as well.

Moderator: There are 5 minutes left. We will try to answer as many more questions as possible!

Shaikh__Guest_: How much EMBA student get opportunity to interact with the Faculty (outside of class) like Professor Zingales?

Brad: Great question Shaikh! A lot of that depends on the individual faculty members. We do try to provide speaking opportunities for faculty that are not included directly in the executive MBA curriculum. We have has several speaker such as Gary Beck, Eugene Fama, & Steven Levitt

Shaikh__Guest_: Quetsion for Yetunde -- why did you select Booth EMBA over other programs? and how do you like it so far?

Yetunde: Hello Shaikh, I had already had much more experience than the average full time student. I was looking for a general management approach, while gaining the mechanics. Looking for something to aid in my role at the time and further my career goals. The part-time program is great but I needed something that worked with my schedule and was a bit more structure.

David__Guest_: I understand the work experience is the main distinguisher between MBA / EMBA... I wonder for an EMBA seeker that aspires to Booth in conjunction with a career change--will this be viewed negatively?

Toby: No david - not at all - students apply to the program for many different reasons. A prospective career change is not uncommon.

Shaikh__Guest_: How does the admissions office perceive a candidate who had unsuccessful business venture in past?

Toby: Shaikh - that will be up to you and how you frame the venture to us. Hopfully you will be able to provide lessons you learned and/or reasons the venture was unsuccessful.

Diptes__Guest_: For a student what are the resources one could use for Social Enterprise

Yetunde: Hello Diptes, Social enterprise resources can be sought from some of our professors in the business school.

YARTE__Guest_: Hello. Do you need GMAT scores for International candidates for the Executive MBA Program?

Patricia: We encourage ALL applicants to submit a GMAT score, but especially those who have fewer years of work experience, or those who feel their prior academic work does not adequately demonstrate their abilities.

Patricia: Thank you so much for all your questions! We look forward to engaging with you further about the EMBA Program. Feel free to reach out to us via email at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

Brad: Thank you all for taking the time to chat with us today. I hope this was informative and helpful.

Toby: Everyone - Thank you for spending this hour with us - we hope we've been able to provide some insight into the program. if you have any further questions please feel free to email us - xp@chicagobooth.edu or call 312.464.8750. Thanks!

Yetunde: Thank you so much for your questions.

Moderator: The chat has now ended. You can read a transcript of this chat within 24 hours at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/chat/archive.aspx