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October 14, 2009—10:30-11:30AM CDT

Moderator: Good morning, and welcome to the chat! We will be starting in a few minutes, please continue to submit your questions.

Venky: How many applications do you receive and how many do you admit for EMBA?

Patty: Hi Venky - We don't release specific numbers of applications for any of our programs. However, our executive MBA typically receives 3-4 applications for every seat we have available. So, it is quite competitive!

Vic_1: can you please walk through an overview of the admissions process, typical profile of exec mba candidate, what the admissions committee is looking for etc.? thanks

Patricia: Hello Vic. Applicants are required to complete an online application via the website. The application requires essay questions, resume, official transcripts. An interview can be scheduled at anytime during the process. For additional information, please feel free to view our website at http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/admissions/index.aspx

Annette: What is the median amount of years work experience your current class holds

Patty: Hi Annette -- Our average number of years' work experience in our current class is 13 years.

Annette: Would you consider your program a global viewpoint?

Toby: Hi Annette. Our program provides not only a global perspective but a global experience. We recognize that as the world gets smaller your ability to work globally becomes more and more important and we address those needs regularly in the classroom. Also 25% of your classtime is spent with our students from our London and Singapore campuses and that includes a one week trip to each London and Singapore.

Shah: How much weight does GPA carry on an admissions decision?

Patty: Hi Shah - We look at your undergraduate (and any graduate) GPA, but they are part of the whole picture of you as a candidate. We realize that undergraduate school is many years in the past. However, we need some indication of your ability to handle academic coursework.

Julie: Is the GMAT required to complete an application?

Patty: No - but we strongly encourage taking the GMAT.

Venky: What is the average and median GMAT score among the EMBA applicants?

Patricia: Thanks for your question. The average GMAT score for the full-time program is around 710; however none of the Chicago Booth programs have a specific cut-off point for GMAT scores. The EMBA program uses the GMAT more as a means of making sure that the person has the necessary skills to handle the rigours academic work required in the program.

S: Recommendation letters-is there no std template letter like we have in full time?

Toby: Hi "S". No we do not have a standard template for recommendation letters. Once you submit the contact information of your recommenders they are given access to a website specific to them that does provide guidlines as to what information we would like to have.

EMBACandidate2010: What guidelines should one use while working on his/her resume for an EMBA program? As potential candidate's work experience spans multiple years, is to ok to have a resume more than a page? Any other tips?

Patty: Hi EMBA Candidate 2010 - We provide a preferred resume template within our online application. This should make it a bit easier for you! As with most things on our application, focused and succinct is the best way to go!

G-159048599: Good morning. Can you give some guidance on the type of recommendation letters we should provide? My immediate supervisor has already committed. Should I submit a C-level recommendation as a demonstration of institutional committment to the program? Or do you prefer to see recommendations from managers that more directly interface with candidates?

Patty: Hi G-159048599! Your immediate supervisor as a recommender is exactly what we require! The other two should come from people who know you and your work very well. The institutional commitment will come in the form of a support letter once you are admitted to the program. If one of your recommenders is the appropriate person to provide this support letter, then he/she can talk about both things - their support of you as a candidate and your company's support.

MG: Who is an ideal executive MBA candidate? How to determine whether to go for Executive MBA Vs part time MBA at Booth?

Toby: Hi MG. There are a couple main differences in the EMBA and Evening/Weekend programs at Booth. Primarily the EMBA Program is a lock-step program in terms of curriculum and the EVening/Weekend program is incredibly flexible. The demographics of the student body are also a little different in that EMBA students are typically a little older and come in with more professional experience. I encourage you to investigate each program in detail to find out which one best serves your specific needs.

Hugo: I am curious about the number of EMBA's that change careers post graduation. I know the typical approach to an EMBA is to remain your current job and progress through the ranks, but a percentile breakdown would be great if available.

Patty: Hi Hugo - We don't have specific percentage breakdowns, but our students typically experience some type of career movement both during the program or after the program. Some are promoted at their current companies, some take jobs at another company. Very few are complete career changers - simply because they are at a point in their careers where complete change is much more difficult.

Rishi: Hello when is the cutoff date to complete the admission process. Also i was wondering since i live in Minneapolis what are the times when classes are held

Toby: Hi Rishi. We have three different deadlines for the application. December 1st, February 1st and April 1st. So April 1st is the absolute last date that you could submit your application. Classtimes are from 9:00am to 4:30pm Friday and Saturday.

Greg: What costs should be expected in addition to tuition (i.e. hotel, travel, computer, books, etc...)

Patricia: Hi Greg. The tuition will cover course material, fees, some meals and hotel accomodations during the 4 weeklong residental sessions in Chicago, Singapore and London. Transportation to the London and Singapore and hotels on regular class weekends in Chicago are the responsibility of the student.

Anthony: What is the difference between the Early Decision Deadline, the First Deadline and the Final Deadline?

Toby: Hi Anthony. There is no difference in the way applications from any of the deadlines are reviewed. The only thing to keep in mind is that we only have 90 seats in the program so those applying in the final deadline could run the risk of us not having enough room in the class.

Annette: My final question- do you have many students commuting from New York?

Patricia: Yes, Annette. We do have students who commute from New York. In fact, our students commute from all across the country. In the current class we have two who commute from outside of the US (Mexico and Canada).

G-159048599: Logistic

S: Do the majority of Executive MBA students from outside of Chicago stay near the Gleacher Center? Are their any hotels that are more/less popular with students?

Patricia: Yes, students who live outside of Chicago and some locals typically stay at hotels that are walking distance from the Gleacher Center. We also have a hotel program, where we secure blocks of rooms for our students at nearby hotels.

Carlton: I live in Bloomington, IL, how hard is it to commute for your executive program

Patricia: Hi Carlton -- We currently have students who commute as far as San Francisco. Our program format classes are held every other weekend (Friday & Saturday) at our downtown locations (Gleacher Center).

Hugo: I understand that their is a career resource center at Chicago Booth and its satellite campuses, do EMBA executives receive the same job listings and resources as full time MBA students? Some EMBA and part-time programs offer tiered services, because they assume the PT or EMBA student has a job.

Patty: Hi Hugo. The short answer is no, EMBA students do not receive the same services as full-time students. Mainly because the different student populations are typically at very different points in their careers. Our career services are however services for life and our coaches and counselors are available to help you throughout your entire career.

MerYac: I am considering applying to several programs in Chicago and the midwest. What type of candidate is the best fit for Booth vs. Kellogg or Ross?

Patty: Hi MerYac! I can only speak to candidates for the Chicago Booth program. However, I strongly encourage you to visit all of the programs in which you are interested -- sit in on classes and talk to students and alumni. An MBA is a big commitment in time and money and you need to spend time on due diligence!

Ken: I know Booth has their own concentration at the end of year two. By comparison to the full-time program, how would an EMBA student miss out on those electives and what is the criterion for the current electives selected in that pool? Also, are there plans to expand this list comparable to the FT program?

Patty: Hi Ken! You are correct. EMBA students can now opt to earn a concentration in finance, marketing or strategy. We chose those three areas based on market research with prospective students and our years of working with students and hearing feedback from them. All three areas are great strengths of Chicago Booth. As an alumnus, you have the opportunity to take 3 classes tuition-free, so that provides another opportunity for you to be exposed to more classes at Chicago Booth.

Moderator: Great questions! We are halfway through the chat, please submit your questions and we will do our best to answer them. If your question does not get answered, please visit our website www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba

G-159042649: Given the current economy, getting a time-off letter from an employer may not be a favorable signal of one's intent to stay in the job. Can this requirement be made more flexible?

Toby: Hi G-, This requirement is not flexible. We will need a letter of company support from your employer for time away from work.

wil: what is the best way to get a contact from your current emba class for an information interview?

Patricia: Hi Wil - thanks for your question. We can certainly set you up with a current student for an information interview. Feel free to contact us at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

Annette: Please advise on upcoming deadlines

Toby: Hi Annette. Our next (and first) application deadline is December 1st.

EMBACandidate2010: Booth, as advertised, has the oldest EMBA proigram. Do you have employers and/or industry professionals validate Booth's EMBA curriculum and its viability vs. a Full Time program?

Patty: Hi EMBA Candidate 2010! You are correct - we have been in this EMBA "business" since 1943. The EMBA curriculum is a general management curriculum - the same classes that one would take in the full-time program if he/she chose a general management concentration. In addition, the faculty are the same faculty who teach in all of our MBA programs. The MBA degree is also identical. The programs differ in the audiences to which they are geared -- full-time are less experienced professionals while EMBA students tend to have 10+ years of work experience. We are happy to put you in touch with any of our graduates -- just email us at xp@chicagobooth.edu

Lane: First of all, thank you so much for providing this opportunity to ask questions specific to the EMBA Program. Does the EMBA diploma differ from what the Full-time MBA students receive upon completion?

Patricia: Hi Lane,

Patricia: The diploma you receive after you finish the EMBA program is the same exact degree/diploma that all the MBA programs at Chicago Booth received.


S: I just want to confirm I will be able to click the transcipt button and it will allow me to print the transcipt at the end of the session. Thank you.

Patty: Hi James! Yes, you will be able to print the transcript of this chat session. There is a lot of great information in here.

Venky: Why don't you have residency program like other EMBA programs?

Patricia: Hi Venky -- thanks for your question. If I understand correctly, you are speaking about our 4 week residency program. One of the key features that we include in our program is a series of joint study sessions where students from each of our campuses spend time with one another and travel to the other campuses.

Liz70: Does an applicant need to be employed at the time of application?

Patricia: Thanks for your question Liz. The EMBA program is designed for those are employed full-time. However given the current65 economic climate we are accepting applications from applicants who may be in transition. We do of course prefer that you make every effort to be employed full-time while in the program.

Ken: Regarding recommendation letter

S: I'm a business owner now. My former boss has moved on to be a motivational speaker and is currently on tour. Would it be ok for him to write such a letter?

Patricia: Hi Ken. It would be ok to submit a letter from your former boss. Make sure all of your recommenders can speak about what you have already accomplished and your potential for growth in your job function or industry.

G-159048599: How much distance learning is involved in the Executive MBA program? Are students typically working on projects during the week?

Patty: Hi G, Students typically work on individual homework assignments and/or group projects during the "off-time" from class. This is done through conference calls and through the use of technology. You should expect about 15-20 hours of work outside the classroom each week -depending on the subject.

Lane: What would an on-site schedule look like as far as how often EMBA students should expect to be on campus? Along similar lines, have you found the Booth program to be a successful one for out of town students requiring a flight in to Chicago for all on campus classes and events?

Toby: Hi Lane. Classes are from 9:00am to 4:30pm with a break for lunch on Fridays and Saturdays. Yes, the EMBA Program is very successful for students who fly in from campus. 40% of our students are flying in each class weekend.

Shah: Knowing the median years of experience is 13 years, do you have many candidates with 4-5 years experience or less who get admitted?

Toby: Hi Shah. We are more interested in the quality of your experience as opposed to the quantity of your experience. The age range of the students in the most recently admitted class was 28-58 years old. Younger applicants are challenged to show us what they bring to the classroom that would be of value to more experience professionals.

G-159104479: Hello What are the keys some of the keys to make an applicants essays standout and draw the interest of the admissions committee?

Patricia: We typically coach applicants to be open and honest in their essays and talk about something that is unique about them. What kind of value can you add to the program? Don't be shy, brag about your accomplishments and talk about how the EMBA program can help your career.

G-159051757_1: I know that Booth recently allowed EMBA students to add a concentration: is there room in the requirements to complete this or would one need to extend their time in the program?

Patty: Hi G! The additional time commitment is one week just prior to graduation. It is a residential week of classes at Gleacher Center in Chicago. You will still graduate with your fellow classmates.

Mahesh: Do you penalize someone with a prior MBA? What if I have earned MBA in 2003 at a local school and want to pursue EMBA now?

Patricia: Hi Mahesh. No, you will not be penalized for having a prior MBA. However, you will need to be specific about why you think another MBA is necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Rishi: Is most of the EMBA class from around Chicago and what is a typical class schedule like?

Toby: Hi Rishi. 40% of our students fly in to Chicago for class, the rest are close enough to drive. A typical class weekend will have class one from 9:00am to noon and class two from 1:30-4:30 on both Friday and Saturday.

adrian: How does an applicant demonstrate quantitative skills aside from the GMAT?

Patty: Hi Adrian, There are several ways to demonstrate quant skills. One is from your undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts. A second is from the nature of your work history. Sometimes, candidates will take quant classes at a community college to demonstrate mastery of specific material such as financial math, algebra or calculus.

David: Do you have any advice on who an applicant should chose to ask to write their recommendation letters?

Toby: Hi David. We require that one of your recommendations come from your current supervisor. Other than that ask people who can speak intelligently about your professional experiences. Other current colleagues, former colleagues, people you have mentored, past professors, and business partners are all very common recommendors. I would also encourage you to have a conversation with these people. Talk to them about why you are interested in the program and what you hope to get out of it.

adrian: How accessible is the faculty outside of class and post graduation?

Toby: Hi Adrian. The accessibility of our faculty is certainly a point of pride for the program. You will often times get personal email and phone information from faculty and develop friendship and even business relationships with them. The faculty are well aware that the students in the program are leaders in their industries and organizations and more than willing to spend time with you.

G-159042649: Does the first week in June include some optional brushing up of math/calculus?

Patty: Hi G! We offer optional PreMBA courses in accounting and math just prior to our orientation (Kick-Off) week in June. They are highly recommended - and you get to meet many of your classmates before the "real" work begins!

Carlton: I have heard it is better to go full time. Is there an advantage to going full time over doing the EMBA program?

Toby: Hi Carlton. The program formats and experiences are very different. I recommend developing your own personal goals for earning and MBA and determine from there which program would best help you achive them.

G-159042649: Is there an actual separate graduation ceremony for the EMBA?

Patricia: Hi G -- No there is not a separate graduation ceremony for the EMBA Program. The EMBA program graduates in Winter quarter (March) of each year. All other Chicago Booth MBA programs graduate at the same time as well.

JKE: I have heard from Full time MBA Alumni that they do not give the same weight to the EMBA degree's. Have you heard the same thing and will that be a hurdle if I am planning on entering Real Estate Private Equity & Development and have to raise funds from companies represented by full time MBA Alumni.

Patty: Hi JKE, The degree we confer at Chicago Booth is an MBA - there is absolutely no difference in the degree or in the faculty who teach. Our MBA programs are designed for individuals at different points in their careers.

Moderator: The chat will be closing in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions.

Annette: I understand you would like the GMAT, but if so can it be submitted after the Dec 1st deadline?

Patricia: Yes, Annette we can be "flexible" and accept your GMAT after the Dec. 1 deadline. Feel free to contact us directly at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu for additional instructions.

denchard: Hi Mrs.Keegan. I lived in Thailand. I am working in Europe and Middle East. Which campus:Chicago, London, or Singapore, do you recommend for me?

Patty: Hi Denchard, If you are living in Europe, I would recommend looking at our London campus. In London and Singapore, our students attend classes in week long modules. In Chicago, our students attend classes every other week on Fridays and Saturdays.

Yuhong: Do you have students flying in from Houston? If yes, how many? And can I get in touch with them?

Toby: Hi Yuhong. Yes we do have current students and recent graduates from Houston. Please send an email to toby.cortelyou@chicagobooth.edu with your contact information and I am happy to connect you.

G-159042649: I would like to know the possibility of matriculating in Singpore but have a smooth transfer to the Chicago campus in year two. Reason is that I will be going back home but I don't want to lose sponsorship by waiting till next year to apply. Thank you

Patty: Hi G, We conduct admissions separately on each of our 3 campuses and you are granted admission to one specific campus. Transfers between campuses are subject to space availability at the time of the request. In addition, there are points in the program when transferring makes better sense. Although most of the course sequence is the same between our 3 campuses, there are several times when that is not the case. We are happy to work with you on a transition if/when that becomes a reality.

Dapo: How long does it take to complete to the executive MBA program

Patricia: Dapo thanks for your question. The EMBA program is 21 months, with classes held alternate weekends (Friday and Saturday). The program begins in summer quarter of each year. The academic calendar for the 2010 class can be found on our website.

G-159042649: Your response to Patricia that "given the current economic climate we are accepting applications from applicants who may be in transition" contradicts your response to my question that you will not be flexible with the employer letter requirement.

Toby: Hi G. To be clear "in transition" is current jargon used to imply unemployment. We do require a letter of company support from admitted students who are employed.

Sur: Hi! What percentage of EMBA students come from an engineering background? Typically how many years of experience do they have? Will the school consider applications from applicants with some midlevel management experience?

Patty: Hello Sur, I am going to answer both of your questions. In any given class, we may see approximately 10-15% with engineering backgrounds, but there are many more in our applicant pool. Average years' of work experience would typically be 13-15 years. And yes, many of our applicants and students have midlevel management experience. Remember, the EMBA is designed for individuals who are aspiring to broader, general management roles at the C-level or comparable. Regarding reapplicants - I would advise that you reapply early in the process, be very specific about what sets you apart from others with similar backgrounds and let us know what has changed since your last application.

JKE: I have heard that when you go to Chicago to get an MBA that you will see more math than other MBA programs. Is that true? If so, how does your program mix differ from others that may not have that reputation.

Toby: Hi JKE. I can't speak to the amount of math seen in other programs, however the perception in the marketplace is that our program does provide very stong quantitative skills. I encourage you to visit our curriculum page online to view some of the classes you will be taking and see if they would fit your career goals. The url is http://www.chicagobooth.edu/execmba/academics/curriculum/index.aspx

Ken: I have a list of 10-15 recommenders (former bosses, lawyers, professors) is this overkill to submit this during the interview?

Patty: Hi Ken, My, are you popular! Please don't bring the recommendation letters to your interview. I would advise that you choose 3-4 of the best recommenders -- i.e., those who know you and your work well -- and submit those names in your online application.

KL: Hi Can EMBA student take elective offered for Full or evening MBA students

Patricia: HI KL -- EMBA students cannot take electives offered to the other MBA programs during the duration of their program. However, as an alumn you can take three classes in the full time/evening/ or weekend program free of charge.

Patty: Terrific questions! Thank you. Look for more opportunities to chat with us.

Toby: Thanks so much for spending this time with us today! Feel free to reach out to us at xp@chicagobooth.edu if you have any further questions.

Patricia: Thanks for participating in the chat. We look forward to receving your application for the Chicago Booth EMBA Program.

Patricia: For additional information, please feel free to contact us at XP@ChicagoBooth.edu

Moderator: The chat has now ended. There were so many engaging questions that we're sorry we weren't able to answer them all. Have a great day!

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