Art: The Esoteric Investment

Pakistan Club

April 30, 2016: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

The Pakistan Club is proud to host a discussion on the investment value of the Pakistani art market from a US investor and connoisseur's perspective.


UChicago - Saieh Hall for Economics
Room 021
1160 East 58th Street
Chicago, Illinois

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Pakistani Art is the new investment opportunity that investors and art connoisseurs are raving about, but no one knows how to validate or even whether the rumors about people getting rich investing in it are true. As with all such speculative gossip, some of it is factual and a great deal exaggerated.

Nafisa Rizvi, an art critic and curator from Pakistan, talks to The Pakistan Club about the myths, veracities, the pitfalls, the treacherous fakers involved in the complex arena of the Pakistani art market. She will try and set you on the yellow brick road to Pakistani Art Investment but as you will see it is not an easy path, but it is definitely a gratifying one.

Some of the topics to be discussed are:

What is the size of the total art market in the world today?
Who are the global players?
Auction Houses
Art Fairs
How does world economy affect the collector's/buyer's market?
Portfolio Managers of banks and investment houses keep art curators on their payroll to advise clients about art buying (HSBC is an example).
Where does Pakistani art feature in the world scenario?
Annual Turnover of Pakistani art in the world today
The most expensive piece of contemporary art sold by a living Pakistani artist
The most expensive piece of traditional art sold by a deceased Pakistani artist
What is the problem with buying traditional art?
What is the advantage of buying contemporary art?
But what is contemporary art and how can you distinguish good from bad?

Where should one buy Pakistani art
The Trust factor. Developing a rapport with your dealer
From an investment point of view, buying low and waiting for the price to rise doesn't always work so what is the alternative?

Advice before buying :
Visit Galleries
Talk to artists
Attend lectures


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Deadline: 4/29/2016

Speaker Profiles

Nafisa Rizvi (Speaker)

Nafisa Rizvi is a Pakistani-born writer and independent curator. She was founding Editor of ArtNow, Pakistan's first online magazine on contemporary art. In 2011, Nafisa curated Stop, Play, Pause, Repeat an exhibition of 11 contemporary Pakistani artists at Lawrie Shabibi Gallery, Dubai. She has written for several publications internationally, such as Imprint Australia and Art Asia Pacific (Hong Kong). She has lectured at College of Fine Art at UNSW in Sydney, Australia (2013), where she also participated in a printmaking residency. Nafisa has contributed to the monograph on Naiza Khan (Art Asia Pacific, 2013), edited the monograph Rebel Angel on the works of the late artist Asim Butt,(2013) and has co-edited the book Imran Mir –What you see is What You See, (2014) The much touted book on Pakistani art The Eye Still Seeks (2015) edited by Salima Hashmi and published by Penguin India contains an essay by her. Nafisa curated an exhibition at Philadelphia's Twelve Gates Gallery in October 2015 of four talented emerging artists from Pakistan titled They Really Live the Real Reality. Nafisa is presently working on a substantial History of Art in Pakistan.


K. Rizwan Kadir, '97 

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