On behalf of The Club we would like to invite you all for a very special day and the first - in The Club's history - event: "The Chicago Booth Summer Barbecue". We have rented a quiet green, outdoor location outside of Warsaw near Lomianki. The facility offers parking for cars, a large roofed space, a fireplace for barbecue, playground for children with various attractions like a small children swimming pool, volleyball, boccia, badminton, frisbee, football, horses, horse riding (upon reservation).

The Club will manage and arrange all necessary food & drinks, as well as a "certified barbecue master" to serve cold beer, crispy chicken wings, spicy spare ribs and steaks. As this event is planned to bring together all Club members and their families, spouses and partners, feel free to bring along your friends and other family members for this barbecue.

It's gonna be fun!


Kepa Kielpinska
ul. 6 Pulku Piechoty
Lomianki / Kepa Kielpinska, Poland

Driving Directions:

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40.00 PLN per person, for families with more than 1 kid the total fee is capped at 120.00 PLN


Register Online

Deadline: 7/15/2013


Christoph Michalak ´10 (EXP-15)