We are pleased to announce Philip Ng, CEO of Far East Organization and Rhea Duttagupta, CEO of CorporateDNA Consulting, will be speaking at the Chicago Booth Asia Campus on Monday, May 20.

Philip and Rhea will be speaking to current EMBA students and we have been able to secure places for alumni to attend the event. Please reserve your place online to attend the event. There are still a few places available so do register your interest.


Chicago Booth Asia Campus
101 Penang Road
238466, Singapore


No Charge


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Deadline: 5/20/2013


12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Philip Ng on Making Sense of the Private Residential Property Market Cycle in Singapore

1:30 PM-2:30 PM: Rhea Duttagupta on Where to after Chicago Booth?

Speaker Profiles

Philip Ng (Speaker)
CEO, Far East Organization

Philip Ng is the Chief Executive Officer of Far East Organization which is a family-owned property development and investment group operating in Singapore and Malaysia. He is a Director of Hong Kong-based Sino Group, which is Far East Organization's sister company, engaging in real estate activities in Hong Kong and China.

Philip will share his views, as a property developer, about the nature of the private residential property market in Singapore with a general characterization of the cycles experienced by the market in the last five decades.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with First Class Honours from King's College, London University in UK as well as a Master of Science in Technology & Policy and a Master in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He and his wife, Vy-vyen, have six children.

Rhea Duttagupta (Speaker)
CEO, CorporateDNA Consulting

Rhea Duttagupta is CEO of CorporateDNA Consulting in London. The firm focuses on leadership, talent, high performing teams and career coaching. CorporateDNA works with leading multinationals like Vodafone, HSBC, BP, Unilever and Pfizer at CEO level, covering group leadership and high potential population across UK, Europe, Africa and US.

She blends powerful sports psychology in her work with leaders and teams and is author of the book "Leadership. It's in your DNA".

Rhea will share with us those key ingredients which are pivotal to navigating our career path, especially at mid-career transition points.

As someone who made the bold move to leave a successful corporate directorship in a large international firm to run her own global business advising CEOs and leaders, Rhea will tell us 'what it takes' to get what you want. Her interactive session will touch on :

• Validating the why, when and how - getting clarity on the next step.
• Importance of preparedness - are you ready enough?
• Choices you make and opportunities we attract - Political Savvy - Where you have the biggest resistances and two killer fears to conquer

She is a Neuroscience and Dark Side practitioner and a qualified accredited executive coach with a number of management and leadership certifications from INSEAD, Cranfield and Ashridge.


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