You are cordially invited to attend the Ivy League Holiday Ball hosted by Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth,Harvard, Princeton, Wharton and Yale


Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Ball Room
2, Song Shou Road
Taipei, Taiwan

Event Details

This is a great opportunity to meet and interact with alumni from the various top schools. Chicago joined this event in 2005 and over 300 people attended.


NT$2,500 per person. Please contact Corey or Jolie for payment methods.


Register By Email
Register By Phone: Corey Lien,'06 (AXP5): +86-139190963695

Deadline: 12/5/2007


Jolie; Corey,'06 (AXP5) 

Corey Lien,'06 (AXP5): +86-139190963695