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As part of the CBWN 2021 Leadership Summit Series - Women Leading in a Time of COVID, we are pleased to bring you Lights, Camera, Ladies - Enhancing Your Camera Confidence.


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Los Angeles, California

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We have all been on a variety of video-based calls this year, both personal and professional, which will most likely continue to some extent well into the future. So like it or not, we need to be camera ready (beyond changing our backgrounds). Join us for a fun event with Michele Moreno to build your camera confidence with tips on how to light and frame your face, what to wear, vocal warm-ups used by the pros, and ways to truly connect with people to keep them engaged when you speak.


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Deadline: 6/3/2021

Speaker Profiles

Michele Moreno (Speaker)
Video Conference Coach / Actress, Michele Moreno Video Confidence

With a fun, inspiring style, Michele takes business leaders from panicked, rambling or frozen on camera to becoming so clear, concise and captivating, they can build trust and authority virtually anywhere.

Her first time on National TV, she freaked out in front of MILLIONS of viewers on the game show Hollywood Squares. #Tragic! But she found mentors and learned from every Hollywood hard knock until she became an actress on hit shows such as ABC's Boston Legal and NBC's Parenthood.

After graduating with honors from Stanford University, she went to work for one of the most important business thought leaders of the 90s, Tom Peters, as a business writer on his newsletter On Achieving Excellence. That led to her writing on 2 best-selling books by Guy Kawasaki. Her Hollywood + Silicon Valley street cred has made her a sought after video confidence guest expert, having appeared on Selling in a Skirt, Sales Babble, Money for Lunch, the Inspirational Business Women's Show, Business Owners Who Think Big, In the Trenches, Visibility Vixen, Simplicity Circle, Be Your Greatest Possible Self, Duke of Digital, Get Clients Summit: Video Marketing Edition, Courageous Entrepreneur, Brand Building Blueprint, AMPLIFY! Business & more . . .


Nima Parikh, '98 
President Chicago Booth Women's Network

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Chicago Booth Women's Network - 2021 Leadership Summit

Do not let COVID lead you. Lead in this time of COVID. CBWN will host a series of interactive, action-oriented events designed for Booth women by Booth women to help you focus on your career, be mindful of health and wellness and celebrate successful pivots as you navigate a COVID and post-COVID world. Come join us for this event and others in the series.

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