On behalf of Booth Alumni in Korea, it is my great pleasure to invite you all to Worldwide Booth Night in Seoul. Sincerely, Bon Joon Koo, '82 Vice Chairman at LG Corp.


Myeong-Dong TODAI
Noon Square 7th floor, 83-5
Myeong-Dong 2 ga, Chung-gu
Seoul, South Korea

Driving Directions:

Venue: Myeong-Dong TODAI
Tel: 02-1800-7888

Event Details

For some of you may have not been previously informed, considering the past participation outcomings when the event took place in September, this year's WWBN in Seoul will be held on Wednesday, November 6th.

Take your time and be a part in the largest annual Booth event in Korea to make new connections and show your Chicago Booth pride.


KRW 50,000 (Cash)

Free for newly admitted students.


Register By Email

Deadline: 10/18/2019


Bon Joon Koo, '82