Esports, the New Playing Field In Professional Sports

Finance Roundtable

June 20, 2019: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

What are esports?

How does competitive gaming compare to other team sports?

Are there investment opportunities within esports?

What trends can we look for in the future?


Gleacher Center
450 Cityfront Plaza Dr.
Chicago, Illinois

Event Details

Esports are comprised of competitive gaming leagues and tournaments that span a wide variety of game styles and platforms. Esports are the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. With international popularity on par with basketball and football, more than 200M people tuned in to watch tournaments this year, and professional players took home more than $100M in prize packages. Andrew Barnett founded Legacy Esports to take advantage of this fast growing industry and will discuss the history, development and what the future may hold for esports.


$7 in advance, $10 at door if available


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Deadline: 6/18/2019

Speaker Profiles

Andrew Barnett (Speaker)
CEO, Legacy Esports, Inc.

Andrew Barnett is the Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Esports, Inc. which he developed to help bring competitive gaming to the forefront of high schools across the country. A passionate gamer ranking in the top 5% of League of Legends players, Andrew knows how to create authentic gaming experiences with real gamers in mind. His extensive experience in operating and coordinating esports gaming tournaments over the last five years has given him a unique perspective in the industry and has helped launched his efforts with Legacy Esports.


Dustin R Weinberger