In addition to the regular Alumni Alliance Happy Hour of May, we are pleased to extend an invite to all guests to join us for a short presentation: The Chicago Booth Investment Outlook 2019.


Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant
Bangsar Shopping Centre New Wing, Level 4,
285 Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya
Kuala Lumpur 59000, Malaysia

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Chicago Booth Investment Outlook 2019: Debt, disruption, stress, and fractures in global trade. 
Hosted by The Chicago Booth Malaysia Alumni Club of KL and presented by Chicago Global Wealth

The global economy is in transition. Shifting from synchronous expansion to divergence and friction. Last year capital markets amplified the uncertainty and recorded the worst returns since the Global Financial Crisis.

  • The global business cycle is losing steam.
  • Tariffs are impeding China's role as a global growth engine.
  • Political risk is eroding asset prices and currency exchange rates.
  • Central banks are reversing course from inflation-fighting to economic support.

As investors reflect and reassessing their portfolios, they wonder whether global markets are on the verge of a correction, inflection, or collapse.Join us for our Booth Investment Outlook for insights into investment opportunities, risks, and strategies for 2019. Our panel of seasoned professionals will provide perspectives across different segments of global capital markets.

7:00pm Arrival of Guests
7:20pm Food & networking drinks for breaking of fast
8:30pm Chicago Booth Investment Outlook 2019 presented by the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of KL and Chicago Global Wealth


  • Ivan Chelebiev
  • David Nichtenhauser

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Our investment process builds on the fundamentals of quantitative asset pricing and behavioral finance developed at the University of Chicago over the last 50 years.

We create portfolios that balance defensive and opportunistic strategies to help clients grow their wealth over the long term.

Chicago Global Strategies combines multiple asset classes into an all-weather portfolio. The equity component comprises 800 companies across emerging and developed markets. The bond component contains G7 and other high-grade sovereign issuers. The fund also allocates to an "alpha book" made up of distinct, lower-capacity hedge-fund strategies that provide an uncorrelated return stream. The strategy mix adjusts dynamically over the course of the economic cycle.

Our business model is a significant departure from the industry status quo. Our cost-effective portfolios are designed for long-term investors from both a retail and institutional background, guided by the core principles of theory and data working together.


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Speaker Profiles

Ivan Chelebiev, MPP'99, MBA'16 (Speaker)

Mr. Ivan Chelebiev has 20 years' experience in asset management. His career began on Wall Street in 1999, and took him to Europe and Asia in various portfolio management and research capacities, spanning equities, bonds, and their derivatives. He helped start the hedge fund research group at Morgan Stanley, which led to the creation of indices and portfolios that stimulated the acceptance of alternative investments in institutional portfolios. He conducted due diligence and quantitative analysis on hundreds of hedge funds. He was one of the principal authors of MSCI's Hedge Fund Index Methodology.

He evaluated and directed investments in relative value hedge funds while at Financial Risk Management LLC, ultimately helping to manage over US$700 million. As a portfolio manager with LGT Capital Partners, he ran top-down sector allocation and investment selection for a US$1.2 billion hedge fund portfolio. After the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008, he launched a private investment partnership that made direct investments across three dimensions: equity, credit, and volatility.

Mr. Chelebiev earned two master's degrees from the University of Chicago with a concentration in finance. He also holds a bachelor's degree Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma City University.

David Nichtenhauser (Speaker)

A seasoned professional with 30 years' experience in the financial services industry, David's career spans trading, asset management, investor relations and operations. He began his career in 1986 as a commodities dealer at Merrill Lynch in New York, followed by nearly a decade as a portfolio manager, developing and executing proprietary quantitative strategies for hedge funds.

In 2004, David became an alternative asset manager role at ABN Amro, where he managed asset allocations to hedge funds and structured principal-protected notes. At LGT Capital Partners, he was jointly responsible for managing the bank's $2.2 billion allocation to quantitative and systematic hedge funds. In 2009, David joined the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority as a portfolio manager in the sovereign wealth fund's Alternative Investment Department. In 2013, David led the marketing and compliance efforts at Flyberry Capital, a start-up quantitative macro hedge fund that employed big data technologies to exploit price dislocations in futures markets. When Flyberry transitioned to a technology company in 2015, David remained as its Chief Operation Officer managing teams in both Boston and Taiwan. David is a graduate of Cornell University, where he received a B.S. degree in Applied Economics.


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