Meet fellow Chicago alums (family & kids) at the Ice-Cream Factory and learn the story behind the glory of starting an ice-cream factory.


High Road Craft Ice Cream factory
1730 W Oak Commons Ln
Marietta, Georgia

Event Details

We will visit High-Road Craft Ice-cream factory at Marietta, GA. 

We will have a fireside chat session with the Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer, Nicki Schroeder. Lets learn from her the journey about starting a company in a crowded marketplace (like ice-cream), strategy for growth, and being profitable. 

There will be a ice-cream factory tour. 

This is a family friendly event, kids are welcome. 


No Charge


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Deadline: 5/18/2019

Speaker Profiles

Nicki Schroeder (Speaker)
Co-founder & Chief Brand Officer, High Road Craft


Vignesh GS 

Other Information

This is a kid friendly event.