Behavioral Science and Public Policy: Mapping the Next Five Years



The Gleacher Center
Room 621
450 North Cityfront Plaza
Chicago, Illinois

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Behavioral science has infiltrated the realm of policy-making. Today, more than 200 government teams around the world employ a behavioral science approach. How has behavioral science impacted policymaking and what needs to happen next?

David Yokum has been at the vanguard of this movement. He served as founding director of the White House's Social & Behavioral Sciences Team (SBST) under President Obama and The Lab @ DC in the District of Columbia Mayor's Office.

In this talk, Yokum explores the lessons he has learned from successful and unsuccessful projects -- with examples ranging from the world's largest field experiment of police body-worn cameras to developing algorithms to predict the location of city rats -- to spark a richer consideration of where the work needs to go next. He'll explore the future of behavioral science in terms of scientific research agendas as well as changes that we need to make in the bureaucracy of how we govern ourselves.

About the Center for Decision Research Think Better Series

The Think Better series explores how insights from behavioral science affect society, shape policy, impact business, and improve individual lives. The topics are relevant to anyone interested in understanding why people think, judge, choose, and act as they do. We invite a broad audience of graduate students, alumni, and friends of the University of Chicago who want to become wiser about their fellow human beings and who want to learn from leading behavioral scientists in academia, business, and government.


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David Yokum, JD, PhD (Speaker)
Director of the Brown Policy Lab, Brown University and Senior Advisor to The Lab @ DC


Mark Temelko