Join Chicago Booth alumni for a panel discussion on China's Healthcare market. 


Guanghua SOHO 2
Building C, Unit 10-3
Beijing, China

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Chinese healthcare market has been through years of rapid growth and already became the third largest one in the world. However, China's medical expense only accounts for 5% of China's GDP, comparing with 18% in the US and 10% in Japan. Meanwhile, Chinese government has recently released a new Healthcare Industry Planning, which suggests that Chinese healthcare industry reach RMB 8 Trillion by 2020 and RMB 16 Trillion by 2030. These observations indicates an even larger potential for Chinese healthcare and are attracting tremendous attentions as well as capital in the sector. Then, "What are the billion-dollar opportunities?"

We should like to discuss the topic of investing and venturing in China's healthcare market in our next Booth Talk. Joining us will be 4 seasoned investors and entrepreneurs in this industry.


  • Adam Sun, '98 Founding Partner of Ocean Pine Investment
    Adam has many years of experience in financing, particularly as CFO for several medical corporations including Concord Medical (NYSE: CCM). He is also the chairman of MD Anderson Proton Center. In 2014, He founded Ocean Pine Investment, a private equity firm investing in healthcare industry.

  • Adam Zhao, '01
    Founding Partner of Anlong Lifesciences Fund
    Adam is an entrepreneur-turned investor with a strong experience in life sciences. He started his career as a senior manager in new drug development with Pfizer. In 2004, he founded Long Med Life Technology, which was sold to a Taiwan-based biotech company later. Adam worked as investor with both Cash Capital and C-Bridge Capital. In 2015, he founded Anlong Lifesciences Fund and focused on investing in healthcare and life sciences ventures.

  • Jim Xu, '01CEO of Caradigm (Beijing)
    Jim is an experienced practitioner in Healthcare. He started his career with GE Medical and joined Microsoft's medical solution division later. Since 2013, He has been in charge of China practice of Caradigm, which is a JV of GE Medical and Microsoft. In 2016, Jim led his team to complete a MBO of Caradigm's China business and turned himself into an entrepreneur. Caradigm (Beijing) is providing medical information and data services to China's top-tier hospitals.

  • Lan Zhang, '10 Partner at THG Venture
    Lan is seasoned investor in Healthcare, with a long list of track record including New Century Children Hospital, Kingmed Diagnostics, We Doctor (Guahao), Celgen Biopharma, and several other well-known ventures. She was MD with CDB Capital and VP with CDH Ventures. In 2016, she joined THG Venture as a partner and continue investing in healthcare.


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Liqing Pan, AM '07, '14