University of Chicago and Chicago Booth cordially invites alumni for the Japan Economic Forecast with guest speaker Masaaki Kanno, AM '79. The event will be conducted in Japanese. 



Tokyo American Club
2-1-2 Azabudai, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan

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Join UChicago and Chicago Booth alumni for the Japan Economic Forecast with distinguished guest speaker Masaaki Kanno, AM '79 MD & Chief Economist for JP Morgan Chase in Japan.

The event will be conducted in Japanese.

Japan Economic Forecast Series

Japan's place in the world economic order is evolving rapidly. What are the answers?

The World Economic Order continues to evolve rapidly and Japan's future place in this order is a topic of great interest and concern. Japan faces unique challenges involving a rapidly aging society and a high level of governmental debt.

Our keynote will be Masaaki Kanno, AM '79, who is the Managing Director and Chief Economist for JP Morgan Chase in Tokyo. Also joining in the panel discussion will be Prof. Keiichiro Kobayashi, Ph.D '98, of Keio University and Prof. Kenichi UedaPh.D '00 Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics at The University of Tokyo.
The session will be moderated by Masaru Kato, '82, the Chairman of the University of Chicago Alumni Club of Japan. 

Join our distinguished panel and hear their views and forecast.

Registration is required. 


4,000 yen for dues paid alumni
9,000 yen for non-dues paid alumni
10,000 yen for all others

Food and drink will be included in the price.  


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Deadline: 2/24/2016


Neil Faust, AM '86, MBA'91 

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Marc Bookman, MBA '87, AM '88
Yuko Ito, '96
Etsuko Kawabuchi, SM'02
Kyota Narimatsu, '11 (AXP-10)
Mark Miller, '87
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, MPP '13