DBS October 20, 2015 Event: "The Art of Negotiation - Architecting Exceptional Deals"


Margery Reed Hall
2306 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, Colorado

Driving Directions:Parking options near Margery Reed Hall at DU include hourly parking lot on campus near University Hall, metered parking along the streets of University and Evans, and parking in apartment building, One Observatory, across from Margery Reed Hall.

Event Details

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to join an educational and relaxed discussion on the art of negotiation with Joe Hernandez, a Professional Negotiator. The presentation covers important negotiation tools: learning key elements of the negotiation process, understanding how to control the negotiation, removing fear and anxiety, how to be influential, and understanding negotiation psychology and how to use it.


$30 through October 13th, $35 after


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Deadline: 10/20/2015

Speaker Profiles

Joe Hernandez (Speaker)

Joe Hernandez, BA Economics, MBA Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high value negotiation skills and techniques. He resides in the United States and consults throughout the world. He is a Vistage Expert Resource where he assists CEOs with their most important deals, and serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of Denver where he teaches advanced negotiation skills to MBA students and executives. He has proven that high level negotiating is about understanding human behavior, thorough preparation, and developing credible relationships across the table. Joe has negotiated contracts worth billions of dollars with Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Motorola as well as numerous small and medium businesses. He is an expert at high stakes business deals where maintaining relationships are critical, and where the outcome results in a material financial impact to the parties.


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