SMPIG: Getting strategic value from collaboration

Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago

March 20, 2015: 7:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Strategic Management Practices & Issues Group


Sopraffina Marketcaffe
222 West Adams Street
Chicago, Illinois

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Everyone seems to co-work, or connect to people and or processes to do almost everything. The actions and behavior that connected technologies enable reportedly force us to switch devices on average 6 times a day, with less than 1/3 of our work effort spent using traditional desktops. 70% of us work with virtual teams. The basic structure of how we work has changed little relative to rapidly increasing capabilities of tools and connectivity that support our efforts. Organizational design and thoughts about how we work get little strategic attention relative to technology support teams and the flow of information across the organization they insure . Mobility isn't merely the portability of software and data applications that exist on our desk and lap top computers, but how have organizations taken strategic advantage of their unique feature capabilities to change how work should get done?

Integration and mastering the use of emerging technologies challenges all of us and creating gaps between the digital native generation and the rest of the organization. Strategic workforce management designs impact the effectiveness of an organization and in some cases prove to be a source of competitive advantage. Review the following articles and join the conversation around disruptions prompting a rethink in how work gets structured and done.

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7:30am-8:45 am Soppraffina Market Café, 222 W. Adams.

We'll focus on the impact on performance when design extends past the interface into the organizational structures and performance incentives. The articles examine Top Teams approach to information networks and process based collaboration.

Note, If you missed our February conversation on digital performance metrics, please check out the notes we've posted on our blog- --As always, we welcome your comments.


GIGAOM roadmap on process based collaboration

The Right Role for Top Teams, by Rob Cross and John Katzenbach

Leadership Ensembles: Orchestrating the Global Company, by Robert J. Thomas, Joshua Bellin, Claudy Jules and Nandani Lynton


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