The Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Poland is organising meeting with Leszek Balcerowicz and Forum Obywatelskiego Rozwoju (FOR).


Der Elefant
Plac Bankowy 1, 00-144
00-144 Warszawa, Poland

Event Details

The meeting will take place in VIP room of Der Elefant Restaurant at Plac Bankowy 1 at 7 p.m.

As a consequence of the meeting we would like to establish closer professional, intellectual or even possibly financial cooperation between FOR and interested Club members.

FOR is an unique non profit organization focused on defining and analyzing complex social and economic problems, as well as encouraging Polish citizens to solve them in a professional and effective way. The major FOR rule is avoiding political engagement or support of any of political forces in Poland and focusing purely on identification of specific problems and defining ways of solving them. Without a doubt FOR is the organization which is working hard to constantly improve quality of debate and political actions in Poland.

We would strongly suggest to prepare yourself for professional and challenging (Chicago style) discussion with Professor. The proper way of the preparation would be active visit on site, where you can find lots of essential materials relating to current social and economic events in Poland. Two major subjects which are currently within the scope of FOR focus are OFE "reform" and not efficient Polish legal system – especially not efficient law enforcement system.


85 PLN per person - includes refreshments and non-alcoholic drinks


Register Online

Deadline: 6/12/2014


Tomasz Marszalek, '10 (EXP-15)