The colloquy will be given by Ms. Claire Wang, Chinese culture and language instructor, and business associate for CIS Education. It will deal with a number of “cultural insights” and “etiquette requirements” in respect of the current business and management climate in China (what are the social and cultural conventions in creating relationships with Chinese counterparts? How to tackle “management” issues? How to get messages through?). Concepts like individual versus team, hierarchy, code of conduct will be addressed based on real life situations. The talk will also deal with a certain number of the social “puzzles” of modern China, such as the one child policy, the religion, the social welfare system, etc. Throughout the talk, certain basic concepts of the Chinese language and communication will be explained.


Stibe Offices, Central Plaza
13th Floor
Loksumstraat 25
Brussels, Belgium


No Charge


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Deadline: 1/12/2008


7:00 PM-8:00 PM: Talk

8:00 PM-10:00 PM: Reception


Kris Vansanten, '95 

Other Information

Participation to the event is free, but you are invited to consider a gift to support future students of the University of Chicago. This contribution may be transferred to the account 210-0555573-09 of the University of Chicago Alumni in Belgium, Fortis Bank, IBAN BE 52 2100 5555 7309. Thanks in advance for your consideration.