Cloudonomics - Understanding the Economic Value of Cloud Computing


Innovation Pavilion (DTC)
9200 E. Mineral Ave.
Centennial, Colorado

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Event Details

Come learn how the cloud has forever changed the way business is done.

The talk will focus on these key questions:

  • What is the cloud, really?
  • How does it work and how is it being deployed by some of today's most successful companies?
  • More importantly, how can you harness its awesome power to help you wage and win the battle for profits and market share?


Early Registration Cost: $15 by Feb 13th, $20 afterwards


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Deadline: 2/21/2013

Speaker Profiles

Chuck Price (Panelist)
CEO, Ajubeo

Leroy Williams (Panelist)
CIO, Ball Corp

Mark Geene (Panelist)
CEO, Cloud Elements

Russ Pearlman (Moderator)
Partner, Thought Ensemble


Craig Ginsberg 

303 408 1439