We kindly invite you to join the upcoming meeting of the The Chicago Booth Alumni Club in Poland.

This time we dedicate our meeting to learn about the various possibilities to receive funds from the European Union for entrepreneurs. The availability of these funds is smaller than in the previous years but with a good preparation of the applications it is still possible to obtain a significant funding.

Our guest speaker will be Mr. Jerzy Kwiecinski - European Centre of Entrepreneurship - who helped many companies to receive such funds from the European Union and who is in charge of several such projects.

The Board of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club in Poland


NuNuNu Jazz Bistro
ul. Zurawia 6/12
Warsaw, Poland


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Deadline: 5/12/2011

Speaker Profiles

Jerzy Kwiecinski (Speaker)


Maciej Cwikiewicz, ´09 (EXP-14)