It's time to seize the potential that is in us! We have a wide knowledge, valuable experience and brilliant ideas and it would be a waste not use them. From next month onwards, within the framework of our monthly meetings for a drink (just as reminder: Every 1st Thursday of each month - to date at Nu Nu Nu Jazz Bistro at ul. Zurawia 6/12) we will discuss in our group or thanks to guest speakers important, interesting and actual topics.

For the beginning - on Thursday 03.03.2012, thank to Robert Zdunczyk, who - beside his charity activities in Africa - is also consultant, coach for effective management, we will talk how to our numerous ideas (private and business) can be converted into reality.

See you all on Thursday, 03.03.2011 at Nu Nu Nu Jazz Bistro!

The Board of the Chicago Booth Alumni Club in Poland


NuNuNu Jazz Bistro
ul. Zurawia 6/12
Warsaw, Poland


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Deadline: 3/3/2011


Michal Ruminski, ´09 (EXP-14)